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Former MLS Star Taylor Twellman

May 3, 2012|

Former MLS Star Taylor Twellman: Passing of Junior Seau and how it relates to concussions

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. I want -- have our friend Taylor Twellman on this morning. Former New England Revolution player now ESP and commentators Taylor Twellman what's up -- What's gone on an hour I'm great. I didn't that a little bit better that it it is what it is what's going on. Well listen LB was saying earlier that I don't wanna speak for LB but I'm trying to speed things up on the shelf. To. The outcome he was saying earlier that you know oftentimes. This can impassioned debate starts with something like this happens and that there are a there is a percentage of people working their regular jobs who unfortunately take their own lives every year. Is it is is is there a danger of a rush to judgment and an overreaction by the NFL and others -- Is there a rush to judgment on a lot of things of course there -- but I will say. My conversation which you hear you but we were neighbors. And my conversation. Was very interesting and -- elevator Erica White spirit concussion. And that made buddy buddy -- I can't tell you how many concussions -- Then came here the stories that you are concerned after being arrested for domestic abuse to his girlfriend. Driving out a couple of claiming he falsely that the real. I'm not a doctor or -- -- rush to judgment by political matter it's hard not to say that. It's hard not to think about it but say that. Well your career ended because of concussions and you you know you've had. Consider rule issues -- whether it's headaches. You know trouble concentrating as the day continues today. The do you think that somebody like. Junior say now. Ends up with the you know that the post concussion. Symptoms and and ends up that leads to -- it depression and and that's what ends up causing him to take his own life. Well -- not the only example on fortunately you know Dave Stewart and you know I put it this like there's a -- -- -- input applauded it bring you put the ball that is -- And I hate that talks so for about it that that that that's facts. That you are used to. Are -- I no I'm not covered by immediately after being on the radio show. And -- -- Arianna maybe there's -- -- I get in years past talk more about his life they'll -- And -- might fish oil into my into my in my knee jerk reaction users -- since you've had your concussion. -- have you been neglected by. By the revolution by your doctors by you know you know from from while you're while you're playing up until this point we did you do you think you were mistreated or misdiagnosed. By doctors. Are. All that but it does play a I always argued they go walking questions -- today. College seniors say I was playing in the seventies or eighties I I got in 2008 was never diagnosed with a concussion right away so. What we've done from 2008 to 2012 guys in light years ahead in nothing's changed about sports. It's just we now know what this injury yet. It's injuries been around forever which is -- no -- a lot. And so going forward. The real thing that the NFL can do and and that that Major League soccer and and youth sports at etc. Is to be able to say you have a concussion he got a treated in this way any got to be very careful about the rest of the time he played the sport -- Correct here I think you just had a daughter at a IE it's got -- auto -- or shall I don't really care. This is why it started a foundation I don't care about the pro athlete if we can start teaching. 8910. Year old it's like symptoms are concussion why he need to be on -- -- to talk to people and letting bill. We're not gonna have -- Taylor Taylor former N'sync guys like they're better deal with these injuries that day in and day out in -- -- your life. Mr. chassis that tale that's being naive that they'd prefer for the for the rest of time I TT gave it soccer players before you play -- the ball. It's inevitable if you play soccer and you and the and part of the game is to head the soccer ball you're heading a ball kicked by goalie fifty yards a way. Then they you cannot tell me over time that there aren't going to be made there's there's cited the percentages there are gonna be no matter what you do you. There are gonna be -- gonna go with concussions so I think you know I think. I think it's it's what it's great that you're bringing me the intelligence and and then the medical. A genius. To the forefront because that's what has happened. I mean that's why real Bobby yours career if you play today he'd be he would he would have a twenty year career because they don't have to open up and -- affects only a knee -- I mean. They -- intelligence is growing and growing and growing. All right but to be honest I'm not -- concussions are gonna know we're gonna have concussion director alive what we can't change is the recognition and rehabilitation of can -- -- I mean you -- we can be on the phone right now and I can also get an extra caution and just as sports spanking. I agree a 100% bloodier and this is what do you know I I preach this every day it's right yeah -- just -- Tuesday gave every year with the did loan. When something like this happens is same with the -- three guys in the NHL over the last years in the -- That committed suicide. Everybody everybody good blames just jumps on the sport -- sport -- violent sport and they Don't Ask Don't Tell these guys let's -- -- play football I -- yen and and you know in my point is is that if that's not. Though that's not the proper reaction the proper reaction is the one that you're taking a start a foundation we drive money -- To do research research research because reach your research saves lives and and and minimum not minimizes injured. While I'm if you go to think Taylor dot org you can learn more about Taylor does. I do think you know there's a target again but got a bunch of text messages this morning with people saying hey. Suicide is. A coward's way out and and that's it you know he's so naive you ignorant and rude and it's what -- mental disease. People don't understand how -- And it -- so -- whoever did so now he's in the current. It's depressing confidence so many forms well what we've learned from these can cost athletes that have taken their own lives. They don't even know they're taken their own lives because. The disease has taken over their thought process it's taken over their everyday life. So understated -- say here say Howard the coward come on man. Don't get. It's just ignorant by all right well listen thanks for being on this morning in obviously and now you'd. Live near each other down there when he was them was cells and everything in it's really it's it's it's that -- that it's a sad thing it really is that that says. But just like everything it like any -- to try to remember the good times and we had some good times for those eighteen month. 30 right thanks -- Are you Hiller B -- body -- taught me anything Taylor. -- -- --