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Pro vs Moe: Spaz goes head to head with N.E. Patriots Julian Edelman

May 16, 2012|

Pro vs Moe: Spaz goes head to head with N.E. Patriots Julian Edelman

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show pod cast goal. Silver. OK if it's probably China. Live moved down to the field at Harvard University items. Here and just down I'm gonna give them a little bit of a cushion where we're going to. He's. On. Top of immigrants. We give them. Keep that we need to -- yeah. Vomiting -- question. About it it's a question here on the forty. -- -- -- -- Doubles. -- my doubles as. Ryan mallet Y and there's. That's uncovered. That it and that would want complete job that was bass goes down -- Right that's been on the move up with a -- you call upon. You up that -- -- don't look like that lets just say that that he almost left in his right shoulder. On. The ball. Is. It absolutely wasn't another note is that route that. At the ready get the brutal ice accomplishment of what we got there would exceed. Up here we are no -- -- act act act -- to go that route back and the Obama. And it's an option here we go -- that looks like him to go out tonight -- back -- again there's the hike. Now that ban and then there's an article. -- was. On the court like and I. I have a bird's eye view I'm I'm I'm thirty feet above stats at -- you are mere seventeen yards. -- about to put it in. January. Like they can't they can't have -- giant Loch Ness Monster yes you handle. Well at least. You were yards -- -- If you would elements and what was that Julian. You'll. Yes adults okay I hope I get I gotta get the play from Ryan now here or else basket here it is -- non brokered. I don't think that's. -- a man okay here we go out in from Ryan mallet Julian Edelman and vibrant. If offered. Up. -- -- She did he knock -- -- I mean knock knock. It down down. Down and now that was immediately amendment has yet that hasn't been disrespecting that that's designed like that. I like I was -- Equipment. And -- -- especially after the -- their dignity. The listeners are gonna love this video people's back I don't grows into. Ago. Is that what what are we doing with -- until we're done. Freedom. Which is why I'm that would move him back all while -- back to like the the the thirty year. We actually like the the end of the forty or we had great -- -- is -- its hero governor corporate history and got the speed and again. That's that's probably out and -- that's. True and here is now there's now now. How does he doesn't need yeah. I. Thought was. That. A and have even broke this way -- drive. That's -- for Fuller. And it. In. It's it's competition level is that what you thought it would be heard him desperate and -- is that it. Okay you're just it's -- It's. Experts on the ballot -- That passes for. It comes up. And talent it's. Otherwise -- gentlemen happy he's he's running like I would say 70% of his speed. We ended LB called it and -- does that sound is not the wind out here that -- three but he he failed to notice that every time every time Julian -- back of the line of scrimmage and spend just. There the -- as an disintegrating hit the -- is there. The -- survive. The public every time. The coverage that it yeah it did. Okay so unfortunately -- for five a lot more chances I think you should go for just trying to stop him once like I think once would be an entry let's see I don't maybe it might be lied maybe for -- -- open lines. And I. Larry Larry is an incredible as far as blocking the blockage in OK this is now but. As he tried to do a good return to hold up -- Not they're so this is embarrassing I just have to let everybody know spasms now blowing up his lines -- image below so Julian I beat him by I would say bus that was that was that I was about thirteen yards and that's just the and again once again Julian jogging back to the line of scrimmage and I think. The listeners. I think the pressure did you notice more pressure does little more pressure of the -- -- -- economic. Some programs and so let's keep an -- what's the key -- its own ball and news and rumors that 100. -- that's Ryan mallet a quarterback and -- -- our receivers that's all for -- for six right -- for six here at Harvard. A battered men in in the rain in the pouring rain at Harvard yeah. And we got us now that you. Ballot on the that's. -- I beat the now members of my -- it's -- let its people the corner blitz there was six guys running it now and and he went back to that money. And that about a forty -- No problem. No -- it's amazing that a bunch of regular -- pit stop Bryant now Julian out of it right there you go walk -- here at these guys this is their dream and it's that it's disintegrating before their eyes are on a second. I. Think it's a bounce. -- -- We go there's this now. I think I -- I'm sorry does. It went down on. I'm sorry this it was painful and it really is him. -- -- Like when they're like ten centimeters dilated which currently at rambling I thought he might be -- him. I if you're just joining us we're live at Harvard stadium in the rain for our our -- pro vs event. -- Lined up ready to get this challenge who has this challenge was issued by the by entity parziale fourth at 62. Against Julian -- during the NFL season. And of course says that study could stop by at least seven out of ten he's now after all for seven against -- and for our listeners that there are times bats is tried to play out one Julian and hasn't been able to answer questions. Him excuse me if you can we have we have three left Houston but you can do it now. You can do it but he inherited the inspirational speech is what -- double zero blow them out what are we running here Julian. Like folders and Bo Bo. A double -- you have weaknesses that here's well. Yeah that's one like it and yet and he's Reno's best. And the. -- picked off bad. Now trespass he's trying to get some -- out there a secret it is that the difficult planning needs a little there can kind of throw malware off -- you need to call balls -- the best of them I'd like coach -- -- the the ball was now that -- All right here we go this is now what's described as still -- as well which is to put -- which agent James -- Here's the here's the snazzy Julian -- why it left -- of Ryan -- -- just as he once again playing he's not sure where he wants Lampard is he tried doubled Jim and MGM is now -- Fifty yards. Fifteen years -- was right there did -- there. As those guys you can't say it's priceless -- that. But I have always blown up yet but I tell you you can ruining. He does LB yet there it looks like he's having a kid. Honestly it's look at it Braxton hicks picked sixth I want I wonder how this one is it -- moral. And he's he's been so good. Just one. That. It's. Two days two more chances. Ryan mallet our quarterback what do we we do here in the situation. -- -- -- Go move move it double move them we're gonna double move them Ryan mallet a quarterback but that he stands on the offense. Again hanging -- adamant about seven yards wide left him now at all. On the fifty ball on the -- the forty fives are on the -- on ballots alone forty if this. Business. -- -- A he's just so everybody -- they double moved status -- and I and then -- -- actually -- let him a job and then hand it out and any enough credit for the reception and now and again no object -- want. -- -- feel better about their online announced today. And I didn't expect as a little overconfident heading into the sweet Julien chuckling at us. One last -- amassed okay one more chance in the master. Listen I -- I apologize this -- has not been quite the competition and I think maybe he thought he would be yeah. You'll like -- -- -- is right is getting you appeared not to be when. He waited on. -- Yes you know there's no look at what the heck out of and I don't want that we had to tweet that we wanted to make that. Are those. And you integrate the that. Is -- the guy but he's he's a blow up these serious note. Does not look it is not a calculator out. Hold on now now. The -- That's that's just golf there it is humiliation that Bill Cosby that you got the Bill Cosby playwright does well you've been so bad just do whatever you want you know do whatever you want. -- -- and pictures fantastic the -- It really soon. Real. I just tweeted that Greg ultimately. It. All right here's the -- And they haven't been there. And and the that's. It. Now don't have. Now -- can -- back and he's. -- It's up to the children have a bottom. -- -- -- -- We credit credible almost. Did it totally. Let's head on on -- I think he does need. -- That was and -- look at that day. -- Hold on element a quarterback gets. It's -- to a mallet to reporters in there now there's not a red zone situations just put certain situation or not the point basket cover. It's -- cover ballot this is expanding coverage that definitely not a make or not this is -- time -- Ryan mallet acting as receiver. Julian animate who played a quarterback against the university we got this tonight. See -- prize basket government -- -- -- -- -- And. Yeah. -- It sounds like god. And it went through and and you know what. He's got he's got all that the that you're pellets on the bald head that's the most the bears the thing about this -- -- Yes. He got smoked by quarterback. Receiver there's some good news is yeah. I just saved a bunch -- you might not. Happen.