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Mistress Carrie's interview with Matt Cameron from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam

Sep 27, 2012|

It's a busy day for the Soundgarden guys. Today, we get a taste of what the first new album in 15 years is going to sound like with the release of "Been Away Too Long". It's a fitting song title, considering how long it's really been! They said it would never happen... and yet, they have reunited, recorded an new studio album, been part of the soundtrack of one of the biggest movies in history (The Avengers), and are planning a world tour! How did the reunion happen? What does the rest of King Animal sound like? Will there be a co-headlining tour, with a Temple of the Dog reunion? Who is Matt's favorite Avenger? How he feels about turning 50? What kind of digs he has? I asked him everything!

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston -- station WA AF. A visit Matt that's Carey -- yeah and it carried you introduce yourself I know who you are fair that. It's me it's a big day today congratulations. Thank you thank you -- day that I believe all of the members of sound garden at one point or another said. That's never gonna happen -- Well yeah you or is it it was a long time coming. You'll Ayers we had to keep it going get it started the beginning for me and tell me the anatomy of a reunion with the band that hasn't released an album in fifteen years who calls who. How do you get back to the negotiating table. Yeah well. It started very slowly. We we decided to. You know try to update our. Online president you know we want to start fan club and all this type of thing adjusted you know you know we think about -- -- catalogs so. It was just all this kind of legacy step Richmond deal with. Were you surprised that there was. So much passion behind the band even though you guys had broken up they're not released music and so long. Well I -- I felt like you know we always put a lot of passion into it and I think that the music -- you know has has. At a certain. You know quality that I think people like just because it's it's it's it's a real true expression of how. We are musicians and you know that -- the types of songs that that we wrote. And continue to write. So -- you know I I think once. What we did we get a little show its Seattle like an April 2010. You know after. After we play that -- just felt really give it and it felt like you know we still had. We still have that energy we that. That you know. Type of passion that that is required to play the type music that that we do. And then you know we got up we know we got a whole bunch of offers to play gigs after that show and and we took some of them. And then you know Chris and I certainly had pretty pretty busy careers outside its -- gardens. You're is another band that people might have heard of Pearl Jam in. In nine and he was with audio slave and doing his solo stuff he that's kind of scattered to the wind for awhile. That's right yeah we did. But you know it felt really good. Just to be interim together and that's sort of the they'll litmus test for you know being in a band you have to yet to be able to be you know have that camaraderie and that and that chemistry. You know for to be gated in and and luckily like when we did get. Get back together to you know read this new album. It it came pretty quickly you know once. What we had a couple songs written. And we heard you know Chris is vocal on the on the music that we -- you know it would the floodgates just fully open -- this is like you know it was on. I know that I'm not the only person who was asked this question I passed it to Chris awhile back when live to rise came out around the avengers release. Yeah and I said. Why not -- with Pearl Jam do -- the dogs saying sound -- back together you'll be awesome. And it always comes back to you because everybody feel bad for you and how exhausted you would be. Having played a whole damn night. Yes can you say after -- played like you know I don't know two hours with sound garden. You know my -- done -- what's -- eight. That agreement we. Yeah. You know like a replica. We did what when we did depleted when he show documents that we and we put it in simple about stuff that was awesome. You know it may be I don't know them maybe there might be a one off we're back it happened. You know I'm not point five anymore. Secretary. Yeah SP -- you're gonna be fifteen next month are you in November right. Certainly am I'm -- -- fifty. Euro I have I have a milestone birthday coming up in a few days myself then and it's bothering me yeah those big numbers are numbered remember that out of them I'm trying I'm trying -- are there Rhett yeah it's X. I'd be all. I know better. I area isn't funny -- it's a look back and to see you know like young kids who have just grown up. Looking ahead. The bands that you've been a part of the way that you kind of grew up idolizing. And they have like Led Zeppelin and I mean it's got to be kind of weird trio. We know that I -- always try to keep an open mind and if you know if -- if a kid comes up to me and they wanna talk about you know drum mr. You know music -- something and then I'm I'm more than happy you know. To share my insights there just to -- hired something because I think when I was growing up you know I've I -- to go see you know queen and David polian Cheap Trick can kiss and all of these completely larger than life that these bands you know. That I I don't think you could talk to you some like it was forbidden -- no enemy. But -- but I think the generation that I'm a part of you know we we we idolize spans like you know black flag in. -- thread bottles surfers and bands that two words in you know smaller smaller venues and you -- have a conversation with them and. -- that social media gives you access to where you can just be on your couch at home. And people can deal. That's right that's right and that's and that's the critical thing and as an artist to be able to. You know gauge what. You know what -- answer you know things online -- you know you're in -- you know wanted to Q4 and that world convicted can get a little. It can't get a little weird rebel patrols out there. But but you know but -- but it's it's really nice to be able to have that that direct link to your -- We haven't heard the whole album yet. And I know that. A lot of people don't give drummers a lot of credit for actually being songwriters for some reason you know it's like the old Spinal Tap -- Q now when I know that interview a lot of writing in collaborating. Not Hollywood sound -- met Pearl Jam as well so. Because we haven't heard the whole album yet and won't until it gets released in November. What are some of the tracks that you love. It maybe you were part of -- new album that we should you know definitely be paying attention to when it comes out. Yeah well our. Actually. -- ropes peace songs on the new record. And one with the collaboration. Called crickets steps that it's one of my favorites. It has all the elements that I guess we're known for its got you know it's not in fourth or and it's. Got a really awesome vocal part. The drumming kind of all over the place to -- constant. -- and at another song called. Business critical black Saturday that I've ever I'm really proud of I'm you know I'm I'm really I really feel good about the album as a whole and I think it will. I think -- I think it'll it'll be a nice addition to our. Our catalog in our legacy because I think we -- band that was that was able to make you know complete statements you know we weren't we weren't and we were never singles stand. But luckily you know. There was sort of a couple songs from our last. Three studio albums that you know. -- I guess worked as radio singles that we never go into into making a record thinking in those terms so. You know I I think what people hear it -- entire record it'll it'll totally makes sense and and and you know we're. It makes sense to us so that again that's where we're putting it out there. Did you feel pressure in the studio to have to live up to the success of the bans passed. I think we really want to. Get back with our. Our friends you know like Adam Kasper and we worked in the studio here in Seattle that we that we made. Super unknown in part -- down the upside that's so. It was it was our idea to. You know just get back here -- environment where all the ideas and all the creativity would have to. You know mostly come from as the band and I think you know we had a lot of really good it's going into that process so we felt like that we felt really confident that we did you know pulled off justice. You know we've. That's just in our DNA and that's that's how we always that's -- we -- we always worked as a group. But we never really felt any pressure because you know we didn't have a record label and we didn't we didn't you know we -- have any like. Pressure is that we are used to have as a group you know like you guys are in the drivers seat at this point yeah I mean you know we are strictly doing this for ourselves and our man. Though. As long as we felt good about it as a group then. We felt good enough to that are fans here. So but you know I I think there is sort of pressure. Win groups you re united and they you know besides. To make any record you know you certainly don't want to mess that your legacy -- that if that's the good ones like Garza's. Two more quick questions of soil and it got to let it go who is your favorite avenger oh goodness you've got to have a you know an arm of -- all the way. And I got I know what kind of dogs you have since they interrupted the interview room and what their names are. -- to Google labs that are sleeping right now and I've got this little troublemaker named Tommy -- he's like it's well -- Jack Russell. -- Guys getting into having little dogs. Well I've got I've I've always been a big -- guy. But my kids wanted to get this get this rescue Doug Hughes he on death row so we had to -- save them. But I'm -- big duck -- I do like this that is the first little but I have -- he's he's pretty some. Do you put clothes on it does he have a little sound -- -- Out here you gotta you gotta hang with the big boys here. Well I really appreciate you taking time out of what must be an extremely busy day today with. They're release have been away it's lying and you know just ramping up for the new album when are you going on the road. Let's see a. Think -- -- sharper effort given us a call a snow on the album I know I speak for everybody when I say it to tell. So. You have a great day you -- about. It's just scary weekdays -- seven on tungsten -- station WA AF.