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Hill-Mail 8-16-12

Aug 16, 2012|

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show pod cast goal. Silver. OK if it's probably China. Now each you do ended talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- -- up. Maybe if security that it was definitely -- Get some more work but during that EDT believe that but that's that's you know to have -- -- aired his. On WKE. Rating this this might surprise you those craving -- -- be wild -- yesterday after that discussion that we had a Michelle Obama are now I didn't even EDT will be he knows that he beat people -- be -- maybe and maybe a hungry all day long yesterday. All right today your hill mail messages are presented by Boston's. Energy drink energy drinks don't. Give you wings that's bowl. The only monster that counts in Boston is the Green Line. Friend Boston's energy drink BAW -- T ion mask on FaceBook it's a wicked does not support the local guy. Boston's. Energy drink. Six glue -- told him. 200. No impediment to -- he -- Rihanna sure. Lou you can go to. It is true and really being. Beaten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And to that Hope Solo who will join us in about that half an -- -- -- though. I guarantee those girls the attractive ones have been offered to mega cash from Playboy to -- right now have. Pressure Garcia thank amid fears that. Alex Morgan and then hope have been offered a lot of money. Completely. -- Hope Solo US women's Olympic soccer gold medalist coming up. At 8:20. On this morning show our pal Bobby Kelly will be engineered a picture. One of the funniest human beings that I know Bobby Kelly coming in here at 8:15 this morning. 3:41. AM. Aren't are written throughout the room -- -- -- drive. But. You heard it here -- -- or rubber -- -- Are. Not normal regular. Drop will no doubt that they opened. Up. And just meet major date guys yesterday who is giving blood at the blood good good and good guys and instantly came out yesterday. And Rockland for the W -- a couple of guys. -- -- did you go put the blood drop cost -- on. Some of them. The direct there was we're. I. Can -- At the Bellevue where did bring home. -- -- some food program from the blog a piece of tape on your -- like -- gave Clinton takes. On our. Sales brought -- the I mean he's wearing the Internet costume as -- to be positive. Progress. -- -- Praying praying. I -- organization. I get. All quandary and it couldn't really it can -- Trail and any good are brought and they didn't. We've got a bit towards. Scenic area can. And now I feel so naive that I didn't realize that that was what was going on over there at the Blue Hills reservation in Ontario asked. -- -- -- -- like broad or whatever -- to tell us that that that state police officers showed the blood drive yesterday really enlighten me so there's. You know you see men to whose solo in their vehicles apart there all the time and I mean it's really it's it's really -- nature for me I. I still have 1 of those eastern history drive reliant on -- right -- let's. -- blue -- now I don't know that's a target pardon McDowell. Yeah. -- in the minds look at that tree line that's not making Iraq I had look at those Bush's -- I think I'm gonna. Amendments debate yeah. Four so it's really. And it's really alarming when you think about it. And -- routine. I. Development and that that's -- small business and articulate how about. And -- all the don't. Where credit is out there but but yeah I like it and not being. Light spread it out publicly and say not as co -- bill. You wouldn't. -- -- -- -- Yeah nothing like a whole duke game to get cap on her way to Springsteen yesterday smoke show Lisa. Is in -- reduced says listen -- voice makes him. -- She logs to feel like we're tournament in my age -- He was until earlier today that the that the at him yeah you should -- and you have probably -- it's been. Candidate that you would have been excited -- -- and exactly what. That's that you -- doing his job what would you be doing. What would be your job and smiling. And how many do you have any job in the whole world and an area that there is one job that I kind of that neck and a fancy this train conductor of what kind of strain what is. Certain is totally lol yeah. It's free market for a curve for freight train company we just yet they don't have conductors on the freight train coming -- -- I they have so. There's passengers ailment colors and the -- it was easy engineer. This. Oh it's out of him. Like hey you know. I don't want to -- me did you like you know switched tracks to -- a cluster. Punching people's tickets are badly via. Because you gonna get the travel. You know I mean to get to where constantly. Obviously conductors that we have the only. But I color correction yes if returns have conductors -- They do -- yeah growing rapidly to -- they switch signals might might. Welcome bill was youngest conductor amber in the history really in another ridiculous to me you know multi year in the history candidate you know changed now for my other option is just -- disability. I have to have that. Hello hello bill. Hey guys great show ID got a story at all but one who just got the older and border town I went to -- my wife. And we got the -- floor the old call all the look at it be. Like often that there's been so we checked and legal lot on the balcony. Also in this dutrow we're gonna do a lot and lot. Sponsored Cowell and Google and stopped cold the problems well really. Me and my -- from the top balcony like want -- Google. They're late got a glimpse of what but he took off like after the gave -- Wow I am. Strictly just -- Here's a text who says that green hill park he's a police officer and the green -- park area in with their. Is that the same way. Often times you see many a single man walking off into the woods apparently out there on and that then neck of the woods let me Saint Louis. 7230. -- Pell -- I'd rather go to wanna marry him -- I don't. So why can't read about -- a ball and liberal blue picnic got a. And leave his politics out of it. He's the single greatest live performer of all time nobody who else plays for three and a half hours in this day and age. -- somebody. You go to a show and you're out there and like an hour OK maybe maximum hour and a half as opposed to get your money's worth with the boss you get your money's worth. Okay. That's that's what I'm here to -- -- this is WAA after WA -- HD one way as robust in WKF. And WK a death. Barack didn't Boston hello bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- Paid out -- -- reference of the police busting he gave an. Yes yes is the headlights and -- picked up pick up lots of fellows in the woods Ernie Rodriguez with his gas field -- -- Flynn I think was also now does this guy remember correctly. I don't think me and him. Cole who -- all. According Greg didn't want to know what they're pretty sure that nobody. -- -- -- -- -- -- And one winner last night 320. Million box one by one person now Michigan that's stabilize the only one winner. I mean when it's amazing to me maybe it's not a fear -- mathematical expert -- That so many people are playing powerball tickets to be that guy yeah there's only one winner in the whole entire country that's awesome to his playing. Days in -- and man did he did call. Johnny Pesky number coming up last night and powerball so. As. Now as yesterday no I have not heard this is Sarah -- and to change its yeah. Hello Scott. Blow it up. That'd be bad that a block surely you have no other band to. And he's showing your life quietly yeah I don't know the liquidity. It's time -- sorry. That's who would you say puts on I'm really curious because -- if this -- -- there was just intimately. Here is down. I just shows -- did this guy audiences yeah plays the guitar plays the piano. He's gonna keep -- Africa Biggio having that he'd do. Phenomenal. I just somehow you know I mean maybe -- maybe it's maybe I'm old but I just can't compare. -- a Bruce Springsteen show who -- saying. Justin Timberlake you know I'm just Andrea. Or really. Say how it. Like thirty minutes. When -- -- everything and this is how hard he definitely seriously. Seriously. Com mail her what's up Bob and. I mean. As great a lot a lot but do you not believe I think -- hours Abiola go to the Bank of America billion metric of our children are gone brief forty. But listen the Allman Brothers playing for three hours that's like three songs like that it look like a 47 minute version of I'm rambling man I mean and I you know I'm just. Yeah I'm Jeff fish everybody's texting on astonished plus. I'm never talk about jams like Bruce doesn't feel like thirty minute jam us. Although the Allman Brothers. Nobody -- to run with -- anymore is one of the all time single greatest times ever ever written nobody left to run with anymore. -- -- -- Or. Are. Loaded car. And just let it and yeah. On our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks a little ongoing discussion on what is the best board game of all time. And police try to get -- here. We -- some good obscure board game mentions earlier so see if you can now receiving get -- -- -- that this morning and FaceBook hello David. It's important -- all other aren't they people. Yeah I'll see you -- and. Allen and one reason it does likes -- because he's a good dancer. -- really seen that side of tell he's an instrument that tells us a lot about life on Myanmar into into the path. Of -- just goes Timberlake gives it's a good dancer hello Ken. Margaret and with these. You can don't sit through an entire football team -- you you do left for -- -- in car. You know I have to work early in the morning okay if they. -- me -- some slack that's why -- might leave an occasional sporting event early. Because I don't wanna be stuck in traffic when I got to get after it. That's boring and the the GD morning. PG thirteen. Collect. It or not it's like trying to hit it any big eight at bat. -- a great. And now much deep fried Guinea pig. Apparently Delhi a delicacy in South America what is the strangest thing you've beaten some interesting responses that also. On our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. A man said he gave pocket the who hills reservation and that I don't know if that's. On campus who -- -- don't miss the pork that was spotted hogs they create over there that that place. -- -- -- Out some power oh and don't let that run well pretty -- I'd better -- And yeah. It's tender from the -- that's that they stick it out -- a tender from the -- hello Steve. Yet should go to -- he's gonna pull over secure. So -- rush every night hours. Now again our eye on it's easy when he 25 minutes on you know and nobody assistant when him like songs that last. They're 151718. Minutes it's easy to go for three hours but certainly rush. I've heard place. Please go a long concert. And -- You need. I got a gallon of milk and upgrading get a world kill anyway. And just -- -- -- and a gallon of milk and cream made submarine sandwich him. Then. Sanction crew. Guillen. Well the -- got a million dollar and -- don't want to let our call. Well -- -- billion dollar deal to upgrade our current. -- -- I well I mean. We've talked about it briefly yesterday is it possible that they are. Tanking this season in order to make sure that Bobby Valentine doesn't remain. It's -- the players men -- not out its own thing do you think that's well on the players you think that that's what's going on. Games games up -- that really is awful and you know as you know. It is time. -- it's that you can don't know -- the house and there's. Question on that gonna be before last season. Everybody was talking about the single greatest team ever X you know. -- don't put together ever in Major League based. Outside a bunch of duds like. Qualities -- now. I'm sorry that at least do -- I mean now. I guess may be good -- some of some of the injury stuff with cropper today to god that I mean he amid injuries are part -- could buy some of that but now look at that team not right now. You look at that team that was assembled. Before last year and -- in the way September end of the season August September and now. There with the way this one is gone and you have to ask yourself are they just. Spoiled brats who don't want anybody to tell what to do don't think that they should have a man I mean. If the Red Sox had brought somebody else and would things be different if they brought a different -- kind of a manager would now be different. Now they just want what I also -- must say they made the blasts big they're team this team has enough town that diving all buckled on the issue made the playoffs but the but there really outrageous thing is if you are not giving it. You're all in in a professional like that. I'm to tried to the delight basically. Blow somebody else out of the water you know because you don't like your boss and you're not trying your -- is that if you believe that that's what's going on -- that that that really is offensive. 7:27. AM. Want to roll up elude -- would you can't look into it and yeah usually. -- -- -- And then all of that are blocked again about -- Arnold who actually don't want. What I could. I'll have to work our let live and don't let you know I'll. Well managed. They're they're nineteen out of that second while parents by NL's recent. Six with 45 students that is still gonna do it. -- anywhere and any. -- -- meeting -- -- And the other a real quick accurate -- what -- about the -- time you do. Do you -- that are they going to do it. What we're coming -- W 404444. Or are they going to do it. I could tell you right now no. -- -- -- They got about. I cycle where I think -- that bank network don't let up OSHA it would do they really want -- look at -- I'm belt the idea urged. Wired -- -- team can genetic. Disease -- you know now I mean you know he's he's our guy intimacy and the packets at. You know now. All right we'll take you very much -- participating this morning to learn -- now we will who is the Hope Solo the very beautiful solo coming up next. Call 6177795463. At any time. -- believe your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. I don't know what you guys I don't remember -- -- say you won't be -- in every pot. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.