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Mantown Girl of the Week: Cynthia

May 7, 2012|

Mantown Girl of the Week: Cynthia

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Follow me on Twitter. Greg Hill WA. And I'll tweet. This lovely Cynthia who maybe. I'm thinking might be top and a long time LA yeah I think and I mean LB says that every year anyway. But. -- -- look at the make up Holcomb public career and right up against the law. I'm going to treat a picture of -- lovely man. It closed at. Those and I come right over to -- -- microphone there. Only Cynthia who is dressed in kind of day very interesting. Pink blouse. -- today Madonna like a cross on there. Around an -- morning. We're doing well -- Leo. Others Najaf victory I. Traffic and that this morning on my god where where you're coming from. Allison from fraudulent -- from Britain July left at 6 am really. I'd hold on just. And -- asking you questions -- -- the -- that could -- -- we had very good at multitasking. Talk himself out in time just gonna drool. I think I interviewed -- -- them -- -- real. Quite it quite level man he went on it and don't get tested -- yeah yeah yeah and now are you one of those people who thinks that. Jim guard dash eons but is nice putt on you know I love I love girls would be juicy. Not gone to -- itself. -- Great big juicy booties day he's victory booting -- that -- though Cynthia that you are you're from Braintree. Yes and how old you on up from rape kit from rich vibrant lives. I'm held in its funny sixes and 26 -- and 26 years old regulated well what do you do. Well as a right now I am wearing it's able full time -- Campbell. I'm also learning and a nightclub called and -- and Jim -- Judy's shoes we get him to Asia as. -- -- dollar settlements close -- until gentlemen everywhere is that located. It's in knew that -- and New Bedford yeah. On the south coast as they say yeah and I would dancer waitress or you're a dancer -- some games. And this. And now you -- and now what's the eyebrow thing you have going on -- -- how would you describe that is that like your eyebrows are very decline. Almost genetic how like -- -- M well come. And it's just not right glad rather Arthur -- -- You line amount -- until the end zone and you like Freddy de France Frank's own and I've read that actually feels like my visa getting -- LA. I know about what he did they kill us choose strings and they -- them and when you controlled his space to put the little brown hair roll again and yank it out it's it's not that painful yeah yeah it's kind plucking. A little different again. While mom I have a series of questions for you as a means sound of the week -- -- prepared and that would doll -- yes okay. Dexter by the latest -- -- smoke submit show so you're getting compliments because they tweeted a picture of you think you'll be able to see pictures. And a video of the low volleys in the on our website later today WA AF dot com the is she is this week's -- town girl of the week. What is your -- -- My -- yes. I am at 86 DD. And spectacularly. Real or it ran an augmentation. -- and then last. I -- I believe. Com. Okay what is the speed at which you lost your virginity. The age Alice 1660. -- and where it happened. An -- and yeah. In. The blinds in the bush. Well like at school where like where you. I in my house -- home he -- was the boy. Same -- it was estimated UK okay. What is pure fantasy. My pianist and yes. Are you going to repeat every question I ask. You're thinking yeah. Yeah yeah and it is -- yet. Finnessey -- -- -- late years sexual -- with your number one Tennessee on the you have not that sex in the rain in the announcement. That. Argument is an event on Wednesday. -- government -- poking. At Harvard stadium. If the line. So in the rain what is it about the -- How have you seen its. And -- half weeks now. It's now about. And then while would have we have no 9 and I am an aptly says Mickey Rourke unparalleled that's what have we tell me you -- assets and rain. What is the actual number of partners. It's an MS yes I -- of root of the year for you -- five -- -- -- and what about EGG. A provocative girl girl action yes -- no. Yeah like what in Kenya. Like may be that that. You have be accurate count. Meaning you win one the one of those would be -- Those that would be -- would be. -- Cynthia is I'm in town girl of the league I have to reconstruct the questions because every time yes. So many reasons that my god so. When it comes to. Grooming. We ask doctor Bombay. Hitler or link from Mod Squad so you know what those mean -- -- from a book would be you know everything. Out now man. Hopefully -- -- Buick I -- little thing and then doctor Monday would be completely. Shape right right to the would you like me if you like maybe yet. To be arrested where would you phrase that there. It com. What else would loyalists have always we have. -- Missionary. Missionary years -- is. And I'll leave that one that. You. Which. She's. Like. I'm. Just rocking. Way to get. Around for everybody. Secret. -- -- gigantic eyelashes do you like you know. Those those. You regret. That night. It's. Legal -- My house is Artest and -- -- -- do. We could do. It. My favorite ones that do it at -- -- -- But. Again. Was -- accidental. -- -- -- -- -- -- On. How good. -- -- About zip lock bag blooming flower or busted ravioli. Now would be what do you think that beautiful. Area. Mostly -- like a blooming flower yes looming. School big goal or Wagner power painter. Will be what will force the last do you prefer to give or receive. Buddhism for foreigners see why guys are liars. And so you prefer to receive and and when and give me. Would you be school witches. Like I chew tobacco so after I chewed tobacco spit. Big -- would be obviously you know drinking that whole. He's cleaning up and that's why should new. Up into that I think equal opportunity -- -- What aides fuel are self pleasure -- rate per week. Vice twice per week. And guy you who do you like to read fifty shades of gray before and Maryland. We read that it's a great. I look like and stumping every question I asked if you like them. And I'm like ams are you shy Yeremiah notre zoomed into shades of gray like this big erotic novel ladies if it doesn't now -- -- that now. In an enemy that make mail and -- fashion clients. You just want -- usage agreement. -- -- Like from nausea and yeah. That. And what about. On. Booty shorts all there -- Asia it's. Really the booty shorts and -- What is that. These single view. You build on the radio science and and excellent what do you like to -- -- states. -- If you ask questions. Just in the name. Of -- -- -- Frustrate is great to be nice fifteen minute day do you intend on just you. Kind of equipment like it's it's got a lot of you know like you know what you don't column and it's loaded it's like a hundred some credits. It was bad with the oldest guy -- What's the oldest -- the human billed as -- -- them went Fannie thirty yes I'm it was thousands just a little bit of Maryland. -- -- Yeah Andy and so you date him and -- not gonna dance lessons are writing about -- when. One when you wanna go a kickass limits on what you probably works -- -- an Angel broke yours alone. -- -- I don't know I don't really I schedules and beyond not it's. Not a -- you started coming out and that's. Actually this. This week this week when you work this week -- Houston media. In them and will double Dutch. Managers and asked to bring a friend -- -- -- him with a nation. You know -- couple accused and -- Thirtysomething. Mean and then and then the fourth will do it if it's Saturday Sunday afternoon and greatest of all time. -- Not we -- what is what is -- and what's your song of choice and danced to when you're dancing there at temptations. So it's my favorite -- -- soon. -- Gonna highlight printed even noticed that it was a good -- O'Brien. -- -- cranes. I lean you know he's found not. Not government. That I forget any questions. -- covered everything there. Shoe size the foot fetish guy always when -- and -- senate and a seven points any taps. Yes and what exactly and -- -- -- back to Green Zone lower back you mean evidence tramp stamp imagery against let me see that -- over Allen think which attempts -- place. Let's show their target on its wings. She. Thanks and actually. -- the -- Tattoos and a -- And I'm tweeting right now. Window appears and well I would say very modernize -- Candidate Cynthia. And -- of the week would you mind a little love photo session video session with Omnia Ira. Our video guy. Okay. Well thank you so much for coming and the man can not only can they subscribe to T-Mobile. And -- -- there and I. But they cannot go -- -- over -- temptation he said in that New Bedford. So if anybody's. Everybody's heading. Anybody cutting out the fishing boat this week stopped by temptations -- -- share -- to. The lovely men under that name Marty. -- -- -- -- -- It's common. Via a common. Inspiration. What your background national. Pottery Cubans in native Mac and I'm sorry. You know doesn't walk past you know I think we yeah. So -- native American what else you are -- he says Lawrence French Canadian native American poetry and well island Puerto Rican. So innocent Canadian in -- and they should make sure you leave your digits that we can going to Tuesday. Okay yeah you know what is the date having this weekend gap when it did when this -- that I'm healthy by the monitored to enhance -- -- -- -- -- the other dealer to inspect the hug before you like UB QB get over -- -- -- like an audio -- you know that. Got a game and -- idea but obese threesome on Monday. -- You win over the okay. Everybody you know the -- as he's such -- -- you know alien half -- there grant. -- -- -- -- -- Well. Had -- -- over time you'll figure everything human and we'll see you -- -- Is as the lovely yes. That's out there.