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The Presidential Address with Bruins' President Cam Neely

Apr 12, 2012|

The Presidential Address with Bruins' President Cam Neely: Cam Neely previews tonight's playoff game.

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably China. Try to. No -- getting big hits and I hear this fans' reaction. You know I mean things. There's -- way I play. Then now. This week's presidential address. -- -- Today a palpable excitement in the air for this evening in the playoffs and the president of Boston Bruins joins us right now as he always does on Thursday's Cam Neely broad view. By LB easier doctor doctor Robert Leonard also by Molson and the official imported beer of the NHL and by. And MTW community credit union which is Milano who teaches financial home team hey cam how are yeah. -- you can't you and I share his thoughts on tipping the caddies being that he is a -- -- scratch golfer although I did get to play as much these days now the working full time. No I had the least amount of ground plaster but that's a good thing because we were very busy went deep into. June with both kinds of fun things happen. And we. I hope that continues. Saying anything think of so what do you think on that on the tip on the caddie is it based on how well you do or -- -- -- the same month at a I always get the same I'd always thought that I am. I would I would. So I'm obviously -- tough decisions for you guys to make when or maybe not when he when he came to Nathan Horton but the best thing for the best thing for the player best thing for the organization. -- get go we were certainly holding out hope as Nathan was that he was gonna get better but seemed to be. A couple of setbacks when things start. It intensified his work out so it was difficult for Hayden made -- difficult for us obviously what he meant means to the organization whose team is that teammates level. He's he's a great team is great in the locker room and score a lot of big goals -- last year or so. But this this this is the best thing for for Natan. You know get rid of some distractions of we ask him how he's doing when we come back and become him back so the best -- -- Really and obviously with a concussion thing it's just that kind of individual. Because some guys can come back quicker other guys like. Peter surely was saying that he be good for four or five days and then all of sudden symptoms that. -- this -- everybody's different. It's it's such a hard hard injury to figure out. What the timeline going to be in and how people are gonna react. And unfortunately it. It's there's certainly everybody's. More aware. Of that symptoms. But. Everybody's different but how they react to getting. Who receive an expression. I'm Brad Marchand was on yesterday same at least in the regular season the capitals of kind of have. The the -- number and so. You look at this series and and this is going to be a good one. It is is going to be good series is. Not going to be easy they have some dynamic players over there. But I feel confident with our team and how we play in seven games series I think kids who play the way we're capable plain and how we need to play it. Which is physical and you know north south and and take the body went there I think and -- because serious course. How important is the experience that the guys is from from your own perspective as a player how important is the experience that the guy's got last year. About extremely important great you look at the -- they're the guys have been with a sense. 07. I had some experience from post seven all the way through last year you're winning and losing understanding what it takes. Being down in series coming back I mean it's it's great to get that kind of experience and you certainly build up learn from. We had -- He's very excited about being the banner captaincy and. Yet -- Back and -- -- You know he's Nazis that's a good man and I had some health issues that -- he battled through sort it all kinds of credit. And fortunate that he's still. Still around with a. Yeah and what you wanna make it clear that authority did not break his a single season major record this year at. 080. He made that we're gonna get it that's the ticket you know. Did you take the compliment two to the authority what did you allowing. A what what what have waited -- -- have 32 married -- these are 32 or thirties and 36 and -- -- -- at thirty soon as the the first. Sure went to the finals here yeah. The museum was awesome for a lot he was amazed. I thought every heavyweight that's why again -- so much respect for the guy because. You know probe we didn't matter who was probably Kosher you name them McSorley any tough -- any team player play fair -- -- A tough to do but where do you where do you rank him cam. Bruins tough guys all time. Gay and do there's so many guys that. Extremely tough it's come through its organization. But he's up there for sure in the top five -- would I was -- -- mean lake LB said. He took on everybody in and generally do pretty well against most. And and and and in that combat Jamie. He was super hot any any would he would have been captured but we didn't feed him -- a I think Blake -- away. LB explained his nickname which we non and we -- -- -- -- we need and I think I'd listen aren't I forgot Asarco. That you know that -- that -- little breakfast -- at a quarter. Palin's a couple of acres. The important thing is that down just from moment to get away from hockey that the Farrelly Brothers have confirmed a dumb and -- to have you been asked to participate. They have mentioned something. Certainly it all depends on the schedule -- And this script up that I got that that I have to prove script. You -- -- -- doing anything that would not be within the character that. Through a phenomenal isn't as president of Lebanon. That was the best does -- I think CBS's -- not he's -- liar truck drivers probably at some kind of is in the IT industry -- -- -- -- -- yeah. On the tracks. -- well. When when you look at an issue cam you know I've we've run up a lot last year during the playoffs and it seems to view of people are focusing on -- would you look at the power play likens a we gotta do some here and did you know you'd debut was -- a problem last year so maybe it's not this year but is that one payment that the guys got to focus on. Well it is something that we we we know that can improve let's put it that way it's it's an area are -- game that can improve on me. You know we look at although there is great that we can improve on and you know we feel that especially -- is it is is important you know we we we've got away. -- that last year although in the files we did much better but. Out something that we can improve on and we we you know we're working on and I know the -- put a lot of effort -- that are the players so. A lot of it too is competent to get something early and can build up that. And -- will we see -- I don't know -- because. Quite ready yet to back up these good practice and is looking good but you know we wanna make sure there's no issues whatsoever. Okay but Melissa we're very excited about it the playoff hockey mom for anybody did get on another run and catch any of that. Penguins flyers can last night. Guided as a magnet that day of the intensive globally you can see -- much that picked up. That first period was fast and hard and physical. You know that's the play out playoff hockey go vote. You well good luck and level cocky again and -- these days -- -- -- -- right thanks a lot. Eight LP editing for you -- The LB doesn't giant and there's a giant people maybe maybe next here we can get. Five or six sponsors service. Yeah. Listen. You know I am -- I can't immediately upon at the ending of this I'm gonna go down to management -- beat them about that. You know product does when when an employee comes down they know anything else. It all right buddy thank you -- and in nearly the president of the Boston Bruins. Correct you rank Tim Miller at the top -- wants to know -- with the Bruins tough guys I'll leave that we said earlier yes yes top I it's it's when. You know you can argue in our United's looks superstars no excuse about it briskly Gretzky LeMieux -- Those other guys the guys would fight anybody when you make top I think any guy willing to get many fight no matter how big big guy is up any time. All right well listen we have to get you away for game 2:3 o'clock hour today so make sure you're here for that 3 o'clock hour today. And check out the Bruins mobile app you gotta check out the Bruins mobile app.