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Hill-Mail 4-18-12

Apr 18, 2012|

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably -- Now each unit during -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents his old man out. And -- and I. -- -- -- -- -- On WAA. -- mail today brought to you by wallboard supply they'll be opening a new location in Braintree and they're looking for new employees including. CDL drivers call 800. 4334597. That's 800. -- 334597. Wallboard supply go. Dot com and I did feel bad that I feel like LB was kind of mad that we we forced him to go to the hospital I talked to them yesterday today. I really listened to let them as if those aren't like doctors this is calling and who and paramedics and everybody saying you have to go one of the pressure if I it is time prosecute or hospital. You can't help with that yeah if kids -- the only -- dude who cares about Africa and Israel. You know you have -- -- after he -- -- was. It's when it wasn't like a full blown heart attack and he was mad that he went below bill. -- dementieva beat -- at that hospital that had to change LB's bit. Now I know I know like in the and I don't want to see him as a Texas and earlier in his down when he arrives here. I really I. If I I I hope he changes into a street clothes before coming here -- -- Camelot carrier hill mail message is the best of the last 24 hours. Twenty we all. Know what. -- brought out. -- It is. -- you do when you buy the 14100 dollar bottle of champagne and -- out on the street loser because you're not think alive you're feeding their coaches. 5:17. PM. OK. Okay -- correct. The whole. You can't. And met some really good Texas team that's the team that's the thing that's gonna win the policy today I had -- to -- -- -- -- -- But that's a really good team -- 29 and. You know there are even -- bicycling -- -- -- the so prevalent and share Google what you. Or liquid liquid they don't quite know how on the court. And let -- and on his way here and called this morning because he wants the bill in three LB on the final sports so he is making his way here. What time was 6611. -- Take the ride a bicycle from Framingham the -- Topic and occasionally so that people in the marathon in reality is now. We probably pick and why he's now I'm gonna. It was odd that he said he didn't shower. Before he got spiked to ride 26 god bless and god bless them via. On all week -- and Ian. Good morning Kurt. Or. More forward group angered that we've. -- got Peter -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- that speak area that is fake fake scary but it did they get. I am a -- our Gary but I gotta go I'm taking Julia on soccer trip to Pennsylvania. Option except. Whole entire. Lovely and that's why it. I know you're driving down yeah -- -- me and my daughter and my drive yeah yeah yeah little chance that someone at one time. Try to find out what's going on in the mind of an all -- you're not looking better in the backseat public almost. Sophomore Amanda trying to comment trying to see what kind of information about her really -- -- -- -- instantly halfway across that can help me I'm worried about the past halfway across speed their coaches in the gas approaches. Well I would be so you would -- me if I load. Me when I got an elusive and you'll lose there. -- 0:4. AM. They make up a couple of -- -- glow I don't think that you know has brought I think it's capable Cronkite. -- -- OP get better and get better credit. And -- Deadlock that they the real source fiesta. -- and it is that's it did in at that time berg and then that time Burbank. He's dead. Commitment on no penalties hospital gown is -- and watched. If you request that kind of thing you're going to be buried in the bruins' rally suit. Her and I -- listening. You guys elated soldier -- when I'm when I'm get on -- and I'm not a you know solid Ramadan a heart attack. No of course not no it's not. What are you doing over there are you look -- to not could have broad national indoor guardrail -- down at 8 o'clock. Just a little warm. Are there people who. Blew it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get eight. Compared to -- yet it can't take it you feel there are a great. In that under the -- eight intrepid we're gonna get -- -- in the end. And -- -- buyer in this guy and Kevin get moving. A true story and thirdly we had DB Sweeney on who -- Travis Walton I don't know if you which means he proved are now. In the movie caddy is but he. Learn the morning air waves Aleman I've got a son was about the -- your daughter yes at I'm just gonna you know. Let you know you're probably gonna get a lot whole lot of nothing you'll have headphones on is gonna pay no identity of the entire ride to help bring some good music. And -- -- that could pop up. Follows wasn't -- whole entire news brings the studio knowing that in. Obscure reference on this excellent one. When Tony takes mash note to look at college -- acknowledges. That a black guy I was present day. I gets up Hershey park. -- see beyond a virus letter that day. It. Los tailored to meal Holland now. She did ask you we used up in New York maybe on the way down there about the DA. Go -- around it -- you don't have to go to New York you go low -- managers the night ago and now city and deal you know it's idea that the parkway there any other than that -- the inning move by penalties and it would have been a different -- Try it. 41 PM. I don't care how you LP you'll be okay. How he felt better Camara an LP where are all rooting for you. Saturday. And just let it. May be in now that LB has heard that he'll stay in the hospital I might come out if he knows -- -- doing -- of the this is WA AF for WAA FHD one less robust than WK after WK after HD one Brockton busted. On. The next. I'm glad that they are error out pretty. Or -- -- about payroll or I'm not you know. Gonna be up what good buyers what they really didn't command the -- Ought to act of say well I have a hot act what that the there'd be a gigantic all they have that that up with a copy two. But throughout anybody. And met each LB probably -- seven several of those personal folders both people have -- and he's probably got about a about nineteen of them in there -- finished 8 AM. You know -- in the hospital a hospital what is it. Thought building a lot of big that's not important right now a lot of -- 128. And continued the cattle every out. The -- -- the current. -- like autumn over the but not -- usually like it crept up as a member of the animal kingdom that you get what you want I don't like the thing the Canadian Atlanta lawyer doing. -- -- -- And -- now teach. 43 AM. See I thought oh I gotta -- -- Eight click it recording. Great good. And then management doesn't have a. Is that dog -- hello Don. Thank Greg got a listener -- -- -- you're driving down the opening up black he's having you know the couple. Long trip -- -- five hours down and what do you think five. And then had to -- If you go to New York it's. You don't ever driven everything stopped beautiful New Jersey -- in the way the you know it's just a school that's a good job -- Check out the rest stops managers feel the way. -- in 0:8 AM. A minute they open overcome by doing. -- -- bringing Chris leak and -- political will work territory OK guys. Oh. You probably refused the hospital said that as the war's gonna get doubles mentally clear tests often. That's what I knew it was in trouble yesterday when he said he wasn't even interested meeting that's what I mean I mean you know on the end has to be announced on their own them. 913. He had. One -- one Q -- we don't get in New York tomorrow. And just let I'll just want to check check check 121 always do the interviews to some patriots justice or more to. All over him able call over -- that we we should definitely call over to the hospital C we get him on the phone -- To pretty neat and you -- -- -- -- -- I girl what I shut contrary bet they well it got -- -- -- may not -- I am a big drag it. And shake. I didn't like right here as I carry it out after bank of our bottom. And your message now let me ask you everything that we don't know about LD. I've known -- 25. Years rated. Well if if the doctor says the asked to go on some kind of like you know vegetable LA high fiber type guy illegally do it now we'll go on sound -- figured out like your -- is totally that's -- -- it has. That he's not. I'm gonna bulimia and add the vegetables whenever you he's not gonna go you don't think he'll listen to doctors advise and now changeup is as diet known as that's now no way. -- 720 weeks. -- -- Were -- better content ordered both Laura and pat. And created golden arm. All right. Hand man. Near death experience these members these -- on -- like a light light. Neared the spinning globe from the drive there might just been. The line. And 23 AM. I had economic reports today yet. -- And just an -- It as a good excuse I mean this gives yet. -- -- excuse for life is a hard thing I keep him today because nobody wants. Collie down on like from now on because I'm says am I haven't heart palpitations I think I might. Might have to go to honestly can't say anything -- might beat him he could be the first person history who's -- might improve after a stroke though I baby boy Bobby. Good morning Greg the -- -- audio like it's gonna change obese eating out is when it's locked into the hospital room and sees him. It's Jerry Garcia. Was over for like three days that's what killed. You know I mean. The problem is you change. What's anymore now -- -- One of the it's greasy food. Good passed would give them might. What he would weariness or act. I great crop -- call it. Wasn't a good. You want a windows guy I mean that's only wanted to go. -- and 27. AM. Here. It is doctor Bombay or or good morning to all go. Under currently. And just flat panel doctor -- those over their consulting I think. As bad as the caller said yesterday that doctor the doctor -- consult. -- -- If you wanted to LB you're no -- to grab my grill and head down to the hospital and I'm gonna hold the barbecue big -- I'm not stop spot particularly in eating. Until -- awarded a lot. And that we had to give us stool sample text and and as president were talking yesterday about how many seconds will it take for him to say they checked -- -- when he comes -- -- -- -- probably about five seconds you picture I can't believe it's it's that the. 7:23. AM. I -- that you haven't gone and I all your. -- -- -- not great aren't I don't longer about -- see that the net. I want thought they all our group out of we have -- -- I'm. However it could not link it to block -- I don't know bar and created in him maybe then how -- it -- they spoke and now pocket here. Yes I regret -- that we -- -- good it's. -- -- -- -- In the -- All we heard. Per LP and -- Danielle. Below happened and -- -- -- -- the -- that -- you -- down there and we're waiting. Come join -- union and play OK great game or. And how big -- guns -- is. As normally. -- Imus I've not noticed it until Greg mentioned it now and -- you know and my Simon team -- -- -- -- he witnessed -- is -- huge it is yeah. It's unbelievable I caught that stupid show these times during the day -- and we'll talk -- thing you know but I suspect from via -- by putting routers. That -- an idiot is like a he's like a pick them. The way. We'll continue to update -- By the condition of doctor buyers in about five seconds literally five seconds. Is the main issue in this upcoming election going to be -- diarrhea. We'll it's not going to be the main issue. Call 6177795463. In need. -- believe your voicemail -- they Hill Man Morning Show. It's democratic you interject here but it didn't Adobe has a problem dorm or I'd be more than happy go international and they asked. Oh okay all right. And listen every morning at 750 to hear your message -- dobbs.