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May 1, 2012|

Ted Nugent talks about his visit from the Secret Service

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. OK if it's probably -- Right now man who's been in the news an awful lot lately Ted Nugent. -- Was in trouble -- Secret Service visited him about it. It -- regard to President Clinton and yesterday the Nugent doubts that he was very upset about. Beam and denied the opportunity to play in a military base at Fort -- he says it's. Little infringement on its first amendment rights that we thought that we would discuss that Nugent. On the Hill Man Morning Show. Man. And do so critical stupid will be. You're explicitly talked in the past few weeks -- I'm Sergio anthem rock and roll guitar dark and we got caught -- -- you're you're you're public enemy number yeah right like a cute captions constitution don't quite common sense that would be the enemy wouldn't. We were discussing yesterday that you're somewhat shallow wanna speak for you you're. Bothered by the fact that you're it's unceremoniously. Dumped from the for not show. Well I would put posters are good it's good it's not -- talks for me I would it was let down. By bureaucrat I would percentage these solar bureaucrat who failed to realize that. Europe for the for example this morning revelry raised 101000 dollars today. For the military -- which I do pretty much three -- -- by Dijjer have been doing now forgotten those along. By a visit troops partially real world military security we take the children in the digital region there Xiamen Coast Guard her a carpenter encryption. We take a lot of the wounded warriors on trips to well two years so quite honestly you're talking to one hell would dedicated patriot who -- -- Way. More than anybody else's guys are responsible -- concert. And so it's a shame that there's an isolated bureaucrat who couldn't be more disconnected from the spirit attitude and shall we actual troops. The concert was for -- like I'm proud of my life in the air with the war the military into the bureaucrats. Do you think that's a violation of your First Amendment right. And how did they tell you that instance and they didn't give it another. No word trickled down to be somewhere on the road. And I gotta tell -- I've seen up a number of letters from colonels and generals and you hope that worked real hard corporate picture and respect for expert country who've written scolding letters to -- critical decision. It again these things happen especially in the world political correctness that we made its way. Into the you know -- used to be all warriors I would I would I would like -- So we're gonna get the bottom of it. And the tourist degrading remark like -- -- -- See you. Inching ever regional smiling at the American. I would relate to the -- blues music in the world the most part were -- rhythm and -- got a partner in the world and have a public about -- a little guilty. And -- in the suburbs south and watch the did not ideals of our military the cool little sub director freedom on -- have read it -- -- -- -- Where the armed with a Secret Service guys who interviewed you fans are not used her. That wouldn't be respect well -- back at the. -- -- They were -- to be professional but you that you don't -- the second question I get which only I can get because like I didn't invent it perfected it. They keep that -- what -- your first meeting with the Secret Service like where well back in the seventies when we were hearing Campbell. Yeah. I've been hanging out with federal agents and training and actually conduct raids on on the part of the -- rates several local. Police organized and actually on the future -- task force here in Texas. So I I get these guys back he's here he's. Very special. Human beings I have my best secondary -- -- threatening situations. So it's not just -- casual restaurant when I speak about it but I know these guys I know what your -- -- what the year with a record of -- some workers. -- -- -- that they mean with all their heart and soul to enforce and support the US constitution shall we met. It was a mutually respectful professional gathering to conclude what everybody already knew. 51 dimensional on the -- season that the region that Maxine Waters socialists in the net you don't have this. We didn't need to cite the bloated all these sub -- so it will lying about what I said. These guys have a duty to respond even to Paper buttons side lies. When it references the threat to oppression which never took place in a 32 video entertainment. Our guys spaz over here got interviewed and then the one thing they said to him was while you watch a lot of porn. What do you get -- secret servant of the professional -- the ability to meet with the Secret Service and public servant and Ted Nugent. I actually do have my old -- Ted Nugent ammunition. The meeting went ballistic after -- wouldn't it means that when you go ballistic exactly a more hold them back. Included in did you give them some free samples I did not I did not bribe anybody. They did did you talk to about hookers because that's also something -- -- here -- will -- on this -- I was in the room. Hey well listen you're talking about the -- you come to the Wilbur on July 10 Ted Nugent. May yes they -- Didn't even do you TI and that's all I love Austin mayor of the -- -- -- a big dolce and orgy in Iraq or what they're cute dog from Detroit. What is your what is your ABC. Whatever slap in front of -- we have allowed the election right here and practiced that all may want to get -- Good indeed and and it's the it's the great white buffalo tour 2012. At the Wilbur and tickets are on -- now that -- other pres Obama would like to have a little Venice. -- -- -- You guys can he can be silly you wanted to stop and think -- -- Kevin bad you're ready yet. Who else were you ever encountered in your life. We actually have an intellectual -- -- meet conversation with the president. When you might. Yeah they. That Barack are hard and friends coming from the bush meat could we would like it -- -- I'm the only guy -- -- -- broke up and let. -- -- you ever tasted dog. If you and I we've been to a a I regret what I hear you we have. Yeah. -- -- we soured Dalmatian David. It's all right news -- it's always great to have you on good luck with everything and July 10 that the Wilbert. Ted Nugent and more importantly we'll see here when you went -- to hike up a --