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Jan 26, 2012|

Seal Team 6 rescues hostages from Somali pirates(Bit), George W Bush: A man showed up at Bush’s house with a firearm(Kevin calls as daddy Bush), Nicki Minaj Gronk Loony Tune

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. I did want to do. Command of the fine work by seal team 6. Wednesday morning Danielle. We learned yesterday that bad today when -- rescued a couple Americans being held by Somali pirates. Yes that's correct there in Mogadishu's Somalia over by a campground and there was an American man in a Danish woman being held captive. And they had been held captive since October. And during cover of night's -- team seal team six stormed and the guards of the Somali pirate camp had been chewing on a narcotic leaf fall nights and there were a lot of it. And these seals killed all mine pirates in the process and rescued two hostages. And really isn't me and Barack Obama was right it yet. -- Stating that -- credit for it. Beyond I think they would that would they parachuted in at night is that -- -- that that's and those guys in wake up at all. They should -- -- one but usually nearly one century who's in charge of played like one guy -- in both as they implement. At the -- again like cheating. If the ninth time duty Buick Buick thing. This -- this. Feat of bravery and other feats of bravery. By seal team six. Will be featured on the History Channel this evening. As their legend continues to grow. Tonight the History Channel presents. Inside the bravery of -- -- These are kept mostly secret. We know they were responsible. For the execution of terrorist mastermind. Osama bin Laden's. And Wednesday's daring rescue of American hostages in Somalia and for the first time tonight. We learned about some of their most classified mission. In 2012. Under harrowing conditions at C seal team six is asked to deliver -- to go and order a filet mignon and garlic mashed potatoes. The lifeboat of Italian cruise ship captain Francesco -- you. Get your vote on thousands of hungry enjoyed. Later that same. This vehicle. Extricate the Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas from it in -- train full of Massachusetts Democrat. Without firing a single shot. Finally just today and seal team six courageously broke into the Hollywood home of Demi Moore. Force a large roast meat grinder down her. Inside the bravery of seal team six also features their only failed mission. Rescuing expenses dignity. On the history channel's inside the bravery of seal teams -- Amazing now are still teams that we're lucky to have fun out. I had little problem for Debian Greg yeah man. Showed up at George W. Bush is home unannounced and down us for the firearm -- it felt really out so -- charges that Secret Service bodyguards and question the guy. They'd interviewed him he was ultimately released Dallas police checked everything out is that I was a licensed and carrier bush wasn't home at the time. But I guess it's not unusual for people to be stopping by -- residence. I'll really -- people stop by I guess this area but and not those that are on the west. They think the guys mentally disturbed he claimed he received a message from bush that was conveyed spiritually and Adams are. Oh I -- those lies in his people's spiritual a spiritual message out. I'm getting one right now on the phone yes. -- -- -- So brilliant. Spiritual message and not daddy -- more yeah the old attitude George Herbert Walker Bush stands and. How's everything up then you -- Kennebunkport a little cold up there is there. Yeah yeah appear in he's -- a punk Portland look a lot of credit days. I am. Kind of a scary thing for your son. We just -- -- -- -- -- Afghans. And -- probably would have put back. It's got nothing to do these days hang around the house Laura -- and an amount that's special Hitler had to Barbara's birthday. You know -- I think David. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dick Cheney who has to do the little nearby on Dick Cheney usually goes if -- -- And I figured out that way back nine million Barbara but that's another story. Actually put on hold your head over Barbara's case and that's a look at. And I haven't actually going there. -- -- -- Now back on your wrong then that's down. All right Powell was always nice here -- new one of the one of the great presidents. You know back collaborated then and probably looking back I definitely he's an American hero. It is an -- of the America's young defense gilligan's work. Like historic and not on the Internet -- what happened that start an embarrassment on the the to -- tonight. Apparently -- demonized is back. With based on to pump up the New England Patriots and from time to time we make -- of these -- made fun of the Tivo -- -- like I like here we go patriots but nine -- has -- we have a -- we have a New England patriot on this tune. And I -- debut -- -- I think this is the debut right now but he says that's an image that you're realistic it's pretty you know he's ministering -- -- completed and when it unintelligible. But. Is that humanize is that it this. I'm not sure what the key commodities it's they're deliberately. Mario. He left database -- Your source fiesta. Or not gone -- gone there. Brady. Would be the global war on how that came up. -- -- a grown and grown animal Roberto -- grown up I've got a blog about fuel source fiesta and got. You'll -- yes yeah and -- if you. He left innovators so -- unsettling animal -- less worn out or not we. Can't get done. That's 382 hole I. It. Why our home zinger of.