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Feb 17, 2012|

Jeremy Lin listens to Christian rap music (3 clips from the rapper done by Kevin), and Chris Brown's New Pickup Line: "I Promise I Won't Beat You"(Chris Brown bit)

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. If you're black guy named Jerry Lynn plays for the giants have a lady that might take you to restore to formal. If you're Jeremy Lin made a not so much this chick goes to FSU -- Made a YouTube video to ask Jeremy and her -- formal yet we have several mistakes in the video we have audio she's not quite all there with now. Either that are it's just a little fun -- that excellent press. Perfect girl for spats she's got a high yes it's. Trees completely. Dumb I mean just perfect as it would just -- don't know all the so let's listen. Hey Ahmanson and he on this -- -- -- -- on the track. I -- -- -- the giants. And the giants in the super Olson who cancellations and it's infringing -- And well still an illiterate when it. -- -- -- -- And so -- here and opening. I don't like to thank you had to be picky from its very formal. I'm happy about that at best you know -- -- -- -- you know how hard he. Appreciate it and guaranteed. Me and anti. He can't pay it back on Twitter -- selling stuff in -- not an arm. To hear from you seeing that I. You might think -- joke. When you watcher it's not it's -- she's that she's is that done. FS and her parents -- router owners now I'm not a -- education -- and FS you are now are not really. It is probably an athlete probably mentally she's now she's pretty educated is for Italy pretty heated period. Jeremy -- is -- She liked to hang out with him lie there at her. You know document he missed any of the 9000. Stories -- Jeremy in the you know -- non. Black on -- or if elected I am available any sorority girls. Go how to get out -- -- -- -- it was coming up. It's at least agree on regular. This before -- are they in the spring sports -- and available well me and I think that would be great. Doctor says Hamas wants to know. How many times has that young ladies had been banged up -- -- -- -- the New Zealand. We can't count because there's an election your breasts program. She should coaches do. Adam -- -- Our outlook and then I hit the way let me -- out of Florida you know you and it's funny is that. Happened Dell -- -- -- -- in the British want to bet that that. Well let Bagger so obviously not a lot of that statement that -- It's did they have some pretty girls obviously the excellent example of an FSU student Jenn Sterger and. Really. She's smoking. He's got to blow up humility. She really should blow. So I am yesterday LB played the clip. Jamie -- That was asked about what he listened to musically. And he says he listens dude Christian rule wrap her luck -- And so I did a little research yesterday had not heard public ready jacket and I. I've got some of his music with ideas might wanna hear it. Though on the does the does some covers mostly. Does original stuff but this is is is at all old testament or new testament to school and that's. It it's so. -- -- for those of you haven't heard some his some has best stuff. Greeted them. From the pulpit they call them all this went on in America that. -- Pretty good stuff -- like it -- camera movement Christian rap. I didn't even know there was a real Christian -- those industries are grown and Carolina and an -- on a even existed. Who wouldn't say a couple of then I'll light some candles on the fate in the big advantage like to stand. I think that's -- I got not problems sizeable long. -- I I -- it JC. -- -- policy says. Where you can pay Tony wasn't mad at got to be outraged goers who right now. -- -- -- -- -- Right stop congregate letting him build from the back in the if you win but you -- -- the top three plates so -- that he did it -- my pocket change opened the even. The deep stuff. -- Here's where. Architects are really likes the Jewish rapper line. And I. -- grades. And behind it our -- and it equipment. It's tough man it's out there Christian rapidly haven't experienced yet. Ticket out and that there's an interesting story line Chris Brown in us magazine. And some were complaining about them back the Chris Brown. -- Peter was featured on the grammys not only when one Leo so. Two performances. Man in the apparently Chris Brown. Is heading on any concern that ladies might have wall. When he meets them because according to one woman when he matter. He said can I get your number I promise I won't be you. That's what it is possible. Okay subsidies saying to Italy won its -- has can I get your number I promise that. You know what the sad thing is it works. Natalie yet there when he checks that will still be like out of making it really of that at delegate and well. There were so I was really amazed I don't know maybe it's just. Maybe it just does its Twitter and you know in the mean I was amazed how many women during the grammys were tweeting things like. Chris Brown is so hot he can punch me any time he speak all it's -- it was it was outrages. While. There and I know of delays really mean it's Turkey. Because he's so high that it is. I mean is that enough that he did but what makes it even worse is that he totally and were. Print that were unrepentant about any any like. Does not care. And enable. With that much would have thought it was mostly an F view. I got a Grammy well -- -- unrepentant about it -- as a a new book coming up. -- -- -- -- -- Around here recording artists ladies' man and man who hits recording artists that are ladies now than ever want this reinforces my -- again. I'm back on the singles scene with who proved to pick up lines like. Can -- give your number I promise some reach you. You know you liked you know I'd like to share my success and restraining orders from women in my new book. Chris Brown. Promises with punching Chris Brown pick up promises swift punch itself foolproof way to pick up women Wear the veil like you're not. Just listen to these testimonials from satisfied readers -- As a former president I don't usually have problems picking up ladies. But ever since our red -- -- book let me tell you there's one line that always worked for me. I promise I won't lie to America but you've given me oral small pleasure yourself with a cigar. Thanks Chris without Chris Brown I would not have known how to get back into the dating scene but with this pick -- line I'd do. Thomas how old raped or possibly a few. I've always looked Kris Brown's music that's ever since he gave me the peca line I promise not to get our next ugly cleaning woman pregnant I could not be happy -- Thanks -- see how you like Chris Brown now my book is only way to go crucial improves it. Just like guide to Chris Brown's Tikka promises swift punch available now I want today but don't. I got a -- now so and you.