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Boston Red Sox Josh Beckett

Aug 7, 2012|

Boston Red Sox Josh Beckett: Josh talks about his back, Bobby V and more.

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show pod cast goal. Silver. OK if it probably China. Right now joining us from. The Boston Red Sox it is Josh Beckett Josh yeah although I've mister mister mister Beckett -- body. On the Rebecca my dad my -- that's that the path that other thing Allan. Everything going good yeah yeah yeah albeit in daddy here on Tuesday more and yeah house the dotted on. She's doing good in -- are you lose be big kid we have we have -- -- or summary like. That's opened movement. Are you are you seeing any like a particular sport that she might excel and later in life. You know I I'm not. -- at least a little early she don't know I'm not hold it's the lower early -- other not a whole lot of I didn't know which and security. Well that I'm pretty soon you'll be one of those crazy Psycho little lead parents might like myself speaking go crazy yell at -- the coaches you want more playing time in a little thing. I -- -- House -- of how the back. A good yeah I just you'd -- although little we traveled leaked out in from new York and I didn't sleep particularly well had a lot. Lot of by the idea stressed they go on you know. Exterior distraction united -- it'll out of it was was great crop back and then we're going outfits and on the mound it was it was very pop back locked up on the. You're going to be ready to go almost likely tomorrow night. Oh yes we had not yet and I guess it I think I could -- today. John these days. You know he he pitched so well last starters come out with him when he won the pitch if if you didn't you can go on he was gonna go today on as normal although tomorrow. Well that's good I think you know obviously the the media the fans everybody's been worked up a little bit this season inside this one askew from a up from a distraction point have you you're talking about anxiety before. Has it in time is it tough to be honest team with the with the I know you don't pay kind of attention this stuff but has -- been tough this year. Well I think just this past week who was it was different from pain and you know I alluded. A little awkward -- after -- in the days and now. I lose that just this week is spent so much that that week so so much different from you know because they were all the more reason and you know they were. Apparently not being brought up by the Red Sox -- out -- everybody that none of this was true. And everything like that so they Richard -- that but it's a -- answer questions about it so it's very confusing enough and that's what it anxiety and but not not so much stress. More anxiety and as you know you're not real sure how undergo. Do you think -- do you ever think that your misunderstood by the media the fans because that I got the Nellie a little bit here and I see the great work these new children's hospital and I just wonder sometimes and again I know at times that. He you know -- you you know paid kind of attention to a but the ever feel like you misunderstood Josh. -- you know I think for me I'm dismayed and you know I don't be too much -- When when people. You know have their opinions about it well. You know on America I'm not gonna change. I think sometimes. I think sometimes that's kind of what that does the media outlets. Want you to Dugard and they want you to be who they want you to be that are just -- Yorkshire. So. Are you on this. I'm just me and not you know a really good course for group around me so. Well don't they can finish my wife almost. -- -- it is this -- thing all BS. It is that the -- allegedly somebody in the clubhouse is there is talk him behind other teammates back. I don't I mean I don't even know hurt a bit about the the world little books they're open but. I'm on -- most popular that Bobby was the one that brought about the media. How. I don't know. I guess that you campaign sent it to it's. There's too much other could be. I've actually got too many other things to do basic. We're out there and I yet -- how to pay attention to what. You know Joseph the barber right. Up I'm -- said that if Bobby made a comment like that to him he would have taken a swing at them would you -- would you take wrestling and an animal -- man. In my manager -- yeah. Yeah night. You gotta agree I think I think that these crucial that they'd probably not on the. Yeah well and plus Bobby invented the -- so I mean he canceling and a guy who invented the rap. Yeah next time easier next time he seems add a Turkey wrap for lunch and thank you. I'll probably I'll probably -- sometime today yeah. Yes -- Sixth annual back applause coming up by an unknown August 20 and this is a great event I've been lucky enough to be apart of it for the past three years in and you back again raise money for Children's Hospital. Yeah I did it it's also market believed it security and opportunity like this well last year I was bowled first ball -- -- or loses -- who runs that. Com. He he got as you know they'll go -- bowling ball formidable market based on -- -- left handed or right handed. I go there and it seemed like last year that I I ruled that thing down -- it took about Orbitz for to get there and I fought very hard. -- and you're not all the pans out like that it seemed like last year at all that stuff down and out here we are secure and do it. We just the -- drop. Yeah you get into its Austrian teammates get a ton of support from your teammates all the guys out there and everybody's in a good mood it's not to says makes so much fun for the fans because. You guys are are interacting in and -- yet alone everybody. Yeah it it's a really fun night those guys come up or me not just them only got pictures where we got Bruins player. You know. I think we had parallel Britons are hot I don't know much about our -- sort it out. I think most of them played for the Bruins but I know a few more from our work from other team. And I mean that -- -- NHL came up big time last year and remember that go on. I'm known as history hockey player wants and I know shot border if you the other brute just for being in appear with the but. You know I know last year was will the rodeo really figure. For all these village or an annual Boston black guy you know I think I think there's a pretty tight knit group both of all the professional athletes appear. And you know children possible obviously is is is you know one of the top priorities for at all. Well and -- that's one of the great things about this event is to get to see a lot of those kids back and they come every year and and not have fun mean everybody cannot address and it's great to see those kids. Always is the best try I mean is -- -- -- one lone goal of leadership doesn't have had the next you're she's so proud of her therapy and almost three years you know that. That was all about. If you wanna get tickets he can go to basketball block com of course you know that Josh is a big country fan so. The opposed party this year as the ten man jam. Yeah and actually that you were calling it commander technical college that you believe they'll get an artist the other. And they'll do like about an acoustic uncertain how do like a two are crop circle like an hour. Where you know balancing their own fault will be involved in another hour when they see each other -- all of which are really good the really cool concept that. Some law that you know over the years in Texas and if they do real well a lot of people love acoustic music. These guys are. So count to -- more from the bottom. You know and and it's going to be audited it's not. It's it is not distribute -- they're not -- got to feel weird that -- that and then -- but. It's still going to be. That's what they called Texas so that's what we -- -- I think -- very fortunate fifty maybe sixty guys. It's great blossom on its it's it's a great event so. Get your take inspected pulled back on Kevin dollars coming up. Just don't call will be your idea though Melissa long and distinguished. You know I that I I -- even doctor could not forget somebody. Okay well he can get the information all the information not to get all -- all the way and that people Docomo and how do you think your Aggies are Hindus here. Whole life you're worried. Are you where you're actually if you are worried that you're concerned that advocates aren't. I mean I'm still -- -- the fan but. I don't know -- we'll worry about that FCC but I think it's gonna help woman that in the near future it is what your verdict you know all of a kid that. Why -- we -- through Houston and enough that election you know. You know I think it's I think they've got a chance to get some of those guys who has been at -- you because that's where everybody. That's why they go -- -- -- for -- -- -- that they want to play and then at our negative FEC -- -- they get drafted Bill Clinton -- -- well. As a big college football fan did you think that Penn State penalty was with the right when. Man I am not in such an out and put all. Your your values are gonna do better than in line. Well oh because -- -- -- -- -- column. But yeah I'll mom ordered but the other Aggies in that easy does it this year I think it's gonna help in the future. My problem you know I -- it -- get away -- that Texas expand gave -- bit like. A whole lot of them but that's been there so. -- -- Well listen -- I appreciate it not been and so just the summarized his everybody's gonna after this interview everybody's gonna say that I Ollie did was lob softball questions EU and and practice here your diet. So let me let me just say that that you're happy here yeah yeah you're right you're happy here. It's it is you know it's not a big dysfunctional family over there and have everybody doesn't hate each other over net. Call it the exact opposite. Yeah people those people who want it to be that or not so it makes them mad whatever they -- there were laughed and joked about it it's. And that they want that they they want the perception would be -- them and that's what they're gonna right. And analyze it says there's. Com. There's there's some very very good media outlet here and there are some very very not -- -- and the ones that bit. Are not due to the one that -- perception would be what they want to be enough support our right Ottawa so. You know that you do about it but we've been here for a long followed up did you write about it. Few days ago. You don't Jimmy was obviously not a fan of the media all of you here. You know had a lot of trouble. And ended up. Where you know he thinks it actually cost him a couple years on the ballot for the all I know. You know but that's just the way that -- his -- Not what we've been here apparently and you know they talk about Ted Williams had problems with it when you -- And some of those things where -- -- -- -- -- still around yes it's what sort of thing just surprised I don't change up a cellular up the bill they're all good currently the only way you yeah. It. You're not I mean you're not you're not worried about Bobby Valentine knowing during the season -- if you're trying to indicate. You don't know what I want Agassi's what is he 6160 -- is -- 38 years I think he's got a lot he's got a lot on. Israel of them left. All right Melissa basketball the sixth annual basketball coming up on August when he and the go to -- black comic get tickets and as always great to have you on the sooners. Worn -- -- we'll see you coming on a couple weeks.