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Valentines Day advice from Morgan Freeman

Feb 14, 2012|

Valentines Day advice from Morgan Freeman

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. For most common mistakes that men make on Valentine's Day number one. Was forgetting to make the reservation. Number two was. Giving a woman's stripper line Gerard. Umar vision they have to complain about after his -- and Zell if your Europe ending them if you give them. Crotch -- panties and some kind of lingerie at third was. Constantly complaining about the fact that this is a hallmark holiday they don't want to do that. And the or at mystic if -- correctly it was buying a last minute gift. At the viewers that drugs or parents through whatever but a man who is. Really -- an expert when it comes to romance. Joins us right now. Years in the studio legendary. Ladies' man actor Morgan Freeman the whole library the happy Valentine's Day Morgan. You know right this is the most romantic movie of the year and -- thoroughly read. It involved and some kind of an illicit relationship with the relative viewers remember yes then you might also remember of the car accident involved in front of my wife you know -- lights and I get around. You do some not so listen Morgan would you be willing to take calls -- manner cares about how to make the tonight and -- Yes they're gonna know that everyone can use the excuse. I'm working late on the new Batman movie. Like -- -- If you would like to if you'd like to speak to Morgan if you have any questions at all about this evening please call 617. 9311. 6179311. Half an LP certainly you know. I'm your guy who likes vehemently if there's anything that you need to ask -- -- -- And feel free. 6179311. Area John that is the that is the number to call. Just got a text from Mike Hsu saying is it appropriate to take a picture of the sunrise and send it to your Valentine. Might not have been him that he -- that -- you did you know he did how how was it it was actually have. How -- you really wanna -- some Valentine's Day. Bigger picture of the sunrise to put some -- of your erect penis in the middle. That's very romantic. It got the know the president is that it. Not necessarily. There's another group message to all your premiums and your contact list to be an icebreaker. The yeses and how constantly with the immigrant deaths. -- and also we romance. Sometimes I like to -- so does the Pillsbury Doughboy and and bend over and -- my donuts. And my girlfriend. -- -- -- good morning I would like to ask -- and if it's acceptable to sensual woman no torture -- -- swallow. It is difficult to pensioner woman's Knowles while one hand there's almost steering wheel. And the other one is on the Mac overhead. -- -- -- just taking your clothes pin with your home a good question now. Remember there's a difference between sex for money and -- for free. Thanks for money usually cost a lot less. If you -- have a question about tonight about the romance of the evening then please call. Morgan I know we have several suggestions for making tonight a romantic night yes well my favorite romantic moves is. You take a hair dryer and a hair dryer you blow it on your penis -- you blow the hit you below the hair dryer on your penis and then Wonder Woman gets home and ask what you're doing. Earlier warming up for dinner. That's a that's anywhere -- certificate -- work -- great moment and that alerts are not in another class. Romantic -- I enjoy is about a woman overrun total bring a bottle of some Clinton when she asks Obama what. So when -- -- clean the mirror is almost -- Felt like biblical -- I guess they government out of Iraq I think. Perhaps tell a woman -- money -- right Godiva. On your chest. And when she says why. -- because some them with knotts always comes in a mock the talk. Now let's gonna bet that if that sounds like club Morgan who doesn't follow Kevin. Good morning Greg and poets the weighted. We're seeing and museums here. -- but it was the first thing you said. That is because Danielle says the big mistake today is it detects that you send to your beloved is not the first text has to be happy Valentine's Day. I do my best. But anyway I was wondering if it was acceptable too hard rain on your -- that there's that -- that day. Absolutely but don't be -- -- rubberized your tool. It was my wife Morgan even with your wife and you'll get sick but if you -- your. -- -- I'm still assessing the -- -- I've got that sounds like a really grooming operatives and their political plumbing and yet it always been if you're out there forgot to make minerals -- tonight you realize that nowhere is going to be booked often. Let's call the restaurant detours into what I do. Pretend to be the personal assistant Morgan Freeman. And of course the private table with -- always works for me probably related to him is that there -- All right -- lomb ending any further advice for the guys that -- think you've given given given some good ones. I'm months suggest if you don't like my hair -- suggestion hallmark Godiva suggestion. Ask a woman she'd like to come over and play bridge bridge loan fiasco that is you saved. That's where you laid down and I come over you. Like it's all different geographic and unorganized seven's Greg -- played cards. And on Sunday evening and -- strict pitch that. Who stripped it sounds like a lot of fun I love it greens are never all right Morgan Freeman thank you are not nice to see you it's it's Christina thank things about it.