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Funny Stories 5-14-12

May 14, 2012|

Stevie Wonder's nephew charged with an extortion (bit) and Greg's cat passed away(Stone Pat Roberson)

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Bottled tea. Very sad story about Stevie Wonder over the weekend. Stevie was. Nearly. Extorted by a family member taking advantage of him yes that's you don't see that coming at all at a very I feel very sad for Stevie who I think it. I guess -- nephew was trying to get money out. -- his nephew is thirty years old his name is alpha Lorenzo walker is arrested apparently want -- any friends. Had threatened to reveal. That Stevie Wonder was actually his father and claim that Stevie had sex with his own sister to produce -- the offspring. And threatens to go public and five million dollars -- cell. Undercover police stepped in and start negotiating -- TMZ they're able to get the five million dollar some down to a measly ten grand however. May have to sign a document basically saying everything that he claimed was not true guy once he -- -- they arrested him for. Student yes I am fortunate dollars a camera that's really that's real and you know Greg -- a host of Stevie -- of our power as well which way should I look well you. Right over here by don't know you know Greg -- to the left of me. I've written a couple of songs. The document this entire incident. Really based on some of my former hits OK and -- I did hit some of -- out to of course I would love to let down with his lovely number one hit from the eighties about my nephew okay. -- Bomb. You know this because someone can't seem does that mean Mary media and I think that's proven in this song can. -- -- That's true phenomenon now what -- -- in some basis by which this kid. Well but playing as well yeah I'm seriously do you think Stevie had inappropriate -- he did say that black people don't know what I had to do like Greg I think that that is you know that is reminiscent in this song architect. But yeah. TV wonders -- worst negotiator ever -- got hot right five million as I do tend Betty I'll pick the 101000 it till now we stand your ground gangly and yes I think I think that we can sum up this entire incident with this song. I guess that's that's the and sent our rights to anyone -- said that. I was I was currently has been. Keep it that -- -- -- right here he's over there all ball and com. The news this hour brought you on the Hill Man Morning Show -- -- I'd need a simple solution outdoor hassles bull frog mosquito -- beats the burn -- the -- repels up to eight hours SPF thirty bull frog mosquito coast used as directed and Earl Harvard student visiting visiting Italy with his family. Went to the Vatican and they were going around all the different frescoes and they stumbled upon one by Raphael which is kind of I think on the cycles of the Vatican. And the not not press guys LB was for. Goes any stanza Della senior tour on. And -- fuel added while one of the bishops in the photo. Pretty much looks exactly likes the laundry and yet. And. -- was done in 1511. And and yet the whole family was cracking up about it saying you know the image of Stallone and endeared him that the crime Jesus on a -- does that mean they'll be it. And now. That's Matt Howard as -- -- these days my face through 2000 you'll Frist who. A full -- base is Phillip Taylor about it I'll be limited -- bishop named Al fresco. All right also the image of sly Stallone appears in a painting at the afternoon. Fantastic Mozilla -- So the people accusing. Michael RTS_B. John Travolta doing a fresh things it they're just coming out of the woodwork now at this point everybody wants their fifteen minutes who knows it's real but yeah. A former hotel staff member. -- and keep Peninsula Hotel claims that John Travolta was banned from the hotel banned from receiving massages. Because he was doing naughty things wow for things he shouldn't have been was banned from giving and receiving. A lot how long was the BM. I permanently. I get -- life. But turner got to the point according to one employee where Travolta would always ask for a man to give massage and couldn't find any in the sewers willing to do the appointment. -- -- -- -- -- -- The Internet but there are all afraid. -- -- little -- John Travolta need to rubber plug -- You're an addict like nobody. God Travolta's on the phone he wants and and you know what that means to. Let's draw straws the -- they're ready to get -- beat. I know emitted online wait. This stuff Israel and I know it's not every in my singer his attorney says that you know if if if John had been -- would you think he would ever go back to -- -- course not likely claims he's been back there. And he's like you know the John never acted improperly he was never informed that he was so sad so so -- Never -- the other way it would it would attempt to Travolta's people -- these people slender right. -- -- you with this it's slander and defamation may be out and if you sue them and in Boston circulation Metallica. And put a couple of. Reggae this element might be facing charges of vehicular homicide. In the death of a local feline what you. -- -- that they found that there is a cap did that cat -- passed away over the weekend I think we have audio from the from this news to Iraq. Is that the police chief that I an awesome time I think we have the as though police she was -- what happens though over the weekend. It appears that the vehicle's driver and passengers. All night this probe bachelor auction but at depth -- returning to the scene there I've -- customized Lexus and I'm quite after operate dictates security back yeah. The notes that -- the victim. Would say yes slightly disoriented older feline who had wanted and that we -- of the U. Officers found several discarded Perrier bottle -- multiple. Batteries I go about it tried to speak about this time. Okay let's get -- thank god being an act of -- I think some of the neighbors of the victim are speaking out. Yes is that true yes -- -- something happens in the tournament and -- that channel four interviews some of the neighbors of the victim in this accident. Pretty good neighbors price caps go to your business and her litter box and not my lawn. Like the -- down the street. -- now Feldman on the streets though stumping on the end. On the one of them. It kind of a strange for him. Sometimes a husband went around from the house in his -- we'll dreaming about a porn web site being owners. Well that's -- particularly. That is on the island. As a there's a new charges that the can may have expired somewhere else than to drag to the scene of the crime. I've been I didn't see. Well. Blew. -- Pat Robertson got out of mapped as smoke there. Yeah -- dole and Pat Robertson from the airport when he club percent to 700 -- the F. Guard your air time this morning. Highlighted to offer a few words you can't -- for your grieving family. Yes I appreciate that you're a man of the cloth and certainly. After the untimely death of Marquette west and over the weekend we are we agree. Yeah so many people are there are probably people want. To help -- -- behind. And yeah. Let's listen -- not and I figured. Yeah. I play enough but I. I'm happy. Spirit to it it can't you had the iTunes yeah. And -- Yeah. Yeah I don't know I don't think I don't smoke that would not be appropriate as I mean however anybody else wants degree that's fine but -- I don't I don't smoke. You know may drag. And both of them gunsmoke and -- in the bank. And that's not. Why -- too -- and the right -- and I don't. Part of turn and talk about Iran both blew it man. That I -- I appreciate your kind words. An opponent right yeah. A lot of movement and it.