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Comedian Dave Attell Part One

Oct 5, 2012|

Comedian Dave Attell Part One

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. David Bell over at DO -- at the little theater and Davis -- -- this morning. Right next to madam butterfly we're gonna go ahead it really matter I mean -- I had tried to stop them okay and I'm sure there's a porn version of that until there is mad him butterfly -- so now I'm win. 11 yeah. And better with the winner. What is season two of the Dave's old porn on November 8 right after the election okay -- now. Depending on who wins it girl be a fun show to watch her on the arrested immediately and coming up yeah. I think that's that's that's. But I had the. Every guy it's going to be good this is intent -- -- idol I've -- I just want to -- you do two shows a Guantanamo Bay in the job I. Yeah that I think Barack -- yeah. Following to say I'm I just wanted to username drop a bit on the some that yes this is yes yes OK Kathy Griffin my -- Am Joseph Rogan. And mark Marion Joseph is a -- Yeah of the -- and no no we -- -- a comic ever bring a legend and it's Joseph Rogan and gingerly and she's honest. Immediately. Mark Marron and Christie and now they go on if you like if you know your eighties orange hair club in Atlanta there. And Tom Byron of course one of the public unsung heroes of a point and we also -- do you like retro party show or eating curry -- gene -- that your blog Ross who only -- Shawn Michaels is gonna be really really cool. I like so much old point yesterday doing show -- I was sitting in the studio for like probably almost a -- hour just cutting through old porn like retro porn clips online in -- unbelievable but they have to probably recommend some good ones yeah you could what what you know what what -- It'll tell girls my preference you like that what's your favorite retro girl don't just let that don't affect the violent and that the girl -- -- Like Obama -- disappointed parent and I don't -- the 46%. Turnout and it's a bucket if only he said he like airline go out it was okay yeah. -- -- can -- name like super hot retro what are you would like okay. Serena I'm a pet and take a look at how they go they can't -- -- -- you'll love it love because God's sake who has been on -- show super cool and Serena should be on hopefully in the next season. Really amazing rate had just gorgeous beautiful poster girl who killed herself that they had a true Hollywood story about the to the manor yes ma'am. Journalism has made -- on the issues related to bring it down there's -- And general nine elevenths Saturday. Sign -- hello hello might suspect. Because that -- -- -- of the double it was. Today a game I -- -- -- an insomniac -- -- that so you're gonna LP LP appear bodyguard just terrified to go on some it could do that Oregon. We do you kind of look like one of those eighties like action chose and like air role for something -- Yeah it goes like we live in a boat on a marina by but I kind of felt like Rockford Files exactly. Yeah. You don't like the what was that guy and I Angel -- that LB can be -- years -- -- it was exactly the guy who was like you're not only do we know finger totally different than it is going to be you know and Jones and -- win I mean this -- that they exactly there is that this is -- always -- -- -- and on a boat what do you expect. Hello hey Gary. Hey good morning -- -- I -- little -- Talk about a 48. I just well most of you know David palace here you have anything relevant to him Gary Gary yes -- do -- -- -- yes yes decision. I'm very very retro. Is I don't know if Kevin Kevin was multi talented. And I hope they have a rocket shot if you just -- Yeah well within. Wow now that you wanna talk to -- I just wanted to talk. But I'd love believe sound asleep and I'm not really familiar with you -- that you somehow people out of all of. I didn't. And I gave one question bluntly you window multi talented. Anyway -- the gay retro warrant and -- a girl on girl that's not considered. You know taboo anymore right now. I mean like you'll see that like an electric commercial for -- Naples yeah you know public around the -- and adults are making an out you know I felt like man on man hardcourt you know. Yes I have a -- what superstar porn star have to have any -- had to start in gay porn but John Holmes guys about the added Ron Jeremy. I think that. Yeah I would say -- know for any of those those guys I would say that. There probably was like some crossover if you if you if you will but. I don't know I I think that. Does the gay porn is not is is was definitely in the seventies not as prevalent as the as the other night and visual and yeah I think. I'm going to handle. Not but I but I know because I I feel like you know like all of development in California CNET now guys like -- react it's like kind of by the war reenactment it is likely. Very scary and dirty like that it'll look it doesn't look like it's like the civil everybody got -- jobs and there are a. Two other you know -- -- I brought you are like sport economists seventies that. Right I am rocking assets in the 70s -- Stan I am a -- you aren't lunatics and -- -- -- -- with the we're distill that. Not yet maybe -- do that that's not a bad idea it's got a little tribute to my old man -- you know yeah. -- videos sold either and I yet the biggest porn mustache -- I -- oh yeah iams and what was his what was his job like. Without a maintenance technician -- Toyota awesome us this job I stand. At that point starts with the guy and you overalls have not been not been underneath in the growth comes to get some don't for the -- and did some angry porn stars that are no longer with us like Jamie Gillis. Who is probably one of the ultimate gonzo porn star and what about Pete north. Here in northeast around and you know his stuff. By the way if you enjoy. Like compilation facial stuff -- there's and I just -- -- yeah yeah now you got these big year trailing again. Now that that is the desert here he's our guy accord and I asked him he's like you ever watch I like sniper school yeah he's our long range longer purely yeah. Fired for effective and I mean obviously. I mean. I -- and I thought this was the Rockford Files that you get in the facials and I think it's just whatever is the idea. Clinton Woods -- -- hello Dave tourniquet and Margaret what's up David. -- -- -- -- Wondered if you could -- longer OK I don't want to work. Is -- I don't know did not. Quite. As. -- about the about the -- as a. Both of the atomic joggers in matters like. This is all basically indoors and it's on a green screen and you think you'll like this is going to be easy and it's nine and you know like from like the people we have on the show really makes the show because it's really unscripted nonsense of like Amy Schumer. And I and the one of the stars of Debbie does Dallas wants Debbie does Dallas and -- if you know porn that is kind of the rule and ended -- yeah the ultimate yeah the field of dreams of porn physically ready three yeah. But every guy has seemed -- there's doubt that every woman likes it a little bit of it and Debbie is super hot nobody knows where she is whatever about it and she is just like amazingly gone and like it works every time. Leader of the house hopeful it's a great movie but when -- And yeah. We did assemble like two or three years war classic classic scenes -- cook rice it's a classic films films I guess sound. And just as an -- weird thing is not necessarily the you know every single. -- -- -- But that you might be able to if you think about the classics because you certainly know that I'm sure you might be able determine what they are I was gonna give you a little. A little bit of a test here if you're okay and bring on the -- and only answer that I had -- -- -- -- because of the islands and certainly the audience. Would be able to participate in this particular -- okay. David tell our guests he could see him at the world over tonight and coming up on November 8. The second season. Dave's old warrant is back. Is the first clip mrs. when he plays it is that eventually that it. -- -- there that's up there and and okay that's. Tom Byron and -- jury George Leonard Georgie I'm sorry. Gloria Leonard in taboo American style is surely no no -- it's now. Well it's its insatiable which on homes that everything is at the scene where is she comes in and want someone to blame him there at the very beginning and she's a -- -- to talk to my dad's -- around spasm as the -- enough that I deal or not but -- -- you know I feel right I feel like this is the first debate now permanently and your money from. Elevation and more about where we're likely to Zach thank -- good goods that. Earlier what you and assists didn't give. We'll brilliantly. And please don't you mean even have anything you want him to please don't -- me here. That is not porn that's a scene from the mental list. -- every everything you do first of all you're starting with the dude -- -- -- rape after recycled gonna read you got that kind of and I looked unlikely thorny issue -- zombie that -- Brian -- -- The its way now now I want to hear that -- I don't know you know you know you know you for by the way you -- the first few movies that I don't have rights -- years back here. Yeah. Talk about what I think I'm an Albanian knock off born here I'm glad I -- every problem or yeah. Thank god in this one he's got to you know he's really at this -- over I'm due for an almond milk and McDonald's. Back. Anything like the look -- a couple of days. And I -- yeah. You know. I feel like it's you know the as a cable and party every. Every morning violently normal -- -- -- abusive Tony to pony. A lot of with. They're gonna question I don't remember what. The Brock wouldn't want is that -- that the. India -- outlined in the -- somewhat John's -- Miami they always say that they always say that also about sports and anger that sorts and -- did -- But you know don't think about that the data -- now not a Kyra a really don't have that kind of like -- and gaping it's just like -- cruiser stuff you know what I am at the time it was like before anybody who is lowest. Yellow and I guess but I don't -- stems from a joke that that the rocket made in an interview once an -- took off from there. All right -- you have one more would really bother anybody they were engaged I mean I wouldn't bother me loudly I am going to be in the rock I mean it did that's where he gets its act the fire at him. -- right yeah yeah. Are you ready for and that's very liberated you're very we're very cool here this is like Elena. We're all aggressive like an afternoon television show secretary opinions and ideas like. Like does this version where that the male version revealed yet exactly like yeah -- -- I wanna be -- I do is another it's another one Julio Sonoma well well well. So -- That was to me after I went to -- well. Thelma and talk about Hager mentioned that the -- don't mind you reality -- yeah by the way the young porn stars are alike. They didn't like they pop pop pop pop. They can smell of faith like you all the yelling and screaming it's only got there like yeah it's like you know because that idiot proof the porn the like you know for -- It's it's not good number -- is -- -- like actual penetration not gonna have peace Corey Meehan like you know of course all this crazy stuff -- the going to monitor and control amid a million tax. There is they're saying that Stallone is did -- -- -- or did you point analysts say an island there I did before the -- -- flap -- Asia employee and bill. Well hey what's up there -- Hey David. Well I wonder I etc. talking about Bianchi celebrity or you aren't as they ever receive the -- up from John Travolta. I don't I'm glad it's Friday. Yeah -- -- I -- -- I. -- -- I know it probably use a lot of engineers I -- degraded handshake yes and I'm. I'm what you what we're gonna play -- more for you. Article but so far now I Riley got the Debbie does Dallas want to go out here really wanted to but that's good this is really down and -- and how I feel like I'm just like the like the Mario Lopez of like that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I love yeah it's basically you know you don't think Mary opens his million gossip -- -- and he's very -- that exhibit like an hour ago it is not like this is my job -- -- and yeah. I don't. I was the dial line and you know I love what you're playing for us all like you said the headphone thing and now I'm like the only excuse me he's my bad I -- and there's a -- What holds you don't Emma just for the record those in my headphones and in my keep both sides on the implemented due date. They don't make no -- of him he only I only half the worm on one side that it says that are residents and -- yeah. I'm Ronnie as well yeah you want a bigger apartment and I'm glad here's the final beast that. Campaign finance reports show who. Remember exactly -- and through. -- confirming to know I'm kind that you and Gloria I mean can do everything it can't take place that the men need to confront them. Boehner convince you must try to is that moms these -- her mom more as these moms and now I -- behind the green to a -- I I don't need to be taker in the car and aggregates and -- from the white -- she saw bond up on the leading comes out and she's that she's just about you know outside of course I don't watch your your style more in their camp all right. There that are well hey tiger you're a large minority that he -- really has his -- all right well I'm here you are gore if you do if you could ever do was show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- we sat down he he popped it in and I thought it was -- at first and then -- the guys like hooters hooters Bernard and that was that I -- Rambo came in and -- that they would is huge. Because I've VHS stable -- idea -- -- finally the only person thought it was a remote forest and Atlanta -- I don't -- you -- jamming -- like what -- have a -- lets you watch it alone and he came in with snacks like you're hungry I think you've got like a -- a little bit and then him and his wife went -- -- John and I wants the -- then. Allegedly meanwhile that you need to -- that there's so many things in that story that you can no longer direct. I don't like that's amazing that it that it isn't what you would like -- -- -- -- just -- this straight three and -- after putting our great story from a can I get to week we talked about this during the 6 o'clock hour but did you get to see the Hulk Hogan's sixty pit. -- you know I'm not into that kind of stuff but you know Hulk Hogan you know it was kind of like. I I think you guys now that with the best joke that they thing brother all the time because I couldn't I don't -- they broke into our investment of I got me out of -- if you are what are you ready ready for my mom my little hope comedians to roll over your birdies. Younger and younger girl. -- younger than him again like -- shooting like 38. Find time I think. Greg another weird theory about that is you know he is like a restless at the the -- like. -- kind of we're likely to flip on my coffee table Andre perfect -- waited outside and is that PCS -- DC. -- It was dealt with them what I let you do you want yeah but -- I was -- idea aren't they all did you ever I was in there in Boston course. One of the greatest streaking down. -- -- -- of the guys that's illegal here to -- now our -- -- but you guys have been which fundamentalism is on the -- robbers have taken over the town you know -- and it knows that very odd man what you guys with zero Leo and -- micro brew. It using knowledge on the -- yeah. You know -- -- -- LB wants to do this thing -- -- I'll only nine needs food like the best -- food you guys should do that land now Hamlet what do what about the I think there's -- -- doesn't and he redeemed or as a media yeah I think he boarding got and he still from LB. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys are making my day because -- all over the place is cracking me up. Under state I think that is exactly yard stole my thunder -- really involved are not bad you're crazy. And you might. Well you know -- I'll the old Warren and you'll back me up on this it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow they're doing this there really 1819 I was. At home trying to play the drums and you know whatever you know in excess or something you know crazy -- -- I've listened to your grammar. Guys is always going crazy -- -- -- -- punch. I like being dismissed now. Now you can always get a leg up on his part of the week anyone's day a man on kicking 99 I don't know others who hasn't run over like some kind of adult contemporary stations and I'm not talking about a year and it's pretty quiet this guy but I -- human -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the -- I would I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I just -- -- wanted to say -- -- do -- some news and stuff and the rest is all about money Jones for an arm that is. Do -- hundreds of those to the business. -- -- -- Not a runaway. By Obama and I expect I feel like I. Today please I -- -- David -- adopted child there blue or green. Back here then it's -- -- -- go down a. David now is that the Wilbur theatre tonight 10 o'clock. What he only double points and I still go to the world where dot com you can view will come at three go.