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Hill-Mail 5-14-12

May 14, 2012|

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions deal made out. Yeah your child about you were halted opera back AJ. Could I not -- On WAA. I like are you and HVAC professional who's looking for some -- Stopped by Johnstone supply in Waltham Worcester and all -- check out the Goodman heating and AC displaying your keyword text and and win a trip. Whose sunny Florida he'll -- today brought to you by Johnstone supply. -- -- -- -- -- I couldn't get -- -- I'm. I don't you and you can't relate. -- good idea that it only. -- the -- The only good idea -- my life would defeat on the and I love it beautiful little kitty the -- -- you're going through I cannot -- And now like you Gary of course -- cat is named miss kitty. Or can't miss kitty is a lovely tuxedo. Is that if photo in this kitty once and I thank you Gary. Thank you for the support from my grieving family. 080. Man. We're. Oh yeah. It is -- logos -- a lot of data -- -- day. -- -- -- You'd hey you know literally hey hey. Big -- Iran are crowded. Need. At -- And now you mean -- cannot claim that I was being cheap and -- that wasn't there the right mrs. hill for the late night hospital visit was mr. friends and they made the decision they advised to make by the 24 hour -- veterinary people. Roy did a fine job and actually sent us home with the little -- Pop and impression of lesson to -- the keys to for a to keep for a light enough to keep you from its packets to rent it and -- aren't. Where where where whereas now I know exactly -- -- McAlary journalism like this and that. I'm on our FaceBook page. A one of the final photos of -- less than in the about the Vietnam that would do little caption contests so management if you'd like the that that's candidate it's -- I'm W -- this -- now FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks at photo less than in the in the bathtub police. If mr. caption and this is WAA FW AA FHD one west of Boston WK FW KF HD one -- in Boston. A special tribute show today special tribute to -- long time. Family pet less than who. Died in untimely death. In the driveway. I guess it was sunny morning. Early release and it's been really great devoted their -- that would lessen us. Think there's any other sort trying to figure out who took that picture just like -- casket photo I want and we want and I'm not -- know who took action. Time to -- or -- Wrote in Iraq. I looked a little question and now can't or. Won't. And -- favorite memory and and the thought they would fair and -- One time. Miles house that I lived and I had an ice spam problem. And had to like -- this thing where today we took these. -- garbage bags and open all the windows up and had the water from the ice -- blowing out. He. In crafting and had to run I had to run down somewhere it is like go to the hardware stores up to my brother Dan was hanging around in. He went on the back of house in him last in his cat was hanging from it. Don't -- -- -- mr. bonds and instantly I thought and nothing lord knows a little town the outlook make it simple things after an hour. He's happy until I was little to -- just by hanging by -- and right by those things caused by those same pods that are now immortalized and -- did now did you lose that you did you did you ever have fun. According -- -- out of anything and now we gave it some -- between mind and listen how much -- do you think -- they'll -- -- basically sleep -- and -- like -- -- It basically not under -- to bring up old memories. Trying to get through the show. Certain -- I AM. -- Greg our -- elect Kennedy. That day granting an fitting. I don't mean remarks that I have my money on -- -- -- man or showed up. And now. I'm nuts about your background what we're no better medical care and attack. Texas says they rain this morning. Is God's tears. It's probably probably limited. -- 43 and again. Red cap like father like. -- -- And that line I did them my dad did run over my dog -- I was not involved in this tragic tragic incident is kind of -- that the cannon survived nearly everything down a -- listeners hanging in and somebody runs over. On purpose there was an accident and doesn't even killer could have been anybody hello Don. They Greg what I know I know put -- this past. The turn on the kitchen article lucky to let the water. It was a team that images funny. Black color management and remember him removed down. And it can turn themselves in this locker room behind me in the -- cool water. And a little. I think life -- now a spaz his boss. I know. I'm. Yeah that -- I don't I'll have to -- until my crowd and it came up that is like let's. He's like I want to play shot by the -- -- Brothers right now I'm like why because I'm district. Appointment -- yeah -- he's got an idea -- in the house ID is it's great idea but it's great that he's your boss. That. And been around Karbala on -- that -- go -- LP actor Kurt Kurt. -- -- And -- finally I'll be five dollars she -- only give enough credit for him funny. 23 AM. Right you want children. -- do you sure. Shovel and shut up about it. And -- it's Greg's. Favorite sentimental. -- moment trashing the first period of one checked. I'm that was. Again as they said earlier put all that money in trust for let them do something nicely. Animal care that -- that period one money I mean what's that made the money he was the endorsements. In feel right -- them money myself. On TV -- A. Exit arsenal of the -- in the mall Wentz -- that's. In Iraq they give him a little. Is it that is the annual informant the time and it's qualities burden. I wouldn't and. -- -- -- -- Whatever happened about 11 o'clock out it. And that's true. That is true. Attacks -- says it's bad sprained his ankle -- pro verses mocha we put him down -- of half half half half it's. It's looks -- And he sent her an uptick in court great -- And you get ought walked. And that. And you guys I mean let's honor grieving people in -- listening people who agreed who were in pain -- listening. And he has. Can pick up right -- you can do it lacked and if you -- -- great and hopefully I'll come back. -- can put back together with little. And NAFTA for Africa technical. Meet the studio colosio. I got this -- -- -- -- another western time which is very sad but -- you Greg you can have whatever else but he. Yes yes we already discussed the one is up for about what what's a little ones they've thunder put the puck well and anger and and Wilson Wilson batted away and to pull the trigger kid attacks there is shocked that I'm not taking three days off for bereavement. It's I might have to take -- please -- -- -- and yes responsible. I think he didn't go today that you couldn't hold out for that congress is not now be a problem that's. He Arnold old. Parent can change. Sorry about a lot of -- -- -- and I don't feel bad don't worry we all know who -- Don't like it. And -- -- -- -- I thought Deval Patrick on one of the on the morning shows yesterday. Jesus -- Barack Obama has always been game. I'll really. And there's not a there's a shot -- really. -- to speak about it but now realizes it crashed economy and speak about it till a few months between friends is able oppose slips away long enough to say it. At least cover news liquidate they. They show they show our president. And they -- rainbow here hello Graham had that title is the first -- president. So that's -- -- milestone everywhere. Is -- what kind of data yet -- records gave her shoulder and the. I 49 AM. The credit he got stuck ago I don't know. -- Who are less than a field that want target to have one that. They're counselors about a -- to anyone about a lot of things. Chicken colonel. -- So let them put walk over the rebel group. Greg won't have that -- on its way to the crude slid along and help the like. Greg would only wish that happened it was quite. And now. Oh right Joseph benevolent. Rainbow bridge that's the way that yes that's -- the rainbow you know it's a book the rainbow -- -- in his. -- cross the rainbow -- and now she's rollicking with -- all the other movies while we don't you know being added to pet cemetery when I heard during. -- positive if you texted try to win Celtics to give them your phone designed as -- about thirty seconds. We are going. And you -- -- wanna view this Celtics there. Call 6177795463. In time. Believe your voice mail -- they Hill Man Morning Show. -- Josh Beckett and Lowell didn't bombarded at all. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.