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Former Boston Red Sox Jason Varitek

Mar 2, 2012|

Former Boston Red Sox Jason Varitek talks about his retirement

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably China. Joining us right now good -- the program and a a man who say goodbye to the Red Sox yesterday Jason Varitek the former. It's weird to say the former catcher. Of the Boston Red Sox attack. Thanks for getting up this morning to get a late night last night did you celebrate with the fellows. You'll probably had immediately -- back to the Eddie -- to get back in the school that day so. Yeah I was in an adult quit. In and out there. How hard was that for you yesterday. It's done now Obama beginning to get any better word for that it but it was. It was nice I was. Overly surprised how many guys are able to come out and that -- -- says. Have been really and I. It was we were talking earlier. About tears when you say goodbye and and about you know those of us who work regular jobs we we might not cry when we say goodbye to them after years and years and years but. Where you did you make a concerted effort not sure where you willing to just let the let the water what the waterworks hello. I was a little better than I thought. I hope because trying to prepare your thoughts for the last fifteen years and in which you've you've done one thing your entire life. And it's like what do you -- Yeah. Yeah yeah I mean so Little League following on. And you realize how fortunate you are too. I think you know to be where you're -- -- there's so many guys that were better better athletes. Better doing everything other catchers and other outfielders site. But something happens somebody break -- the -- at the wrong time they're not seeing by the right people. You know kids you you know you don't -- an upgrade you don't advance you know you don't give me. We just something happens you know and they are certainly things have to be in the right place. In my right place. Came when. I got traded over from Seattle and general manager and in -- and a manager and interview -- that believed in me. What was what what was -- about if it was about the Red Sox that allowed needed to. To stay here for fifteen years in and not think about going elsewhere. Is the passion. The passion. And that's I have always believed that there is there's a fit like I've played the game a certain way and I believe that. The fans and the people. -- read -- -- we expect things to be done in that same way so it's it's it's an easier. And I would -- play for the white table about the organization or replace one instantly you know you're gonna bring a brown bag violence. If if he had to pick -- one highlight of your time here can you can you do that. The federal protective. Yeah. No it does know -- hey tech and now now that you called it occurred is there 11 guy -- or two guys -- you. Well. You remember as people that were huge an inch instrumental in your career to make it to the show. Oh I think that those those are instrumental. It's different levels and at different times. And that's what I trying to get across yesterday it was the fact that. You keep going as an athlete as a player as somebody that. Has you know I have. Good long career you know the longevity is about 2% have a career. Over over two years in the major leagues so that. A you're you're you're fortunate but. I'm not stupid I know that if I wasn't. -- They run across certain coaches other teammates other players different people my lives. And that I. I have no chance to be there at all but it all adds up piece by piece by piece by piece. I think probably if you mean you you thank you Little League coaches you thank you hostile code. I assume they still guys in my life my career and a monster commentary around you know I turn around I would never play the game in the NHL I would -- been mileage -- by now so that's that's that's awesome but I you know -- -- huge -- feel nervous you go from player -- -- from player to regular citizen -- Molly you're gonna work we are you do you got a job at the Sox right. While I'm in now and then decided -- and anything. Better and I need to sit down and talk here they're not that we got this overworked. And it slowed things debt and slowed things down you know once. Everybody reporters freight -- in no way you know immediately retired and it took a step back to seep back in it and waited a little bit and then. In this this last week to get crazy but I'll sit down with bad. And well. We'll talk some more and it and forgot direction of things that they want things that I'd like to do so. Those things -- to come. Speaking of of of way. Have you guys been asked about participating in opening day would would you would the two of you do if you rafts. Well I don't know but I -- That was that was that was enough hopefully that. Yeah I mean you don't really saying presently real -- really saying noted those things yeah. What would just say. Hopefully. A lot depends on my my kids' schedules and and -- Latin. So to say. Well I want this is speaking about what it's also about -- and I won't ask you about yourself but -- you think that you know in the Red Sox have some requirements when it comes -- numbers retired but. You think they ought to retire wakes number. Waited for -- yes. You know not not answer actresses got me in trouble too many. -- -- -- You can't go by and have them anyway and please -- later pretty much the leaders in wins in that organization. Made have always been justice starters everything he's done there is exemplified as a pitcher of that sort you. I would say absolutely yeah. I agree. Jason Varitek our guest on the Hill Man Morning Show. Can you say he who the best picture ever got was. I think. There's there's different. Different -- of different guys at different different period. Period and -- chat -- -- in his first you know 23 years. I don't think anybody in. Match what Pedro had to offer. -- changed a lot since then. -- is so dominant and report pictures. And to do pretty much what he wanted to. Strike -- were different back then. The game's changed since then from. Bill on the whole. -- cut up to expansion you have arms like page euros now but maybe not the same savvy. The competitiveness. The repertoire of pitches. All that he had. Which you have that velocity and in. Repertoire of pitches but not quite what he had. And then like I've Prado is going to be number one during those three years. But looked like. Nobody was better at located about bombing occurred. -- got their dominance that is as fast boat book -- and if split. -- Was it different dominance. In different power and -- You I saw you yesterday and that's and mentioned that that that that Pedro Clemens battle. Was one of the one of the best games the the opportunity to plan. Right it is is part is catching because those two should not with -- You know the dominance of of the stuff that that they had you know lunch -- given up for run that day. Their -- You know -- considerable amount of the plate and you -- wanna also get an -- run as their basic you know chain themselves that they are capable run that but it's. It's part of. A special day that the school had special stuff but that same night. I know I know who he said yesterday that this on a car that is wondered if they were call. -- -- and brilliant currently it is Alex. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I guess ideally like Yemeni guy I just I changed the the actual situation. Was just saying I like his career I just immortalized human Red Sox Nation yesterday moved from August. Hit it to the game where you guys are down now what ulterior and enough size so that -- -- -- happen in the acted opposite of what. So right. It's going to be Crazy Horse you know Simon goes beyond. Well I I hear your attitude of I think it's really interesting because of course Shaughnessy asked about that yesterday. You know I know you you you've geared your daughter's three there and she said she did that was the picture view fighting but it really it does stick out -- Sox fan's mind this is one of the great moments even if you don't want it to. What brand beverages for our team that is a moment that is. -- the day where. You know. They were trying to call the game at like 10 in the morning because of -- And we. Decided no we wanted to -- We knew what they're pitching situation was we are starting to gain momentum. Like they're our team for some reason that there was like no we -- we want to -- we'll play that it was start up again we're getting. -- -- -- And and that's that you know the incident happened you know Bronson and so is -- -- -- process and I get the middle of it in. And -- the bench is clear and then. But we came back won that game. And that turned a fight returners over the -- because we did it with way. We couldn't do it against is. Mariano taking the ball away with a court rightly. But it's it's been a pretty incredible career and I know you won't miss the media. We will you we miss the fans. Of course I mean I would say it's -- estimated there's there's been. Good move moments along with the bad and Netflix fuels everything but. The -- in the sand and what goes on. You know to be a part of that organization. And to walk out on that field. I meant to tremendously. At -- I don't know how I wouldn't. Yeah yeah you wanna show you when you would you do you would you want would you want a new Fenway Park here. Yes. The. Now I may have a chance to see the inside of stadiums and better answer that. The but you know because that's right we get out that we what we know I think it from our club to the dugout and how that's changed its its you know modernize completely compared to where. We were fifteen years ago we had a lot Scott Satterfield go to it indicates indicates is the shape of it now. And you got up all the middle of it together you get it dodged. Ball -- Let's do that cabinet is right behind the dugout. Now you can focus on changing diapers. -- going to be going to be diaper changer right. But that. I'm glad to see -- finally looks pregnant after about. -- -- tying Atlantic to -- my god raised its ban on our. Is very congratulations. On the on the baby congratulations I'm retirements. And that gullible enough job with -- get when you're number gets put up Meyer fairway. -- Israel if that's gone down to I don't have a jinx you do. Melissa you know it's a you've always been good to us I was accused the I was accused yesterday on TV of giving you softball questions when you did that interview with -- As the softball questions were over what it. Yeah softball a lot of softball questions left and right at all ever who's the rest of the bracket -- -- -- that. I did I got you on the phone right now Jason Varitek I wanted to over the routers that locker room. Listen you it's been volleys and good guys here and and we really appreciate that I'm sure we'll see. From time to time here in retirement. Anybody hey if you had to picket captain of that team. Who would you pick. I mean Nazis it's -- and -- -- -- do it they need to do. And decide what's best for those things because and when the time's right they'll -- take care of things correctly. -- bowl season thanks for thanks for being on certain violations and and that thanks for being here for fifteen years. Thank you thank everybody who lives. Jason Varitek who formerly. Odd to say that formerly of the Boston Red Sox.