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E.B.T. Card Holder Price is Right and Miley Cyrus' new tattoo

Jul 12, 2012|

E.B.T. Card Holder Price is Right and Miley Cyrus' new tattoo

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. All right well let's play. EBT card holder prices right this morning show. As you know Deval Patrick our governor. That you. Place no restrictions on what EVD card -- could purchase with there. Government money that meant that they by Warner manicures their -- in -- jewelry year or any other item. Lottery tickets whether -- now thankfully our legislatures -- whole line governor we are gonna put some restrictions on it but that's what out. And hang out with some welfare recipients yesterday some horrible -- of the game sports. The same way it does price is right we're gonna describe an item. That are actually -- welfare recipient is -- describe an item. That that you should you should not be able to purchase with Jerry Pickard then they'll give me apprised opted palace when the actual retail price higher -- that we started -- -- -- GD the net through that's what they tell me. Just a ball looking for work was going on how long have you been on welfare home in have been on welfare and calm 28 now since I was about. 24. Trying to find work you know if you vote. Government trying to take away your ability to buy things such as alcohol. Tobacco. Scratch tickets with your benefits. I think it's and it's my money. Mean why they've taken my money as I don't hit it's about money where. But it. Is the ball or from summer ball. Just trying to find a job and I would put that -- -- -- It's been days when it went live show -- to -- -- Anomalies that well yes warriors. If -- get themselves. All right. Let's hear the item that this smaller. Will soon be unable. To purchase would -- EDT. This is a dvd of one night in Paris the 2004. Corner graphic video depicting Paris Hilton. Haven't set to intercourse with -- some old. It was filmed primarily would have single stationary tripod mounted camera. Use that vision however I hit those scenes were filmed in -- was. Without night vision including the final scene which features Hilton performing oral -- also mold. So -- I don't think the guy's name is Solomon. Color and not -- it tomorrow. All right -- Suggested price on not on. EBT card holder price is right is 2298. Do you think the actual retail price is higher or lower. I'm gonna say hey it is. Lower gonna say that the actual retail price is lower all I can get it free on the Internet. I'm. Car here's the smaller from a solvable to tell you whether you -- and a that we deal value of 19 and Paris's. 249 in. I'm sorry it's hired. Outside. I'd what else. Miley Cyrus has a new -- of the -- she's decided to -- a presidents. -- that the collective dream catcher she had. She got a quote from a president Teddy Roosevelt tattooed on her left forearm. The quote comes from a speech he gave called citizenship and republic in Paris in nineteen and and the quoted her arm reads as follows. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat -- life. Trying to say -- -- to make sure I didn't know -- -- right -- I asked him to put a picture Teddy Roosevelt with the words. Mustache -- five cents and -- Apparently hit like that you might achieve. You know I'll -- where you have because in first president to be into polled mentioned bong -- can come up short. I thought I had no idea I never knew that about -- that he -- national ammonium usually plus -- Desperate nine funny -- -- -- -- newsroom with a -- rational and -- with my camera my passion of Clinton saying I did not have sex with that woman -- -- and we've talked about Miley many times kind of becoming a -- -- letting it letting frequency let that fly and you wanna hear Robert Blake. Lou yeah mind that this -- -- that he was on piers Morgan last night on CNN one of the one of the first couple of interviews that he's done. Since he was acquitted for the murder of his wife -- on incident where they went to dinner. And she was shot in the vehicle wreck and he had apparently nothing to do that. And and he had various because peers. Was basically kind of asking him questions thought he knew more about the incident that perhaps he let. Not only were online I'm not saying a lot what you're seeing you don't know until the truth what the hell's the difference lightning so defensive. Because you just insulted me and themselves yes she did. Nobody tells me -- -- a lot of you say that I might not be telling the truth what the hell's the difference I. Allowing you to do that. Because I trust you and I would have assumed that you and that guy in your -- would trust me. And if you don't -- we better start talking about blue -- schools. Minimum of now so shoot away soundly completely normal ones that I would. Mean the thinking in honor yes and he thinks yes. The show. Opera and a for a good -- agrees or hailed the liquid and held her own it is time if he can't don't do he can do. You don't you do Q and try to figure looks crazy Ariza. Is they'll -- He's the only live delegate count program as it was then when those those crazy ordered. It was different piers Morgan one of the worst quarter -- to -- ago only doesn't do football. Tweets like this stuff. And in -- at a -- like yesterday was like. Tonight at nine the mystics -- seems shockingly. -- revealing interview ever done in the history of the -- Probably -- him. And I'm just off this Texas Texas Larry King what a -- Robber who know Larry King would estimate of the couple. Who over the language in the west bank. And really plant in real life. -- -- Buckwheat. Is OK racially. And at the end of that clip this Texas as it sounds like is trying to negotiate he's been shot and -- -- -- I just feel. -- --