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News Stories 2-22-12

Feb 22, 2012|

2 High School girls film a racist rant about their High School (Kevin voices Morgan Freeman), Pres. Obama Sings “Sweet Home Chicago” (Kevin voices Obama), and a student, Alex Schwab, who has a problem with the words “Band Geek Alliance” on his band shirt (Kevin voices Nerd Guy).

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Two teenage girls in Gainesville Florida put a fourteen minute long YouTube video up in which -- -- on a racist. Tirade. And now of course the girl's video went viral and they've been receiving death threats and their school has had to step up secure. Really concerned. They all kinds of security around this school be well he's the school has been getting tons of death threats about other girls. And the girls do you see the video on and it's pretty. As you -- not it's pretty outraged Davis. To -- -- at school there are about to about. 60% are black Henderson like. What. And they're like. That and I -- -- are. I didn't think he'd written that are black 90% of the kids that graduate are quite. Not a lot of -- -- -- They don't like make it that they just drop I oh I forget that hit I'm getting get a welcome back -- eat eat. Yeah he. I keep up and they issue an eagle eagle and click play you get out well and check out -- -- like. Okay maybe or I would ever actually you are rock. Yeah the black people are but he read manager at a house majority of them. Are well we'll -- at the north. Currently where forward thinkers. What color is enough. Leo we we we grant equal rights to all -- in the north and outrageous is that you've. Back at all not here not here to stay here realize I mean -- -- that is that any. It's got to -- and how do you are racist is that young of an easy and it's. Watching. That -- parents. -- brilliant TV show and while it is. And I mean. Other kids -- from the air and about you know identity yet a group of kids to your emails to ridiculous and absurd. And you know I don't know when he Benedict kids that's -- -- -- -- you know it exactly it's finally get your -- you know exactly what we've been through nine -- better -- over -- yes. If there are a lot of young black woman and a man who -- off and out of school and hamstring getting pregnant and always call Morgan Freeman really. Modified only been picked those two young ladies -- good the racing video. If proven that we're not all like they think real but -- that out now are in our freed them from their sexual slavery and in the back from my automobile. The attack on an -- There's little bit okay it would have been out if they said block people probably a lot of today is a lot of a lot people off. They pulled this in what I started this is -- -- and that sort of changed and that sort of -- came out blow blues. Visit balloon people. At that that. -- you imagine now that you just cringe played -- related to Tuesday any of those as complete its that completing eight. From like 1415 year old girls I've built my daughter on -- -- -- if it. Has a problem there -- some there they'd probably. Will never be able to the back that school. I mean. You interface is found in Chicago animal. And hello Greg. Tomorrow I want there. I ordered -- I don't want to bladed battle over over. A half smoked a -- -- else it's really really not but if but if you infuriate you your parent and you're disappointed that -- -- that that's your daughter and I would I would for asserted suck it up in -- who backs to have you do and I thank you bill that I -- -- get the crap beat out -- toxic back glad to have had a little lady yet till she gets shot. But did you know Danielle -- -- -- hope that they'll all -- school at Texas says there's Baskin owning race that. He. It is our view to much if it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a text there's -- needs to -- That's that's what goes on their retirement age of and frankly I think is particularly on I mean I wouldn't laugh and I went -- video. Thankfully we get to hear the president Singh and Greg. They had the big well last nights at the White House salute to the blues in honor of Black History Month jagr was there. Along with the neat things some other people but we have audio of Obama singing game a bit from sweet home Chicago. Hello -- and. It's. Okay. -- -- That's well three well. -- I'm on public and I forgot to. -- -- at the Chicago. Home sweet home Chicago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A sweet home Chicago. -- -- -- Get this special mr. Biden is the -- that serves on the airline that divide nets may be don't you wanna go to the sweet home movement. Is that the big city full of water with a lot of Irish cops there -- one. Who are right there are no Noriega and you know -- -- rivers a brand named after the mindset that. They had a TV show to police and hospital. Some. And -- -- -- no known to have won the a bigger one more than one way of the opera is it. And I. -- -- -- gold and after the -- call should probably whom we want to get sick and it. Okay. Chicago. -- god and if god black belt at Bagram military rule. Eleven you heard him. -- -- doesn't dirt. Don't stop -- that. For a. -- -- -- mentioned the sixteen trillion in debt during the singing and I miss it and I think you missed it out of the management and I believe that man. Aren't wealthy you know. One -- in Michigan doesn't get the concept of self deprecating humor his name is Alex Schwab and he's an eighth grader who plays in the Holmes middle school ban but instrument does he plays the tenor saxophone. Aaron. And B band teacher. Made -- T shirts that said HMS date and keep the audience that being the key being Keiko yeah. Look at the front of the teacher at that it's okay I'm with the -- gets RS. I don't wanna be called a key dammit. He's very at said he feels like it's bullying and he got called a digital. As he left the T -- in my locker and -- left and drier. Instead of wearing it because I just didn't think that it was appropriate for everybody in the band class. He just classic. Really under scrutiny of her new announcing the class seats still learning and you're meeting notes and we need to Mateen on my question. Showed it whenever I figured I could literally left and right here right there on the in thunderbird for ridiculous. -- purely ludicrous it is accurate and really here's -- Says that she. -- Want -- on him did you hold as a geek. Just because he's in the band. I don't think he should be pigeonholed as a geek I think that that was cruel to make -- case where that -- so many social issues at that age they're so uncomfortable on her own skin right now and -- column a geek as I just couldn't couldn't believe that it can be really special. Cool thing for them to be a part but now when the school district just looking at what these kids -- being labeled us. -- Wow. Why lady. Here is our second circuit commissioner -- today not a DEE. He's the band members and -- partner and CME credit union. A in fact we can get complex and violent -- to quit making me. He he told -- Where -- you know everybody ostracize him -- -- -- you make the heat and cool. And it gives you know. -- -- -- -- -- And you know thank you for -- your site this one example right here. The idea. C'mon now George in my old George -- excuse me. OK okay. I've learned Kenny G any either him -- -- -- set to play another twenty to preminger -- set me at hello Nate. David -- did. It -- -- army also call that work best part told the change to the slightly articles squad. And I guess -- malaria in the nation comedy sex -- Korea. Many here and they're tying shot he hit it. -- to get -- -- of asks I mean deflating is complaining because their kids got to the end geeky here I really lie and it's and really. This country's right down the tube -- The Mubarak to about ten minute and again it and the breaststroke -- Does he need to have this clicked upper -- torn. You need to good do you believe. It. Six or 79311. Who's the number of people like -- yeah I -- -- -- -- -- another snag it but at that that you have a little. Its front page that made it back shopping. Now it doesn't trombone and commitment we've got at least. Ian doesn't have to Wear like happy answer features. That we've ostracized for that. Compared.