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"KaraNolte" Nick Nolte Karaoke

Feb 29, 2012|

"KaraNolte" Nick Nolte Karaoke: Listeners try to guess what song Nick Nolte is singing

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. All -- Hill Man Morning Show prisons do. Yeah Hollywood's favorite game doesn't get ready to play on this one. Floor care run oldies. Game today. Because many of you -- Disturbed by the way Nick Nolte looked the used to study questioning -- played with fire Imus not you it was very bizarre to me being intimate. I understand you have a -- grow and it'll and I think assets Honolulu -- yeah. All machine the predicts the Astros are handled and 100 pin -- machine -- But he call the other call 617931. Goal one day have to play this morning you know if you win. You'll get a couple tickets in the third row offered WWE. -- witches at the TD garden coming up on Monday so all now. Bolt these gonna do a little karaoke Fauria and you have to do we have to do guess what the science and -- the winners that premature and has. It's pain and I don't forget LB's father big Vernon. Will join SNL Beasley -- birthday in about that 1015 minutes he's gonna join us from from Canada this morning. He's an older guy who probably easy up. -- he said no problem is that apparently there is there time differences in three hours yeah it's a three hour time so it's going to be like for third place yet. Big burned big -- LB's father joining us to confirm or deny the story about buying LB hookers when he was sixteen years old. And many of you probably say oh that's what happens that's that's how he turned. Ally and -- quality shot. Good morning during the morning Danielle or not. Read that people are they okay. Can Thursday by the way texting as Texas says I would be okay with the 750000. For the soccer field. If there were lame and behind a ordnance had. Them where. It all right John what do you do. I -- for our current company. Okay courier company and here is that ball do little karaoke all you have to do to qualified a win is -- the name of the assignment he is attempting to think you're ready. I you -- Yeah. My -- -- Yeah the there's no. I'm. I don't and I got -- you know I'm not stable yet this as a gentle guy and very sensitive and we applaud them because -- noticed about the best feeling I. You get that in genomics -- plan. Well hey Steve you know the answer. Have I told you lately that are -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't remember these kind of things like that may have in my -- things come -- it. -- I think you're right I mean immunity. In the it and I think Nolan seems like just yesterday but it but it. It. But by the late great on a side note about Nick -- yeah I was looking at footage of him yesterday and 48 hours where he's being interviewed about staying young with all these -- -- and Jason Blake followed him around for a day if you. And you had this doctrine that are breathing tests where you read in a machine is how young -- on site give us. Out of it yeah. I coz I gotta put the video just about how things look good and I funniest things that you've ever seen and Steve you have qualified -- thank you very much hang on tourists and I think we have another contestant. I don't -- it. The is Rick who is playing next morning -- a -- according now why you. People please do not credit Rod Stewart with I told you lately it's it's been more instant view regional did the did the cover. Rick what do you do. Well. To -- up here for LP hurt immediately. That I'd accuse you're nick will be -- Summer yeah. Saturday. -- -- I hardly any day. -- Pulled over that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's -- easy one like that. The answer there. All it. Why did you hear this aren't enough not now now injury agency like that he would do well and these guys. And. Think summer have been. Thirty. I want. I mean yeah. It. Stop the automatic. Before you -- the worst -- ever vehemently artists like I guess no -- -- our season's -- now. Right now regular. I'm. That it was more I want more -- And again. That's just one more next next contestant -- ring -- remain. Hey are you a -- -- him grade would you do. I and the and all sides. Major and I also. What you got to efficiently and I. Hang won't hear is and the penalties karaoke -- -- Not just true. -- -- What do you say okay and he joined me on the island and. I think of Michael -- then. Yeah -- terrain to serve our phone call Tuesday. So he's the manager ex manager it was. -- off. Well what's the answer -- that them. I bet is that dot public record. Yeah yeah sooners. Stuff -- us thank you so much thank you.