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"king of the Swamp" Troy Landry from "Swamp People"

Mar 29, 2012|

"king of the Swamp" Troy Landry from "Swamp People"

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Delighted. To have our next guest on the show Troy joins us -- right now -- -- from swampy -- Troy. Were -- or not using subtitles appear like they do on the shelves so you're gonna have to work we're gonna have to try to decipher what you're saying. -- talked on the phone remotely true horror and -- bid compare. Can you start compensate shoot them forming. Yeah I would be governed by no good. Yeah I'm grad I'm Greg and I'll be here and it's. Okay we're sort of great great. The question about that that kills by who it is that -- we're as the Eagles line. Is right -- -- as a particular period of what happened. Stick on public. You know in -- cure -- I've -- on Baghdad or great. Now it's true they going to contribute to a -- period and I mean you get remembered -- It's rendered this solid owns a lot of country and -- -- -- that when you're comfortable gradual market will cool but he's not being -- It's. Great I mean I don't know if it's editing whatever. These guys pretty much get him -- -- -- Well during the ball pretty. From under the Gaylord -- the older -- who -- accomplished -- Yeah were you proud of the boys forget and three breaker to. All the data Padraig who did very well this year on now more because can be found at union. I think had a good. Yeah -- had ordered him do you think that it would Willie out of line to. The idea of what you out them giver giver. Are you don't. You don't own you view -- like he won't execute you've been. You heard though. Is your brokerage Morgan would go. You know different garbage northward into your all on you know artwork Pluto is -- -- on the market and a year ago. -- -- ignored -- -- forum where -- all we're open for. What besides yourself -- mean you're the king is on who do you think among among the other guys. Has the most potential. To really wrap up the -- Always appreciate. It all right you're. On another part -- -- on court could result mortars were all quote. He's made Arnold and sure all right drew you're going through what the real work on. -- -- to -- more border where you think you're pretty bored more deliberate computer there would want our. Or you're usually are thought there. Okay. I think that. Yeah yeah yeah. I would you -- -- be willing to sing little alligator hunting song for us right. Portland very. What matters related to -- from the destructive and. -- -- and then went to throw all the boys give us a little just a little bit of sun. What you Greenwood got a lot of operational you know mobile sort of out of -- at the I mean it didn't already you know -- -- abundantly. And yeah. The now do you raise these guys have you ever hang out a text it wants to know -- hang out. Would the other -- people. Well I was so all of our -- everywhere -- you know -- -- -- outfit known him forever we will not yet a portrait you know. It could be America was on the -- but that she did not use him well uncle who submit -- -- well. Now he would have Lowell who wanted his rule there is it to you is this monkey is don't want government -- it through my mind. -- those some people think there may have been something between human lives. On call -- few years ago a log rule. That hard and other models who were very doable bottom mark on the rules. Nothing inappropriate everyone on that. Dark. Throughout the vote sunny day. You know couple couple years -- don't -- I heard. We were -- they're and and Doris -- -- -- there -- there were born your it isn't obligated you know you gotta do it. Clinton Mitchell little -- You know. Her liquor bottle that you grow our name. Changing all of this wall. Back. -- -- -- Troy Leander is our guest the king of Islam from swamp people it's pretty. I mean think about it it's really it's a month long season right so you gotta get all 275. Your tags diamond mine. You know it followed owner and builder will issue a five spot hired him 500 words or so much how much do you bank time on 530. Gators. How much money. In your general and a solid double off of our career this year a marker of -- to -- and -- far longer child I would theaters -- the mid Ohio. -- -- A marker but the current. Board though that the auto world -- for ordered out of -- with -- -- The good -- We do right now all we're doing quote was when -- go local push. Should not mean profit. That stuff on here -- Oprah Richard that he what about the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tool market oriented toward them the peak of the season and we we want part of in order to resolve it just development on the corporate should you. Now are there some off like I envisioned when -- watching. Want people which is on tonight by the way History Channel. I -- -- like weird -- perhaps. Serial killer type people living in the by you like do you ever encounter any of those weird people it would and we're than yourselves. -- -- -- You know I don't know I don't know -- was -- normal organs right now this is about this is. They've got their -- over it got completely wrong here that. There's been this fall way to go home that night marked fall war. McConnell here. What you know people and ago who co -- all over the world. Yeah we're going to English -- -- knowing you're you're neutral Auburn they don't hurt nobody -- -- -- we have audio. Belliard we're delighted to be. Yeah that was about it one moment in cycles commodity product -- that you put them back. Yeah the idea that vision that you might lawyer Roland along through there you might run as some people -- -- -- out of there. Did you I think. All you let them and -- global leader like the other Coke order right on rural community in -- information. On the mission -- not culpable in the 1960. Engineers what are eligible in the middle of -- wall of support here. Our economy at all on the lender also on the bag if you if you -- -- -- -- -- at all. Temple and I think -- didn't towards the warriors. For a moral -- college degree here it comes from -- what I wondered when nuclear got to pick out an olive oil and move on your mutual option. Then they're not critical -- award for multiple years it's been amended Ulsan. It -- she's got -- local people there will. There's them there's some obviously we were talking earlier about your accent and about subtitles on the -- and and we would have been in the northeast so we have some regional -- I just wanted to ask you because there was a big topic on our show on Monday on regional -- And I wanted to ask you if you know what Jimmy's our. Curious if you know awarded him. Know what that. That that would be that -- -- sprinkles that you put on ice cream we call those Jimmy so you've never heard you never -- -- Are always good -- weren't. -- What about a grinder if you're gonna get a grinder for lunch what would that -- -- are you yeah. I don't want to -- look up. I know via select a submarine what do you call -- -- -- that we call what do you guys call submarine sandwiches heroes. I don't know what -- did you -- here. Exactly it's like a cold cuts and which would she's in olive oil vinegar in and -- -- oh yeah what we're aboard the whole idea that -- yeah. What about a bottler you know what you would get out of the poor. You're nor New Orleans receivers -- -- more than a -- hard for it through our doors Drupal ball and well we won't fall and a goods into the campaign would you -- Markey -- warned you're good. With that. -- You know different. To me you bought your right to borrow or Kroger card -- you called on day one during a ball -- -- on the worst Gordon might Gorbachev. Somebody juggling and it might call machines child were jumping culture war. Well listen it's been great having -- -- -- big fans of the show tonight there is date tonight 9 o'clock swamp people -- season three. All right -- sale everybody down there sale of the palace. Although hard voting altered Arab noble spiritual -- -- It's. They never miss by the way they -- miss and kill supply.