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Funny News Stories 9-5-12

Sep 5, 2012|

Tom Cruise 'auditioned brides' and Mass. must pay for killer's sex change

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Pena all news. Oh let's talk about this Tom Cruise thing you -- it -- really interest saying yeah if there's people who are now. Coming. Forward and saying that it is true oh yeah. In the October Vanity Fair magazine -- girlie magazine for obliterate that whenever you do whatever I quote from Vanity Fair is a moron and tells me that says they think it's like a woman's fashion magazine it's not it's actually. Although it has a slight. Slightly left of Cambridge left the band from time the -- actually pretty good investigative magazine com. They do a piece on how. A bunch of women. We're auditions. For the group to beat Tom cruise's next wife previous to -- office. And one of those women is an actress. Ask her name is. Name the name bony body which cover a few months ago I think when that -- small details of this story started to break. She's very beautiful I am about to tweet a picture. Of her and her Anders nice clean image for you right now is she the one -- was high up in the church. Her grandmother was pretty high at ocean is like a Scientology's print press. She's beautiful and running born woman she has in her mid morning a little time I don't -- every musical version Tom passenger version of program and her mother was a Scientologist and they had selected -- so any fair's Maureen north. Spoke to her and she revealed basically with the whole audition process went through. Initially when she was picked out they kind of put her through an initial screening process. David -- -- issues like that and one of the big -- guys in the church you know wife was leading the charge trying to find his wife. So they're running around trying to find a way for Don Graham's. I mean that at that that in itself isn't is an odd scenario -- decision to sign confidentiality agreement was told she would be declared an enemy of the church and shunned by its members including your mother her own mother if things didn't work out the top. But I. Now she then she had to sign a second agreement that said I'm never going to speak about Tom -- -- SW -- math and that's when she first met him at the science technology center in New York her handler allegedly told that this is mr. cruise we can't let him down moon we have you must satisfy him and. His perfectly. I just so I think it's I think it's a riot. That's rich people start -- and then and and and steal women and kids in the rain -- women and kids no problem the same -- he's on cruise control pool accident runny nose and yeah -- -- you can. Picking anyone to be my wife who would you think. I'm monument mean the this a little exotic -- -- -- but he changed many who remember a time generally know. But -- what's unknown. I guess maybe -- should go for only -- maybe they cannot visionary who. Who these people they're talking about means people whose name -- -- we keep seeing people that come forward. -- -- who these people close one director guy named yet you mean former director know what the when I now know he's a part timers footlocker now. What is it Tony Scott. Yeah well I guess it's -- now -- -- -- and now this guy what's his name Peters something being you know Peter Jackson and Peter Jackson down. I don't know his name from an okay that -- in the race for -- -- doesn't -- Yeah anymore and I am an intercom system there are people who who is there who -- a part of the process he has to -- many years quotes people who was there yeah people were there this morning or auditioning your life. My god like it was community audition like they had. Tap danced her way out then and I'm not master it is a hula -- I'm happy. Ultimately is a couple of months. You know the year round could have been because -- that. Let's see -- techsters as the economy delight the whole -- a closet door closed I don't helps. I have I don't know what they're tired look on don't get a and there's some sort of homosexual lives that's John Travolta and and have run out of an -- and I -- a full head hair and and I got done to get these rock hard hands. And -- end -- six team hasn't. And in his and then -- -- girlfriend on H I am why am -- telling me another and are now I don't blame on money into the game Kenya and that -- industry -- -- -- size appropriate right and then is now his name's Dan Patrick Harris. And you -- you -- -- educates us into this deal back before and after he was in you besides. It's been a program. I'm getting him. Early in text messages emails -- said there about the taxpayers copping out. -- are a murderers. Sex change here in Massachusetts. That decision came down yesterday. It's a really is a rather annoying and I will tell you this. I simply believe. That we live. NN day and an age where the hard earned money that the government takes from autism. Is going to give a man who is convicted of killing his wife sitting hire him sitting in our jails. A sex change so that he feels. Banner front and self. It's not like it's that's only like twenty ran it 20000. Ira I read this morning it was like twenty point five but still the fact of the matter is. The guy should be eight kill his. He killed his wife. Michelle co select my it would what was this war was did use the -- Michael and -- -- Robert values or Robert yet. Now he calls himself Michelle. And the matter is I'm OK with the guy getting a place to sleep. And some starchy foods or whatever maybe maybe. If he's good he can get to watch television but why in the world. Why the world are we is is our hard earned money. Going to give this man boobs and -- and vagina lag can give somebody can anybody explain to me why in the world. They've got a federal judge has ruled. That it is our obligation. Don't look at guy up with a sex change. I have -- and -- our guest is out of control -- I can't help but think about conjugal visits. What that's hard to think of a public can yeah it should get caught Michelle she's she's funny she's pretty she's going to be at a men's prison anymore she's going to him she's gonna frame and a non. She assuming with a -- reject him and he's not done I mean not Batman and please that. -- do it is nasty who would you rather see topless in a dream our lord. Carol Burnett or Michelle -- former Shell Oil there Burnett the post -- -- post surgery. I mean what about the judge that made the ruling. -- Is now in art alliance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- -- -- you lost millions. In the that is the thing. Does -- want to go to a female president. I would doubt that he does because he wants to -- -- remembered gold's appeal president Dick if you get the crap knocked out of. I don't I mean I just I it the whole entire. I mean what there's a female prisoner. Who is suicidal. About the size of her breasts okay let's say that -- is able to convince a judge. That the reason that she is suicidal is because she doesn't have big breasts. Are we now gonna pay for her pet care recognized disorder where is gender identity disorder is -- have read a nice little medical -- -- in and its impact Cambridge as a way does that guy -- matches and funded by the federal government I mean the person has lost in in my opinion. Has lost every right. To be treated as a normal citizen because they had murdered their wife they murdered another human being. So I don't care they have gender disorder. And it -- it causes depression and their suicidal because they you know have a penis and I'd rather have a vagina I can absolutely. Did the deal without ever doing anything for this person -- it's just -- -- problem meanwhile -- people who. You know our work in like seven jobs that but it food on the table if it is used to go to college and their money is Jonas moron polo match. Eric -- I don't morning what's happening. Hey let's do you think that this ruling is gonna a precedent that people on welfare -- not help but all that and now go and -- These procedures done covered by the date -- what is it about. I don't know I mean a kind of as the text or just load it kind of gives you -- the neatest exchanged kills somebody get in prison -- you'll get yourself to. Yeah like you guys that you realize the damage you point community I would you say heck I'm only on welfare now I'm suicidal I'm just -- exchange still. No one of those extra angels -- for colorectal. -- Greg there really don't think this guy you get the a new critical art what to do that are difficult -- -- still there. Republic yeah I mean a guy is a moderate. Are you -- Our tax dollars are going. The out of vagina and moves to a guy who killed his wife and I really that this is really more disabled pockets though the whatever it ends up doing -- now you know the use of it is hello hello Chris. The other guard Greg let's. You know they they're granting this guy a sex change operation to changing when they grow into a girl and -- White -- -- -- -- -- get to point out and back to the taxpayers. Take apparel law person change meant little girls. Your children I -- -- very big island I'm at I don't care -- -- -- the -- of Regina that stone quick review and woman and now -- not a very attractive. They're gonna be here today getting the makeovers she -- yeah. That the glasses the old style like gigantic. Oh well they're the ones that Dustin Hoffman warrant that's the same glasses are being warned by Michelle. -- -- -- -- -- Tim. And Tom Omar's not so good with the spelling bad that I -- apologize -- up. And it's all turn out the -- great video. Well -- I'm not sure about a moment pocket out. Outlook but but what did I go -- -- -- -- -- got app in the mail Britain. I initially I think I am hoping that because I mean the man is a murderer I would hope that he asked to stay in a maximum security prison like oh we're not gonna transpire. Once he becomes -- should be. I hope we're not gonna -- transfer it over to. Two two. A minimum secured on for me it was a it was a federal is that you know as an those yet there's women who kill their -- yes yes yes yeah well yeah I mean it is it really is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. It's embarrassing to live in this state. There really isn't and it you know it a federal judge made the decision and sell a mall over that federal judge mark wolf the -- in addition that the state is going to be the one. -- -- pay for also is generally sound of the female prisoners on the page six foot four bogeys than I was denied the -- he area that after sex drive around. A little room through a remote part of -- -- and at that some taxpayers who were interviewed last night are extremely angry about this. Why should I like this person who doesn't believe that they ought to be paying for a sex change operation for a murderer. Then everything from the -- and I can -- famous. Have them in the -- sense. Not a looming -- incentives while I agree. That wells said my man and don't make no damn sense. I never thought in a million is a judge could be that stupid to allow something like that to happen it's -- being so we have to pay twice. Want whatever about the and once again to pay for that. That is the niece. The woman anymore Bruce -- more fire name and Laura brand I've domestic they started a FaceBook petition. To try to get this decision reversed I don't know journalists jacked out of there I don't know they'll have any luck or non on that. -- -- He doesn't. And yeah. And the home run. And I just -- -- -- -- know we're. Yeah about it that awesome column.