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Hill-Mail 6-7-12

Jun 7, 2012|

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now beats you returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show praise -- Gilman hot. Like it's an Alley out. Right now -- go under. -- -- from Kevin Garnett. -- On WAA. -- it's hot go. Right John Hahn now and it's. Did you say Kevin jar not kept Kevin jar that. Not Kevin Garnett AJ is -- but aren't those really inspiration. On the drives team on those going to be driving that team tonight with a -- You're real mail messages brought the by wallboard supply either opening in new location in -- there looking for a new employees including CDL drivers. Call 800 port 334597. That's 800 port 334597. Wallboard supplies. Company or their website I should say is wallboard supply whoa. Wallboard supply low dot com yes grass. Comment it is. Did you guys I don't get to -- and I'll want to excel I don't know if you guys -- -- -- -- but was it high school commencement. The year are not special guy. And it is I command the these commencement address at Wellesley was done in the English teacher. Who told the kids the precious Wellesley graduates. That they were not special that all the lives they had been treated. With kid gloves their parents giving trophies for every sport that they protect the net and I commend the guys because. It's dropped now that I I don't think he's gonna get fired -- -- -- coming with me at the end it was chocolate and welcome to the real world I'm not easy David McCullough juniors is his name -- -- think in. And let me read a little bit quick yes you've been pampered costs added it doted upon helmeted bubble -- -- nudged cajoled -- older aided. And bond over and called sweetie pie. But do not get the idea -- anything special because you're not to. So. Well. That's the harsh reality is a world class and -- moment and you are there and it hurts I should teach a kid that drives if married large role. I'm very very harsh reality for those kids. Thanks pretty Arnold he had. Could put got -- got called. -- walker of -- like somebody. That we. And Internet. That. Tokyo. Electric Coco brother on Larry's deal. My opinion probably win game 7:17. AM. After they can't tell what are you get that morning not a woman. Background gentlemen -- and we all art. They can't -- get. I know -- laugh -- it -- while there are year old woman we don't know what that feel like -- Matt can happen at any. Our outbound Obama -- -- -- a little long way to go to get there. People were disturbed by that story yesterday at 730 -- -- it locally -- you squeeze the guys -- the glory and out of this group of them I mean even talking about it now it causes. Shivers through an up and. Attached to -- ligament. That is. So much pain -- -- his quality of as the dangling. We did angler. Can you imagine. Of the -- backing him. And voice in my that's what like really really died a year ago line drive in the corner yeah in school and then -- and then when I was young -- trip over water sprinkler. And landed on the next one sprinkler. And I'll be high voice -- -- -- -- -- To give that cat like reflexes. Twenty. Date Monday when it went through they went they went they went. Thursday I think went -- -- and thought it doesn't if you go -- -- don't drink anymore. And that's bad for -- Reactors. Who portrayed Joni joining us John Q and happy he's living in a trailer park. Because GO -- -- Guys you would think that Ron Howard could cough up a couple. Couple hundred grand -- -- -- -- him in his billion. -- you kidding you Cole and nobody in merely woody and I do admire consonants campaign if it was -- after coming to us and Garcia had to do with ball happy days look like yeah yeah that would be your day. -- -- -- Even assist -- get a Mysterium McCoy -- loves -- Loan and he will need. I probably don't -- got -- not adequately work and I hope will pay -- Or object act. -- -- You watched Daisuke is gonna go out and get shelled on Saturday amid -- that everybody they're following is to be the catalyst is gonna be this error dabbled -- back it was awesome it was day. But the Orioles have swept the socks like a bit better the Red Sox cannot be the details about it. I think there's like seven in a row against them some and seven -- all right against the resides. Twenty Arnold told him. Degrade let's not -- -- and started the whole Columbia edible egg or. But Mike -- and he do about well. And now dropped like I'm the long commented Jeffrey -- blame leave or Vietnam it was like the first human cannibalism. Is look collision of these. Easy you like his island they admire the. Hey did you. And if native. Yeah I mean bomber had like ahead in the fridge and and he was like a real human camp and dean had the -- Super Bowl oh yeah. Arnold eviscerate -- are you referring to tractor salesman and serial killer Ed. Point 8437. PM. I -- had to -- Coke. Hearing and couldn't make it. -- him -- around the world apparently electrically trash can't keep -- -- could come over ride or die. Oh crap at all. Talk about replied I think. I expect as. You want to candy sorry -- that can't couple Eric you don't if you want to add an era era era. And plenty. Excellent. We heard. Discussing yesterday the -- the last moment to robot. Which is now on sale it is to be there with you when you're dying in the hospital and you don't have any family members or friends who can be there -- -- The last moment robot shares Euro last moment on -- with you to make you feel happy because the owners and doctors are -- -- yelling and screaming at them for the last -- yeah you may be alone. You think not Graham will be there for you at the end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there should eating healthy other than an ink once and. Injured man that's fine I mean you get a supplement yourself American -- so you'd think that you're gonna easily have a massive aren't in the next ten years now it's going to be brown on that guy because knows the -- yeah and I hope to finish those blinders and it's back and it could be you know exits the is that it is not my production studio BI and people will be like that just -- -- -- Hotels still running as a DX men. At a. And eighteen and you have. I -- it although it's a lot Alley right now. As bad thought about it out optical pick up you're not gonna be auto. Is it now. Year old daughter read more. -- get out. Anderson you sound like that's the new that is the new thing is being stolen and used cooking oil. On the south sure especially a lot of -- -- cooking oil 'cause it's apparently very valuable. This is WAA FWA operation you are no less robust than WK the WK FCQ -- Procter Boston. Thanks 49 AM. People have a group. David I'd -- regulatory skeptical Provo that we could never get the job that are important too low to middle to declare a -- a broken up on. And could put it into code -- -- and -- them. And really have greasy hair and I. He's got nice and gels. There parziale -- that that is a vote yes yes hello. -- And I kind of got. That -- -- pay me back at it and get back and edit it again. But. That's -- on. What with the -- that thing off. I mean you're thirty Woody's 33 and how it feels he has all but if you go. All the monies to give me wild. -- and Andy's ever pay the port act now so he's not command retirement because he. Complaints that can keep working because view. The parziale bullets might have aired new wells or is there any anybody might it might like it to Mike likes the pretty -- teacher. And I -- Bills now. This is an ongoing dispute might him because two Brothers home. And -- -- because. The -- Neiman. -- Just. Get. Enjoyment you're traveling. Outside it's a little mini circus if -- -- all identical twins like when he years you know. 03. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And just now how. I mean out of the blog this morning in the parking garage -- and byers was eating leftover food at some idiot thrown away in the is that these clusters and if it's cold that it. And -- there should -- -- 1 AM. I guess I'm going to -- Bjorn double check back and it fairway. At the month for the period. Technical aptitude and -- to accelerate it giant. Anderson. On those drives. Here at the Condo -- here. On -- though the bald -- in the area. That is Johnny most going back to them about 705. PM. But he why didn't run so that. Sure and the Internet and now that. People paid 6000 dollars a seat the united Guidant because they just want to see this overpaid. Group of us superstars. Fail against our. Legendary Boston Celtics -- -- -- to as I've ever I think people around the country are rooting for for title. People usually ask a percent update LeBron more usually usually they -- us and and now they LeBron. And Sweeney each need. I don't Gerri I pay -- pop try to battle Royale and out and play at public health and haven't been. And now now on that -- Auroio. What a ball player he has. Island KJ. Page today in the proof on. KJ is the -- but aren't those really inspiration. On the -- team -- I'm. I had to choose AM. Democratic. Picnic and content I -- it. And I'm not. Upbringing I'm not quite there -- -- crime. And just let it not mentioned Doc Holliday also on Mac guys let this let me. Led the entire team. Time to you -- -- -- Hey he's the man who's running your city. You in the capable hands of a man who cannot get one the sports reference right ever. That is the man who is leading in New York City into the next century. Try to do creamy he had. It didn't pick a bit. -- -- portable. Go immediately you need to go to anything. Opened the cult or. The art call. On those drives team was. Paul Newman movie. And I don't know I think it was Dean Martin actually really. More. -- -- problems to -- really. It. John hello John. Good morning everybody -- company. Yeah you are actually do of course circuitry. On whether -- -- in mind like golf you're yes yeah it was stunning it. It was the only thing I was the only thing that was in my car when I drew over and then. Inappropriate a little probe. -- -- yeah I was nervous. -- Mayor -- happens to read all his speeches or just public address social net book. I don't. Unauthorized chief -- you're correct yeah and -- Honda. And guys add up moment -- definitely is not going into the TV series to pull away. Our growing your body like -- what's happening. I think you got there mister -- -- of the -- and take a hard and got to try to go there they call them. Weeks -- he had. So are you excited about Wright gave up but I wanna get them to fight Bartlett are out there why not -- Go way out. -- Yeah Larry it's their way out. And -- on those drives cheaper heroin and I no worries in front of the crowd at the garden and the crowd's going to be lively in the electorate can out of control and and preference they're gonna do it tonight. So in that game and tonight it -- I am. We'll all be celebrating the fact that the Celtics headed NBA finals. Two weeks he Sheen Ian Malcolm on the barrel. They've -- there -- great music and being incredibly cruel and crank the topic and not that's not the -- And definitely. While it because would you have gray hair. I would what did he say a -- there years. You know that -- over the -- out of -- arrow united you know -- got. If you break is -- being over health jail doesn't -- over there. If I consecutive like literally incentive. -- big problems for Sesame Street Pakistan. Call 6177795463. At any time. -- don't leave your voicemail for they Hill Man Morning Show. I. Don't. I don't know lol no really I. -- in every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.