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Obama Phone Audio and Audio Remix

Sep 28, 2012|

Obama Phone Audio and Audio Remix

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right we've got to get to on Obama phone apple this is the audio of the year potentially. Com there was anti Mitt Romney rally yet on -- up and there was Cleveland in Cleveland -- and they kind of put this lady I didn't realize I mean I hate to see the commercials on TV about how. You can get a phone but but does this woman. B is basically. Going to be voting for. Barack Obama. Because she got herself and Obama phones which is a free call -- a -- on that people asked. I -- mortgage has struggled bitten and tough times here is this woman. We got Obama told. And I got a problem. Get all black. President you know at the Bob Hope did double our but he didn't boom booms and have been -- you'll bulls fans love thousands. I know it on. Wow amazing that -- follow. I keep calm that woman would like to keep Obama in president. Hi -- I you know. I understand the humanity in president. I got here you can just play a part of it I got here I must hear that one more time -- got Obama hole. I got a problem. Get all black man president you know yeah but the followed didn't have a car but he didn't -- Boobs and have been -- you'll bulls fans love love can be the bad you know it on. What you typically -- your disability is different Arlene -- -- -- Yeah. That's right everybody in Cleveland all minorities got -- Obama blown call on an Obama -- It snow let them it was -- don't let it go -- you don't -- -- notions like certainly oh yeah according. And I really. When she's not as you can imagine she's not a fan. Mitt Romney. There and. Very simply not. A fan reasonably. A man. Not Dexter says that arrivals as we ground yeah an honest guy and since it's close that's abstinence. OK Neil -- Well it's pretty cool. Biamby Obama phone aid that we have a definition of that and calorie it will -- there's different theories on what exactly this is now. Years ago I'll back in the mid eighties he used to have a program called lifeline which provide discounted home landline service for people hit it. -- lower income and elderly you know my grandmother used to have economic emergency that and now these days there is you know it's like a subsidized cellphone program that they have -- you know the emergency. Minimal use that in a minute since Sandra finally. That's why you should keep him and president in power it is. President hello Pletcher. Good morning -- -- person wants to know that was Geraldine. Excellent excellent here hundreds of great obscure -- yes I think that's. And disability belief that. You know what -- best character should -- in the red out of yelled -- questions and -- -- -- -- -- upper -- Then. On the east it's a little LeRoy. I -- I don't your own -- go to our vote at this month. And we're we wanted to. Free listening pleasure we wanted to hear Obama phones at the audio and we're ready year old that any parziale area ethical analysis. I'm -- you know. -- Bob Obama didn't do a better president.