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Mike The Can-Man interviews Queen Kong

Aug 24, 2012|

Mike The Can-Man interviews Queen Kong

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Queen -- wrestler from below I said glamour earlier but is that gorgeous ladies of wrestling and are now. Michael -- home McCain in man from time to time. Sets up a guest for this program and wants to interview that guessed himself. And he has taken -- by Kyrie is the most prolific. I can collect there in Commonwealth of Massachusetts. But has also big wrestling fan and so -- mean time has joined us this morning from California. Bomb attacks -- wanted to know queen in you wrestled the Jim Carrey in a man on the moon. No no no no they must be confusing -- But that was my best succeed in there but I think it was a -- might. What it might rivals I should be -- heck out of work. -- I didn't get it can carry on in living color oh yeah. All right okay I'm out endless and I'm. All right on -- and has his three questions prepared for you we've been working on this for weeks. Michael wanted to go ahead with -- question number 1 this morning targets rivalry is every Doyle that they get from now PG one of the greatest puppets -- heavyweight the Bible week in history what. Yeah did. I didn't I didn't hit I don't know about -- US open. What did that's super heavyweights -- titled album into history a globe wrestling to all the organizations. That's right it became that that's the heavyweights are all female wrestling everywhere. Effect interplanetary. I take. And and in some extra if you don't know now what do you weigh in that nuclear. Well right now -- -- I have ever actually a 320 -- Three reasons as standard twenty rounds. Well you know some now that the kind of guys the UN -- dating. Like is some guys like infineon our producers that really likes it a big boned -- side -- view. The end of don't I think usual did you end up finding guys who are. Why haven't I haven't blocked other big booty. And I. Have ever had the devils threesome with a three. No not at -- and some techsters pointing out that. She last exactly like can men do is like the female PM in Lampard all right I don't see that I'm -- -- I thought that I thought about it. -- did edit it together yeah yeah yeah. God our questions you can I. -- no but do one of the Hollywood hawks -- -- its security number 37. She's one of the the best people left Abbott and also do you intimidate employees like don't Alaska and it paid to get Tweety bird like all the stuff they go -- it eight. But we have a huge you know -- but instead. But that -- but it Tebow it's got it and adapt. It got it about getting many know all of you tie it Los Angeles neighborhoods. Oh yeah well I yeah I love my better you know. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- apprentice con you gotta be delicate mediated at all it's not -- thought this is just -- why George kick your -- I. What. -- what is the final question tonight at the bottom scholastic a lot of color at all day about the I'm at the bottom left with anything millions. That does does link on did you have a book coming out. I do -- read -- -- one time -- can't do it might like some glitter got. Edit and collaborate. -- -- to how much it costs of this question is that gonna. It could it -- it's gonna be pretty bad but could it got twenty bucks a picture at the toll it stages of color gorgeous pictures of a career as solidarity. Possession arrest playing. Playing as I did a lot of movies I was a -- our kind of I think that they did Mel -- I was just. The bearded lady is based spot oh look. It's a kinda great that you -- Also you're not -- believe -- he -- the crew it's always you know what and he does follow exact really well -- -- out. Yeah. -- -- -- -- She does the loans that he does all the bug at least you don't at all he just throw it out on Malaysians. -- at that. I -- glad I did I was so excited about that I had started I had. What they've been at the very first one of our second visit ever in the. -- and it would you liquidity and don't. And I did this instead. Aimed at making in the hands month with a little loan that's -- -- -- And needs a -- way I give -- -- you're in a little here's something sexual and the few these bonds. It. -- -- I think did a segment of the attitude that what that include. -- -- -- -- Yeah. I hope one day he will debate and Adelman mr. snow thank. Against him and with what looks a listen to conjure that -- Dominique Franks and Dodd did -- major Scott yeah. It does is she doesn't come -- it -- it's out of there and ask what she's wearing. Q where did not ask him what are your black. Well maybe I don't -- I've got no other problems just. Non that's how you doubted if the music and how you national you sex phone excuse me I don't know what that. You're doing a lot of candidates but if I had the most really gorgeous pair. Purple and -- and they have a fairly big punch in a room in the end his billions and when you listen nobody ever or what yeah. -- -- -- We haven't McQueen conductivity -- -- what exactly is she told me fire but anyway are you got -- -- but he got them both six lot of playbook. I was definitely know how -- got to go and how are you are you the lady in the sweet emotions video Texan would like to now. Three emotion now I don't know but that. Okay so you -- and you said you and Mel Brooks this film sort of what other than -- No doubt that they're related. His -- all not that -- okay. And apple keyboards also on Kabul on celebrity explodes would egg guy and job -- job that beat down to the -- and audio Jack noting is that true. -- gonna click on and I can -- our celebrities the celebrities looms tomorrow. The only guy. I didn't get that now it's bad. All right well -- it's honestly been extremely interesting having that can make an interview this news this morning good luck with the book you said it was 45 dollars. Mean critically content dot com and you'll see it. Yeah CD speak out about how to order the -- we can't dot com and other. That it -- needed to be at least fifty bucks -- I. Mean I. -- will -- you -- -- -- and it my god and what you are about that in. This is the of the best interview with the history of the Hill Man Morning Show -- -- at the camera. I think human league. And also Daniel Barnes he's got a double double Milwaukee couldn't -- out -- town in India that can.