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Mistress Carrie interviews Marilyn Manson

Sep 12, 2012|

Mistress Carrie interviewed Marilyn Manson and talked about his balls, his taste in women, his adventures at the airport and on planes, his balls again, Rob Zombie, what he eats, his cell phone apps, his new video, his art work, Halloween, and I'm pretty sure his balls came up again before we said goodbye!

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It's just scary weekdays three to seven on Boston -- station WA AF. You in the majors to acquire. But I learned that on your tour bus when you had that crystal bill though with a camera in the head are you and yeah I was and you are analyzing the underside of your ball -- The yes. Well it was not a giant flat screen in the front lounging your bus that would you and your car did the blared -- -- -- -- -- thank you far -- getting out of bed to talk to me while the sun is still up. Yet I. The body's innate sense you know what. Fermentation via the bloating and smelling -- and -- dead -- -- Part of the -- and up and using it but it is currently these something classic educating the same amount -- -- its third grade. Fresh and finality that my dad and my medical. The trust your expertise on -- I tried a wake up next to warm bodies as often as possible but every once in awhile happens. I don't by the way there about it because sometimes -- culture eyelashes like sleeping and then you wake -- then look at he would that. I'm a daddy gotta look I try to circumvent that by I do have a guest here. It -- dumpster. It would just stand against. I can only imagine the girls you wake up to I think counting your eyelashes as the least of your problems episodes. I I have a ton a question so let me get the business out of the way you're on the road with Rob Zombie. You're gonna be any area on October 21 to the Verizon Wireless arena and you robber known for your huge stage shows where. All that stuff. So we. I don't seem extending your ballot remember on a giant flat screen. I had no idea I think. Lou let's play another. Because it takes to inspire but I don't. I mean these -- smoke pot and you know. It the other disposal bodies and -- it. I think. It would. Please. Going in there because I've made -- as it is. Immutable any area is traveling for -- apocalypse. Book it and would be. He wouldn't it be talk about -- measures in the -- it's. And out and about -- and explained Steward of this is what's gonna happen. Which is kind of -- effective pick out of change. According. Anyway in order to outline. He really -- improprieties. I had to do it there's going to be considering. Probably -- it is really work if they were better -- To keep up to the to the level of -- -- at that level -- -- yet it's important about cheered. Sheer power that I'm pondering the green and hard and intro. You're out promoting the album born -- and the single slow motion I have a question about the end of the video. How did you get up on that rooftop with that god and that mask and not get shot by the LAPD. It is. And did question and I'm in person without that. You know except for a -- there. I don't know but be against that was. That the Frontline. I'm assuming you didn't take -- permits. No I that was that was wrote growth I -- I had by the latter kind letter jacket he you know and a -- and I just you know. -- reporting ago. Or. I don't like bicycle and was. You end up on the no fly list in writing. You across your face at the airport to be the least -- your worries yeah. Approximately two. Security. It would be -- there was some rule once I'm on an airplane and we would. Any -- India I'm going to be commensurate have one. Inevitable and they vote directly. And I decided. -- a passenger across from me. -- program that you -- and I figured that the lady came forward to get in trouble for intentional apartment she pulled me aside and there -- a foot problem there pale the deadlock grade. Berkeley Airways says. And then go this -- in faithful which in. It was a good day before files in its. And but if he's very. Good for behavior. On you that your -- it's never appropriate they opened their. -- -- an item of the day care takeover and it and that's it appeared. I have no idea and very sorry he's view of the retarded. The kind of -- out -- -- there are ways you boats circled in the and then and decided -- So. I'm shocked that you haven't been kicked off the plane. Yeah that's -- got play tend to say golden deck on a flight that's pretty impressive. I don't know what would be illegal -- ago I'm pretty sure it threatening to set someone on fire is oh yeah that would not be used. And that's I'm glad that they were. They're there years were just -- -- I've visited that having recently. Like upper content into the article. I have a few questions from listeners how much money would it cost to have you be one of the judges on the new season of American Idol with Mariah Carey. Would you do. Relate. One timer from the hole. Like all season -- how much money would it take for them to offer you that -- I wanna see that mass. Bigger. I think it's -- What is that -- Apparently you know. Traders are watching people try to sing karaoke. The world -- any display of talent there are being used. And further in the destruction well earned our culture -- I do think that it would be amusing for me to do that because injury concerns that. -- -- I don't think game. -- -- Ways we keep doing it is. I'm not looking to make a -- -- in despair and it. I mean it with the matter to despair. But. Nobody could I would. What's the weirdest offer that you ever turn down but you almost didn't just to screw with people. To get. Yet few to do. A remake. Sister in law was too and I and I dragged along among. That they got and it -- What's -- what's your favorite app on your phone. -- -- -- an aide. You know when I get rid of people or about what an important visit and -- -- it's frequencies that are is. Really mean and live in area a dog grooming place on the look -- Hollywood. People I have attacked Obama camp directed to sit outside and it was the dog. Pitch and parts -- -- supposed. What's the most bizarre thing you've ever read about yourself on the Internet and there's a lot of bizarre things on the Internet about you. Here. -- bizarre is this. Defiantly. I think the it always surprises when news. These and -- be here. It's somebody that I don't know or haven't had a chance. -- that situation. I think. How does anyone have it -- like tomorrow I'm gonna be very fun and interesting and be happy look at. Tool that I had people and some meant it would probably. Taking those women off of the list for this answer have you ever eaten anything that was alive. Yes -- did that day and lives. In Japan. About the going -- And -- that it really happened and everything that I can't. Corporal. Folks want to. Oral. It. Is it radio productions sounds like in your head. -- -- Do you prefer homemade Mac and cheese or boxed Mac and cheese be easy Mac and microwave double -- that is super -- It's. I love your artwork. My favorite is the one of I'm assuming it's you that's titled when I get -- yet. Yeah I would that would be absent class are you still actively painting and and when is her artwork gonna come somewhere around here with people being OC. -- whole slew of new and to get framed. I'm actually. -- show and all the bands do that Goldman. Package where you guys take -- -- special parking Jericho stuff and get back with our armed people come this show. Taken they can get in action -- that separates. You know as an after party as a report in and there -- -- probably won't have all. Local strip bars -- an intense -- this year to be at the party hurts him. Then we'll have that that they think. And that we also have this one lithograph that picked those available for people of that 11. As the new item body itself. And its all black independent to me. That I didn't have -- -- -- and it's got its answer. Can somebody pay you attempt to paint a portrait of them. I mentioned that I've not done that -- supplies. It's I had to get personally think people but it sure. I've ever required. The -- the -- caricatures. Almighty god I would pay so much money -- What is your favorite song that someone mentioned -- the -- excel because there's a lot of them it's actually kind of weird how often people talk about you and their music. -- Party like Iraq's that wraps yeah they say its very borders the results mean yeah with a bunch of black guys. Raping and -- like an area. Probably could yeah I'm not -- -- -- it's important it would be here in the states and they they give a hand with Maryland and we -- to get to mathematical problem there. With me units and then it. Are ready we've got -- confused and so real scenario like. And. Well I really appreciate you taken the time to call IE I don't know I prefer being on the phone with huge. To being in person because at least I'm not looking and your undercarriage magnified on a giant TV screen but. You know like I kind of long for the old days. I would you know and then become lurking about that the show and I don't have a camera but you know. And -- still attacked. If you are going to be at the Verizon Wireless arena on October 21 that means -- not gonna be home for Halloween a -- even any kids in your neighborhood brave enough to -- your doorbell. I haven't or -- -- -- -- and the dorms is people would with a garden because. I -- demonstrated its. You know for example last. Now mentioning on the I would be to -- who made it an -- that would mean it hasn't came here knowing. -- really appreciate Colin thank you so much for your time I'm glad you got that bad this early nicely done. And I hope to see you at Chicago and to mingle with all the strippers. It was professional enough. I. Have a great night thank you so much again. It's just scary weekdays -- seven on tungsten -- station WA AF.