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Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis

May 4, 2012|

Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis: Kevin joins the show every Friday at 8:30

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show pod cast goal. Silver. OK if it probably China. Are you celebrating Cinco De -- this weekend. -- -- That way. -- that they're -- -- -- argument but again you know again -- listen obviously you're frustrated by the theory in. On the years that -- about it that one thing. Our. You know in -- as there has and -- little plot. -- back flying it just unity needed roster spot. I hazard you know banged up right now. You know -- -- -- play -- there's been for the next we were able to separate loosened and let. Another forest orbit so there is more just you know intimate epic play and also to me that much more parties you more on the. Now back to back in the day were so what do all four you're do you get your shot middle Burris the other night that was pretty -- -- -- -- and net. Did you get you have the ball where you would would did you really you really think you'll throw to the -- I was hurt Obama what all it and Natalie -- Arnold you know we have gotten out of all. Authenticated and and it sort of put -- there. -- their first an object Park City. And more out there rarity yet we have a lot of policy -- leader's lap because. The first is our best on every you know -- -- saying -- yeah I don't there are. You know -- the shied away. Like to -- all of it. This Smart part of the -- -- they like is -- or off the wall you know that. Do you what you know when when you talk to the guys in you know I think the fans obviously some of them were picnicking in that media maybe panicky -- Are you guys in no way is the attitude pretty good on this team on I think people feel like guy you know. Guys must be feel like they're out of it LB was talking earlier about being two and a half games out of that you guys feeling pretty good. -- you have is it forces. Known -- -- crisis. While nodding yes that's fine and I think guys that are. District -- site bigger group of guys. Locker room that every I or ignore it and now joke around each other. And that's saying people are -- went better and were more games but. Yours the guys Banca right now and hopefully you know I'll be under they'll -- and that'll be healthier world there's a lot of baseball player did he get -- so quick in this game. And you know what it is that's the -- the way we did so well so. We've got you know -- out we can't try to win this series figured it's. Any of the any of the starters making a chicken enchilada is to bring to the team for us to go to mile. Well we do we could -- mixing work it is only. But both sides agree you know. The American dream goes. We celebrate at a higher. Yeah if you're if you're gonna have -- -- those what what -- would you choose you what is what is your favorite there. There. Editor if you only have one -- what would you choose. A little while. Right one mediocre. Out of -- that are brick company in Paris as pretty good idea. But it you know I can't I implement or are. Hey listen I wanna mention. You you the other details in front Eva Mae is it may nineteenth that I am hosting the event for your foundation a dark -- Marie. I hope it's not my main and it is by Turkish government report a bigger -- Right Tony what I got an -- and -- 124 attacks and not. If you go to to you to foundation website. It's for kids dot org is noticed him. I yeah yeah it or. -- were sold out. Also it's. Nice to gets down into his beautiful -- -- -- There's it's huge huge calling here nor there your. -- -- -- New York -- -- I'm gonna I got magnitude on the ugly -- from my course of places to be less yeah. I am -- hey you guys you know people -- -- they've been waiting for big popular fail for years now. And 98 you know everybody says he showed up in -- dampening in it in extremely good shape. Gotta be pump these -- and agree here Wu is as you do anything different. Well on the one thing in the batter's. This corner opposite field and are not turning it homers. Watch parties in a year. Home run hitter by nature of the power. And what you sometimes get in that groove. We're trying to you know I go up you know -- -- -- well aren't like pills are good about subsidy element marketing -- -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes active units are getting now. -- what they're trying to do too much. What we're used during like. The whole month in April was that he saw -- background -- that are out orbit despite its its a couple easy -- double. It is not the audience seat and not worry about it -- to partner haven't got a bat on the ball player line drives. And that's where it got past that that a date -- you know. He rolled over couple air traffic that he's gonna hit that water on -- out by. City's -- nor the late in the pocket -- taken as basis for Latin coming at an awful lot we don't use. We're gonna have big payday and -- A last question for you obviously you look at there were very -- thousand Cingular doesn't understand anyway I like -- -- shag flies and is so -- aggressively. -- he -- but notice that you would say that everybody has their own. Pregame warm up what they do and and you can't predict when an injury like that it's gonna happen unfortunately my career. Yeah I saw that last night. Some. What is -- here. Our Internet also. You know it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Marat is a great guy and a lot of great things vendors. People like new York and it isn't. It's -- that. And this way. You know that's that's part sports injury here or what happens or that's usually how bad. Walk out workers printer like. But -- which was -- just -- them and hopefully. Heir apparent. Time but we'll listen can't get yourself better get back with the team will. We'll talk again next week. Our territory we can't get your -- -- Kevin Youkilis on the Hill Man Morning Show.