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The Boston Creeper: Core-Gasm

Mar 21, 2012|

The Boston Creeper: Core-Gasm, Spaz questions some people to see if they have ever orgasmed at the gym

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. OK if it's probably -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Defenses -- the -- -- the primary. Yesterday's medical news. On the show from India. University. Women apparently they've now determined. By having orgasms at the -- Daniels says it's an abdominal muscle thing. Many of the activities that you ladies do at the gym riding the -- cycle. Pilates. Stretching. Or publicizing whatever it is giving you cool orgasms a lawyer at the gym. This is some kind of conspiracy is -- -- I know that women all know about it but none of them are talking about it and there are various that I think that we discover -- -- -- now we understand why he wanted to. Hey we interfere with your masturbation ruin it well as SNL. Fact is you bill but I understand now why everybody's going to pay so much for curves that are higher in on I mean and so planet NASA -- people going to estimate for the memberships. Those the highest some ways it cast if this is back in. Real -- -- cited him I was I was asked to leave you know the candidates. As he -- story line up as a joke I ran into. A couple of ladies -- worth playing now and I had a conversation with me and I think we -- -- -- girl what Politico first as well it would do -- tiger has. Pretty old woman what she -- you gas I should it be used to be right across from the cancer -- -- -- you know for them come out in the -- I was meaning that the -- that -- -- right there in the in front of the mystery to everybody is actually now -- -- -- on the view campus stuff like that you put actual GM now that's. Diagonal cross and I was standing up and coming up. She's EMM have you radical orgasm. It have you worked climax while working on at the gym. I have not. It's now I would probably be in much better team. What's type of equipment do you think would bring on a strong. Climax. I'm not -- that machines called but it like CIA and their size me out if that's. Sounds I have no idea the machine at the -- Would do you work out more if you would in fact orgasm every time absolutely. I'd probably can't last Jackson. -- My -- time. Do you think that you and I -- may be head to the gym right now unlikely. What if I just watch you work out but that's really thinking. Do you do G Eagles. Do you. Think we end -- But. Them. Magazine. But the nine he says that Boston Globe. But you know it. Looks. Like. Maybe this journalist then none of these women have them. What's that machine -- today about you're the guy the abductor machine in which we -- -- pushing out as the abductor here and taxpayers his tax. There Danielle knows nothing about our own body has zero to do the ads everything to do would be a deal emotions. Has nothing to do with the -- almost and that's why it's called the court gas and results from core exercises -- quite. Yet I'd. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think we should you guys always do the guy. Before. This happens I interviewed the current Regis art first -- another girl who wasn't happy with you know this is the Sox so as soon as she walked away it is you came on house. Just go at it and it turned out to be very funny interaction with. He's be sir I I just go to -- coming out of the gym have you. If you over climaxed by working out. I don't know today climax. But that was putting in my climax if you ever been sexually aroused while running on the -- Com and they mean Alex sometimes like -- just -- shove it down the couple times you know -- make shirts tucked in nice and tight and now. It's it's it's do my best but I usually don't Wear belts like -- like -- under something you know this that you're really conspicuous. Have you ever noticed that another man checking out your junk while you're working out. And we thought. Well. It. Excel but I mean they're probably just like us you know the I don't know it's not it's probably the way it is you mind if I he watched you work out and what it what is Tuesday late it. You you'd like to have the blossoming here. The level it has its own deal. Now I notice that you might be a little while and now. And I got to go to class on XX about neat quick. Feel I'm done it I. Like what we -- But I just -- social and that's a -- you just me. Dugard. Has added the appropriately. With you running on -- we're running on the bye week and on the them. From. -- -- It's. Like the moment. That was another woman in this. Using them excuse me did. Regis working out yes. Were you doing. Running in did you happen to. Climb acts. Net. Do it not -- arrangements. To. Have you ever where. -- core against him while working out. No no and colors as well orbiting other. So now Monday may be events it would -- the element have you ever done Nagy did yoga. And and evident in naked. I happen to be a certifying a day yoga teacher. -- do you think we had back to your dorm room and -- a little downward. Now. Outlook for. What. Exercise. Brings you closer to -- sexual potential. My so forth cause he doesn't have put in the entered. Do you think there's a lot of sexual tension when you are on the elliptical machine. I downfield after last answering those questions. Could we schedule a private or keynote session. Mound. Now I think I'm done I think I don't want any workout sessions or any greed class and didn't want to think -- -- -- He you should Texas there's a publication lies you should instead it was on the cusp dot com I've. You should have done. And what some -- -- -- two things that yeah that sounds that was an ambulance sounds like a fifteen year old a little bit. It does 70 several says that he sounded like -- young gave an -- strategic didn't. Bad could it be -- -- struck that not eight Jack. You get down lord -- -- blah. Your these guys downward dog hello Jim. I'm ordinary quality in Georgia or porno bit. First girl sprout into your -- responded with a click negative when he -- watcher work oh -- in comparison to the idea yeah. Actually travel spot about it a little. It was kind of creeped -- on segment you've never done that guy. It's a sonic. It like from Bradley who wouldn't as LB says at what what does that or read actually I'd be funny -- the -- it out it's going to be a that's also why advantage and that is. Also the long after it and I have been awesome -- -- you -- began immigrant -- you -- because you didn't -- -- night when I didn't mean -- -- -- the moment. And I.