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Mike Hsu Talks To Fred Armisen

Sep 28, 2012|

Mike Hsu talks to Fred Armisen about his IFC show, Portlandia.

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A big fan of the show. Season two of Portland out on dvd. Like -- cinema big fan a lot of guest appearances in the season. Some personal friends Andy -- for some way -- better though. With a nice. Nice little appearance there in in his own form and also intent to form. Phenomenal idea who whose idea was that. Paul how he. -- about it seriously you. Yeah we don't have an idea that we -- now. You know who quite review -- just to be the rock star you know. If she's president Betty yeah we're both president. I and I am intrepid. Let's. If it can't it was just a matter of a couple of hack that would have you know whatever period there. -- -- It seemed like you know obviously is a good sport about it -- I think that tell the whole. Talking tattoo in the fake Pearl Jam music. Yeah -- hilarious I think. A real program is that even already was right setting -- Yeah yeah so that was that is the best way to go. And he didn't and a voice in the tattoo guy right. I was you can. But that was about as a matter of like. -- all we need to voice over hello. Then and -- and I have to say Jeff Goldblum. Is now Allen the not guy is now my favorite character. From our -- idea. And -- see you next to your characters of course for a had a. I guess you could say every -- He's his way over me. So one of the great and we brought back for this season. Oh good I was gonna ask bill as Allan Gerson is he going to be someone different. His talent. They have a different kind of -- Oh my one of the previous. Performances it's like a -- Emmys should have creepy is performance. You should do what we have faculty what ended up on the show this so what does. In other -- cut out for it was so really. That now how much of that was him and how much. Of that was you and Kerry giving him and put. I was days. You know it's a mixed as a whole because of -- -- -- although I can't I can quickly. It's just brilliant and there I mean when he heard. You know like -- in all skin crawl I was like oh my god it's hard to watch. I -- at all if you. So those. Excellent. Is there any other guess that you're looking to get on the show is that you guys do it -- and those like the shows kind of like. Watching the extras on the DVD. It's a really -- it seems like a really democratic processing can really lead backs of you actually go out and try to find these particular people or. Is that like someone who happens to be somewhere in available like hey wanna be on the show was a casual. It because it's the kind of mixes with friends. Because Portland is it was a close to anything you know some schedules that have to work out. You know I think you have to sort of elections -- -- click here bar higher -- -- -- -- is an excellent a couple of things. I usually are my heroes like I would think you know -- I have to -- -- it was you know. Paul Weller is. It's. You know the clash and but you know -- -- it was far away. Another thing -- like -- -- who has the Battlestar Galactica. Segment which I those Alex Thomas -- fine nerd -- a huge fan of that show. And it the first is really funny because it's like that was actually with Portland me when my wife and I discovered it on Netflix. We just watched the whole first season all the way through yeah. You know found our child wandering in the street and you know -- was -- all over the place like that it started out really. Funny and then it got really dark and like I think to make some kind of statement. Drug addiction are they getting serious -- that all all of that whole theory unraveled when you went to that size house he thought was the writer. Ronald Moore a -- or talking about the guy who played Ronald -- it seems like you get a lot of real people. In the show. Yeah I mean his friend inside this and other law and he has dropped since he's everybody -- -- -- like what it is here to try. And it. We particularly about perfect for back into the -- and he cannot be throwing his performances so that. You leave me how bad at -- the truck referenced earlier that they. You know when you watch shows that this has become. -- Yeah another question about that was Faris Edwards seems almost who's in that particular segment. Who's on the actual show and he set a line. Get this right here I've never actually been in space yeah. Has he did this he told you this I I'm imagining he has said that to a lot of people. It yet because all the support was basically -- And from what I remember -- -- -- I think. Our original line for him were the equivalent replaced you know I have I have to leave -- what are -- doing here. And then he just can look that is. Quality it was a ruling that it -- work. To me I heard say that I hit guys I thought instantly I that he said that to a lot of people like. You know like a comic con. Or something like that like he's got that William Shatner thing. Really completely -- From. Or one mention -- yeah I know it's not in. He's not in the second season which is coming on and DVD. To -- he is one of my favorite characters ever and I know. He died in the show but is there any way could -- he would come back. Yeah I mean our eyes as you know what -- -- -- what will definitely. If people start on. Related -- -- field you know like we were not enough for trial what to do it so you are comfortable. -- I would love to see. Police he'd be dealt with Tony and Candice oriental women and women for earth like him walking into the shop that about -- my head would probably explode. -- right thanks a lot Fred we appreciate him and good luck. -- --