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Bruins President Cam Neely

Jan 26, 2012|

Bruins President Cam Neely

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. President -- -- Bruins brought to you this week by Leonard transplant associates obese -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard and also by Molson. And -- how are you buddy. -- -- -- -- I'm good. Did you happen here -- you out -- newscast segments or were you thankfully not listening. I was. Not listening I'm good yeah I didn't get didn't get in the like I should probably check. The man guy's name. I am always -- I'm always wary of 99. Setting you but I just wanted to ask if he had anything I know you said it did Tim Thomas last statement I just -- enough -- anything else now a couple of days later that you want at that about that or anything. Now okay. I'm I'm finally that I think tonight we we talked about I think it's it was on people's minds but I think you have to learn -- if I didn't ask they'd say that I'm afraid if you. And and I am. -- -- you know what it is that they at least with the timing when it happened it does does he give the all star break in some time for it to go away which is probably a good thing. Well we'll see of the impressive -- in Ottawa. To him I'm not sure we'll go away ship was. Republic prep is going to be in Ottawa but hopefully it'll. Will hear the end of it here. Yeah. You had not that no no notes for tomorrow roster particularly what does the president wants children's do learn all star break. -- able so. The take care of things in the office and and then the kids or your weekend. It's hockey it's the we have best boat -- -- Now do you think. The do you do think the athletic genes. Is that is that does that and -- -- -- like do you think wanna hear of player guys make it to the to professional sports. Probably the better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're there's some there's something Nevada athletic teams were questioned by. I'm I'm a big believer in introduce the kids -- or whatever sticks whatever they -- you know to take the mayor's support -- -- -- the kids have fun. Yeah that whole thing with an opening there. Was nobody does this I'm doing now. Yeah who at that. You know yet who. I have this conversation was was somebody yelled few years ago both -- have that -- some -- -- if you you know I bet that more in the near artistic heritage he -- I feel that if -- I'd know him know that. People in you know in in the movies while he could be ice girl. -- is -- that poor boy who has been used sit my note here you know in directly as bad as but. -- how the. I wanted to just ask you about the Super Bowl because. And and I know we're we're talking completely different sports here but I do think the attention on the super -- Is is. So big because it's one game one championship do you think that that the NHL whatever go to that like I am fine with. You know looking at day maybe limiting five game series leading up to -- or something but could you ever have a one game championship in the NHL. Never never okay. And an army our sport. Is. Primarily driven sport football is really they're they're seen these so huge bright. And you know there's no way I mean -- -- -- put it either through football ever go to a best of three or testified that related. Warming and it didn't do it they couldn't do so if so you think it's more about. It's more about the money as opposed to it is about football being offered play. Five or six. Forward we're. Sport like football you know in other words. When I thought about us meanwhile it's probably because maybe it's more about taxing sport on the body and you know and. They play one game a week. You know there's there's a reason yes. It it's really primary I -- -- -- -- huge sport on TV it is there's there's the the bedding elements of that sport more so than them you know part. -- configurable lines he. So. You know and and and that's they've they've they've done a fantastic job football and I think the NATO. You know certainly. Can see with the would have been since -- I think there were gotten better and better and better but. You know -- two sports bars. Taxes army and it's it's it's it's a grind and -- -- ad -- -- our sport when a chance to my opinion is. No question. Now there's a balance travel is here seven game series that mean. If it's a war out there. And then there's in again. Hockey you guys have done such a good to job unless someone's being born today you know the hockey -- that you've. -- every hockey term war. I mean they're watching everywhere. They've -- the you know the one thing you know the NHL network's gonna blow it up now people in Sweden to watch games -- you know watched their their players every -- you know every week. People in Germany people in Russia. -- I -- yeah I mean Kim do you feel like the Stanley Cup win like -- if you guys studied in the united brought a lot of new new fans the -- Opt I think etiquette -- it maybe change some casual fans great. I think I think that's what this sport -- -- -- casual fans throughout the year in men. You know as things progress the team does really well whatever marking -- and I think they they you know is -- there's an element and that percentage of those fans of casual due to heart -- Or or watch more games I mean it that the progression is and effective families that maybe have kids that that the is maybe -- and -- wanna play hockey and it becomes the he would. You get prepared to. On ridiculed on the show for thinking out of the box couple people sensitive question that was -- but. Those numbers and game and yeah I think it's an interesting to think about it might make remarks I think. I'm just that it's one game for all the marbles that is all it does it doesn't really fly. Just say in an if there was this stadium in Vienna stadium in Miami like -- and everybody gets to go to Miami for the stampede of being beaten path. The beats us in the super this and it went on about day August camp -- And I know it is planned on. I could have been Tim Thomas Muster when he -- -- the need Horton what's the update on him native born and I know it is you are concerned about that. Well right now it's classified as the mild concussion. Really mean no offense and played in the last game before along breaks so hopefully this break. He'll feel much better. I didn't I didn't hear from the -- yesterday I was feeling but. You know my hopes are in my guess is that. You know he'll be better -- this break it through this break it better be packed planes -- Nice and then any any come you guys look at them make an -- I'm in and you always are but the other cash to do something. Yeah we do we have we have we're playing -- space so. If there's an opportunity to improve the club we like -- -- we feel we need more depth up front and and on the back and so. If there's an opportunity to make a move that makes sense we've we have the get the caps they do that. I will keep an eye on March Johnny called yesterday's down at Disney this weekend so many -- they've done. This great yeah yeah and I think they got the game is easy when his girlfriend's. Gonna help our half they're on solid five guys went to -- and skipped it. You know that you're basis these he could bring your oil. -- it's like to go to and from there it through our Marcia picked up. Looking at a restaurant for him and his girlfriend and -- -- you know -- -- have a good time -- of the Arthur ray who -- the that next week out. Good guys they're really. A great first -- but it. And nearly the but the president of the Boston Bruins.