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Mike Hsu Talks To Johnny Rotten

Sep 14, 2012|

Mike Hsu talks to Punk Legend Johnny Rotten about returning to music and loving British Butter.

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Hello good morning or afternoon saying and that your fear in England or fewer here -- -- It I opted to remain but the right -- -- thank you very much for taking the time and since we have very little time I'd like to get right into it if the answer. -- -- -- It was Vera I'm very excited to IQ have been huge fan of most of your music over the years and I was telling everyone I was gonna talk to and the number one thing. A lot of people wanted to know. Was this country life butter really tastes like real butter it wasn't that -- -- back you know they've got a great album the just released after I would. -- -- -- -- And it is the -- But is that the IQ actually. I didn't Britain -- process -- intent -- it. And that money but that -- -- -- -- public image and it is and and I'd bet that the money's not getting up and running. We've in. Many to prove it some of the debt from the spending restrictions. That. The previous record labels placed on me which is like like in twenty Israelis dead and you radicals now. But since then -- formed -- people. We've all week -- that -- one and that is that anything it seems completely free and independent. Well applied and this is. Right and it seems to me there are a lot more bands doing the bad these days like for example. The black keys -- Vampire Weekend a couple of fancy just had been making money so they can go back and make the albums they want. And the term -- -- -- the term is becoming fairly obsolete they do do you agree with that as someone who came up in in. That -- well men have made it's does -- but he made copies of these by indeed about being correct me. But they -- I was trying to sell Lleyton said that during that period. -- cope -- be a problem. -- it would be a product I'd be using it anyway papal bull. You have to be able money in this state disgrace and is very very difficult. But it defensible. Everybody's different kinds of cooperation. But it -- you figure it what about. -- It's the only way you bet against these things to function properly. Now now that you'll are out of the system. Is it's is it much harder now I mean do you are you looking at it differently now like while maybe this yeah. So with an uphill struggle. Always but right from the very beginning. Having to constantly being told treating that patient. Institutions expecting -- to compromise. And I don't compromise. I -- -- opportunity. Might to my music and not taken it to hop. Find out writing songs and performing. Is the only thing I'm never ever been any good that. And I love it dearly and I cannot tell them a kettle black about the -- and I want my -- music. And but his decade doing nothing then -- my problem so the young. No matter how fight that that would likely -- in I mean I've got family and friends. And I may be able to look up -- may -- down that made. So does note that -- and is always on pill problem so. And a Spin Magazine interview piece that I found I didn't have my friends I didn't have many friends. In the industry when things start getting bad where there some decisions you thought you could have made better you -- you say you're on compromise. It's probably these interviews is that he could -- the bottom line that story around that one side somehow it sometime this thing. It was I needed to pull from my other back and another -- and another bang. They kind of shied away from me. An embankment. I felt no they couldn't wait to stick that knife in my back. Met many paid that I discovered I don't -- -- and what we need. Glad to see at the back of me because maybe it's competition. And that is unfortunate thing because it is simply not had compensation. Little different. Let's talk about the new music which I think is is awesome. I've been listening to the new album for the past couple weeks and you have an amazing banned by the way. Those guys are are are phenomenal musicians. And you're releasing. A couple of and a couple of different forms a couple of singles. And twelve inch single forms and final two I kinda being in an old DJ guy kinda miss the twelve and singles finals with the -- -- -- -- Yeah you're doing that and I'd I'd I'd I'd like to give a note in the opportunity. You know than a call that prop up DNA you know it's yes. To do that. Because -- expected because you know we don't have an odd coal port situation. The protective. By mentioning that whip of that type -- -- Because these -- and it's on your decision right you know he is DPP TP one -- the that that fine. But -- -- you know they had an quite many records collected about that. Would like the opportunity to buy -- -- yes because this does not big on to -- that experience. I find that vinyl you have an it's an experience like disabled with a but the contact us there within mp3 player you kind of put it on in -- doing other things but when you have final -- package. You -- you know listen to balance and become that filed it in -- they've and you don't think it's connected to it went -- I've been on top of. Exactly it's an -- and -- are sitting down -- His side by kinds of music. And and I love that and involvement in all of these people world. The music offered me. Right does your missing more than half the experience that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you download that'd be the highest quality of valuable. You know and and that they said that you know that's an expensive -- around the news right I think -- did. In all we we take a lot of time and -- -- and have music and and so I think and that we would appreciate it to adopt my values. If we could talk about out of the woods. Because I also have an interest in the civil war I lived in Richmond Virginia for many years I was surrounded by it. Yeah this is a song you -- interviews say is about Stonewall Jackson but. Maybe a little bad yet he's there aren't yet again the overwhelming -- -- any of is -- vehicle but. This though is that relief from the point of view. Bowman is black confederate so. Yeah I find that but just the mind boggling. To me that whole concept of their fighting for a system that enslave them. Not necessarily the whole pro. And that and that the calamity of -- always seems to be in India back and -- the -- -- That is the topic of stories to tell led from the African American point of view is. Britain's justice and off -- off his is that whether actual black slave. In itself before all the that the people who capable some would said that war put southern independence. Yes and believe -- I heard that a lot when I lived in Virginia. You know that as a bit of belly -- part of African American history the State Supreme Court -- -- -- not -- -- light -- And. That was not saying it is because went went to a few civil war reenactment. But I haven't been out and about an audience thank -- and great fun. But the people I would say in the compensation that would have what what are overwhelmingly. -- -- Provinces than -- particles -- waiting for a and they describe is is quite glad I know -- Napoleon. You know it's the you know and written -- I don't belong nine -- as a volunteer in the late grandfather. Didn't vote and is. Until witnesses that the itself. And that recent poll that they because. You know and so is the question you know very bad idea -- on the but. No woman was and and many think that in itself found that. Something to stand up of propagate. This is that there -- many reasons behind every war you put may. Because I -- it straight I want. And hopefully we explain -- symbol of the full -- And central part of his soul from the point of view volunteer African American. Whether things -- helpful themselves. It was headed for it in the game. And because you feel it as a result of this didn't it's the only thing. Facing what could be and then there's so little. A tendency so. It is what it is it's a challenging. It well and it's a very challenging message to get out there. John they're telling me you. They're telling me to shut up and and and hang up here so I got ago I wish you talk more Monica's. It's a great subject of gambling here in Austin. And other so called the rate he's so briefly that -- that -- do make an experience sustainable operating yes that's a great friend of mine who have grew up -- it's like even bring up. I love that because it's like you're painting a picture a little picture of kind of like where -- from. Through this one guy who's not a politician he's not a celebrities not historical figures -- regular guy yeah. Like I could get by in you know send and. And I can actually immediately empathize with that. John I really appreciate you calling and taking the time you're here in Boston on October 15 and we look forward to seeing pill. And we appreciate it sir thank you very much. Good -- thing. Good so.