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Walken Through History with Christopher Walken

Mar 22, 2012|

Walken Through History with Christopher Walken: Walken schools you on what happened today.

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. WA AF steal my morning -- presents. Okay. Many programs television radio it's that are update you on what has happened this day in history in a trial we -- no different so here is lazy gentlemen Christopher Walken. And end. Today some locked in through history segment. You know critics call this both the best segment ever and the wars Christopher Walken impression of Oklahoma. And that's amazing. But in 7033. On this -- Greg. Joseph Priestley invented carbonated tonic water. So alcoholics could no longer just say. Hydrogen and nothing. And a daily you know you don't want to Lydia chronicle and in line. And I not mine my -- -- -- nine Y clock at a time by the I believe has been called that some seventy enjoy coming and yeah. And 79 -- Thomas Jefferson became the first US secretary of state them but in no. He Miller resigned. Because president Washington repeatedly. Commented on this tight sweaters and made him bend over to pick up drop we'll tell -- it's. Really nice is the first US secretary. Is being sexually here I was it was like Matt minister -- recommend. That. I -- those bras they're made his move stick Gallic football stuff. That Jefferson you know and 1943. Obligatory worked for women ended in Belgium. My guess they just one happily return to obligatory bitching about everything. And I'm just being from personal experience in 1978. Carl what -- out of the flying -- us acrobatic family. Fell to his death yes while walking your cable strung between two hotels in Puerto Rico and I remember that when I was a kid you know. His body was not found for days because he landed. At a church picnic in San Juan where was mistaken for a very chunky pecans pace -- Now why this probably -- -- -- Remember that well and as well I was gonna you acrobats and they always do a program that board I believe I made a move your bottom with more or bruises and ankle swollen though -- In 1992 a Fokker F one their 28 veered off the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport in flushing bay. Killing 27 people and but since -- was in New York there was still plenty of other Fokker is residing there. And finally I believe this -- finally today in history and 1630 the first legislation to prohibit gambling was enacted and Boston Massachusetts. Law. Now officially. They just try to prohibit tailgating. Moshing and delicious -- Wearing your pants low. And I believe unofficially they they prohibit using a turn signal -- you're in your car. And the letter and yes in diesel. And natural walk him through history and today I'm very good let's our new feature here in the Hill Man Morning Show walk in through. History with Christopher locking --