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Liam Neeson is converting to Islam(Kevin voices Liam)

Jan 26, 2012|

Liam Neeson is converting to Islam(Kevin voices Liam)

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Lian Neeson reportedly converting to it -- yes why where he was filming and it's -- ball. And owners announced he's done -- And remember the and he said that the Islamic prayer got into his -- That the call to prayer happens five times a day for the first week it drives a little that's and then. It's the most beautiful thing ever. Absolutely had. So much that I'm growing a beard and I'm even wearing blue. His job which is the Muslim women's -- would you like to say here in America. He is an intense actors -- -- -- I -- a wolf from my new movie coming winter and the grade. And and we're just if you follow a plot. That apparently there's enough brought LBA Bruins colored -- which -- -- -- my god help -- am -- Muslim men. Protect. Group Leo I'm well. And importantly can it is it is it's a personality. As a guy that there was another million to have. This the problem is I can take all these religious holidays off the plan I'm gonna have to work on my movies -- the scoring much better than that time -- in the old black church in the south. How did not go overwhelmed. Would you like to read -- -- Ryan. -- but some movies that he did where his daughter was kidnapped and you're getting into school to make him to a chance why should tell you intense. He's too intense I can't really I can't get it into his character's many diseases maritime argued adjournment for Ramadan month and a half. Unless you have some mountains costing you think you could do that I acted as I previously. Com. What's the one also that I guess where they're pullen a scam on him to get in the car accident on news that's cold I don't know that it -- It I actually buying the myself and -- ahead with a sledgehammer. To a moves my memory and a lot more about it correctly and I just remember where was I cut any I haven't seen I really an -- mentally it gives -- better ones whose. 200 material -- and there should stick around positive -- say. This. I know how -- did did you watch film I just I guess I get burnt out on his delegates it's. What do you did you watch like the first minute of Schindler's List you know I don't know the Georgia backwards so that I have to be a good enough. I can't hear there's no argument here in. Is -- good actor I agree with what you saying like you might be somebody over does it. A little bit like LB -- does now but. Those -- it felt that you would make a great Muslim. You and Al Pacino are. The bar you'll -- I'm Mark Mallory who. Let's go down to the mosque together. And down on on me. What are your man I can't tell us the women. And not -- you know. How that's how. You are. You're need to conduct includes this this is a church that the moths. It was great in that man busted again there's so I was -- -- grueling but man -- that my actually age to about. Which really had nothing to do with the movie since it was a guy into a dark man. There's a dark man has found argument are actually burned myself to -- them burn victim -- about it. Believe any oval jerky -- I didn't have to -- -- -- you've but I did need some gauze. Eighteen. There's BA junior didn't it I actually originally tried out for the role of mr. team. -- showed up wearing brown shoe polish. And unfortunately that did not go well with directors and put up a good fit and perhaps let's let him take that George apart rule book Hillary loses his temper at a I'm next jerk of all of us. Rightly am Neeson nicely unlock bar and the man who wouldn't give me the role -- PA about raucous. I hate to. And I really wanted to be in the hangover -- -- and funny and oh yeah. He -- -- -- And the companies really has room to dole out. They said he was in a western with Pierce Brosnan techsters this. I don't recall the name of out once and we've got a movie. Aviv date period was using it was called boring passes. -- was just me going I'm gonna give you would just Rosenberg who is a nuisance to -- to move in the rob -- We'll call rob -- I was dead drone killed did not want to I wouldn't go under -- finish line. Go -- and in the elderly. No we I think Daniel's percolate. -- -- Will be at the dime Rios got a bone to remember how. But the Muslim faith this dirt does that that's an old analog. I'm gonna have to see an extra parent and -- tonight thanks a lot. He's in -- Ricky Gervais latest movies Texas is that love actually here and I thought that it's it's actually a television from a president. It's got to midget and a Democrat remark for both of them yeah. -- there's -- senator and I'd give him seem offensive suited to a reflects a -- you -- dwarf and they think like suppose a Myers and practice and a Moroccan. Well Bobby. I don't want you also not. There was also that poll double -- sport that does not and carriers. Will be. I believe I was the bad guy that when. Parliament had just found out that the -- don't consume alcohol. -- This is gonna turn out badly for both of us. The hours of guess the -- it was our sense. Who's queried on -- and why don't -- Hello way Anthony. I quick quick. -- -- and yes and generous citizens but other species but yeah as the biggest penis and I guess it was -- put it despite an -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it or habit that. I'm. Supposed to do. You think that yeah. Liquor -- there is hope for. -- Dunham Islam and that's -- blessed me with -- -- or someone that's we suddenly I had to have sex with Janice Dickinson. Danielle is what Rainier which is kinda like having six with millions Brunette piece of what -- given how -- Have you ever. Drank a bottle of -- we don't. If not. You know so yeah yeah basically you're saying that the size of any penis or alien reasons it really doesn't matter. I didn't say that's okay with two buttons you need to clear my biggest play. You know it's like you know for -- it's like -- it's that big -- like I can't possibly. -- heard that hired. Back yards and then there's an opposite end of the spectrum like that mushroom cap. -- right sexual purposes remained around the world have been. And what mentally it's in my New Haven secede let's move within -- the -- and Michael Fossum under you were talking about yesterday. It. My goodness -- the size of an of via. I have to pay it dolls without heads got. -- the most and it's an important. And that you that you think about the size about a team of -- if he had an affair obviously I think -- Katrina might do for women to Jemison connections went. That we don't -- under -- but I have to fisherman out with my officials. Are Muslim headgear. -- Liam Neeson has -- -- to. Is reserved -- get to see the -- In theaters Friday. That out this that's right -- Brian. They had all cadets throw out outlook is wealth but also the out remake about I think you're and that. Remake it's. -- into the big head into the house. That I burgers and spurts and -- Clinton -- who's married to the bird who remarkably. All right let us anything else this -- -- Owen Wilson died in from the proper place in that movie. I want -- bloodied giant chimney declaration to help him in an organ but like a first store. It was their first efforts that -- store it was a brokers to. I really wanted to be in the wedding crashes to Begin not a humorous dole. I've spent. Started as a Texas espouses the size of having gone past. And I don't approach in the back after a naked it's this -- what you'll Littleton. -- --