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Hill-Mail 1-26-12

Jan 26, 2012|

Hill-Mail 1-26-12

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. OK if it's probably China. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience he'll -- up. It's been done that ought to president. I didn't hear him mention anything about. Government but they did maybe if you were sort of I don't know I'm. But around our feet on the ground if that would have been different. On WA EA. And Thomas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you care if you want nine hours -- and off again and I'm afraid I can't opera and and and I Islamic prayer from the president's probably I'll -- him. All right this is WA AF WA AF issue unless robust in WK definitely KF hasty one rocked in Boston and -- -- front you buy -- Condit and a 100 dealer is sales in the US. On the -- mile route one in Norwood come on now. Thanks 23 and again. Click being peddled blues put reported it you have to locals believed there. New Haven I want to have the guy on the -- -- -- -- livelihood for Taco Bell this orbit by Greg thank you very much enjoy your day. He's -- here the mayor of east haven Connecticut is in trouble they want him removed from office he was asked what he was going to do for Hispanics. And people are unhappy with his responds we -- to look to -- community today I'm gonna have tacos when I go home I'm not quite sure yet. In particular that answer that. If it does feature a pulled the and the Bly excuse it'd send the army is dying violently to -- I thought because of Waxman -- that. What I started the same as a word and that sort of changed and it's sort of ruin it came out those. And though the Sox agreed in October October it. -- -- -- -- -- Walked into the studio at yelled back so -- is that what. Under mailman me I mean -- I don't respond to me I wouldn't look -- be like yeah what subject. The you know I recently read. And amusing this as an excuse. And after the age of forty down in order to simply mean dean. -- way yes you must do one hour of our deal today in order to simply maintain your way I'm never mind losing. And you must you must do one now or an and running out of your family does not that's a cabinet now -- it's less that the army you know 567 mile run far mile run. Stinks to -- learn Ian. Look at it it -- the road and -- -- it is that mold that -- garlic. The message. -- And of course sex then sent says -- -- north -- victorious -- story from a hundred days. And days ago. 608. And again. Today -- Obama won't have -- kids are located at that a lot we'll wait what -- I don't break. That control the clock and I -- there but -- yeah or. And -- out there and raised its you know I will do will be the biggest biggest ever -- know about you animals. I was talking earlier this morning. About a must to get -- for next week. The 100 pound -- That will be at kids funds there and traveling -- it -- DC senator you did come up with the name of the animal that is the 100 pound -- the camp Cabrera the kappa bear. Yes it's us this may be fraudulent Ike I mean else it's not I need -- hundred pound rat in here next Friday to conquer my fear of rodents -- you get it to make that happen hello. It. Like across between me and Guinea pig and -- that though one of the program imagine how big opinions. The -- underground. We we give them for anything you're did you wish to put this thing down in the calm in the in sales Cubans see how long that people there realize it's not one of the it's. As a direct it write copy path with and it's really. Hello -- yes Dan. -- -- From and vivid example are all that they see -- start off the taxpayer bought. Right against the could have been -- seeks a little greedy little hand. I don't believe that -- -- -- diplomat into the studio that it is no one is that ain't gonna happen is okay. -- exciting you don't see. Plus. Eight air academy Harry. Our. And they get dated enough good Daniel Baxter is a new listeners showed that one on -- kids yet. Zero. The whole island time. And I atmosphere shady here. They got there early you're still moist down there NRA and I made the taxiway in nothing's gonna break your sister died. Ain't nothing gonna break New -- -- got to keep one at the. -- -- -- 37 AM. Are correct but -- you -- calling one more try and looking -- -- secular government warning secondly I can't -- don't bought an entire. Beltre is upon our fault -- -- -- don't -- corporate and protect its political economic. When they didn't -- it at New York he. Ultimately. And I'm going to make walk thank you again what are my daughter. -- -- -- little -- what it would -- But what can speak little patent later -- because -- -- -- -- Phenomenal. Kevin by that's our body and Sully. Leo Jeff let's demagogue and as a pretty -- knows him -- -- majority of them. Accountant pretty violent I don't know who's better we should have dueling it. Never occurred and the editor Tim Garland and -- the only time really does as the -- Boehner. And -- this show but I -- dialogue that children. Now. The -- there at the designers. He's just become -- -- -- the way it's all excited. That it's never seen do you ever see it now I might be easier this is this controlled way of trying to light. Pump the people live what does he do that he would do makeovers are what is going on -- the rush from some salt and expert on everything and person who comfortably house and erect -- and an outing like it's -- Has an answer makes a fort went to click of the size. -- -- -- -- This is the Brazilian didn't know. Enough think for -- brought it yeah yeah. We can afford to ignore you have peace -- don't follow this as two million adult only. You have got to ignore him like that in my field over the door -- but supporting it. But if you I don't think that. -- could create an open it up and we don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your mother for me there's something about -- about something about Mark Wahlberg starting new business. Yeah I really do what Wahlberg who you guys do when the out. They've got an emulator American Football League start now poor and India -- -- and he's yeah he's gonna she's going to be an owner. Saying that they. Ten team can you know -- geeky -- under Bangladesh. Affairs Dick defeated. With the need to be combustible. The hopes and dreams of one camera. And -- -- America one -- mark at all where I am article. -- -- funny investing in India any owns a burger joint. It's funny it was a funny. -- -- funny but it's not on my watch is not funny -- -- and who wants its money. The king -- meet the king of me. That's him Kurt Warner might do care curt Warner's part of our path and got one. And Michael. I mean Michael Irvin -- believers African American. Twenty weeks any. Mike go -- knowing. -- we get a new. -- ability battery. And you know. I didn't -- Our. How many drive in this -- don't even though there. And I. I don't know eight bit. I think. And message not to bad this morning as a little bits -- -- ran second -- Mass bites completely there's just stuck. Don't worry about it. 6:47. AM. Well I know that the Somali pirate boat -- They hit you don't have to worry upbeat guys tonight I kept electronically. In a bucket of chicken but I won't kid. And I love the fact that those Somali pirates where chomping on. Narcotic plant sales fell asleep and all of a sudden this steele's role in silently by the way -- -- them all. And now drag the American -- in the united Danish guy who state the idea of merit and and it's the same seal team six a group that that that up in one match. It's an unbelievable -- would you rate. It's awesome. The awesome to give those orders doing there probably and then that my sitting home in their boss ultimately 6 o'clock at night. Coming -- -- and I and I go back on rescued from probably. Seven 19 AM. Say -- man it's not funny it's not entertaining it's -- got -- And that kind of settling into the hole in your forties would what you hear from people who don't like it's got. You're an -- I'm done listening to your radio that he can articulate a lot of other people who -- done with you more until. Later. And it can actually sense. Believes that what does the the -- -- the condescending tone. Work in somebody call -- and where I don't know I don't know 54210. -- my -- I guess -- I just think it's time -- there and -- -- made available on the website or something. -- off a lot of people who text me and say they really enjoyed EU out I don't know why that man would be so upset about it I I don't mean to be condescending. I just don't know I guess I don't understand why. Like if I see. I don't know names something as something it's on television that. Is offensive to me I don't I don't lose my mind over and stuff -- I know these days right now I registered its air China that. I don't I don't mean. -- there's no as far as that any of those young ladies like call the police or anything today. Today weather today we don't know and -- -- and room and on. -- again. Want to know if that was the second and got an email I will now know that was -- and then now as a listener -- there are areas that. Very various. Texas says I don't even know are condescending mean -- Now listener crowd that doesn't surprise me at all. I'm not I'm not I'm I'm I'm more I'm comment tool now. I'm damn I'm there I'm massive amount of you that are no longer listening because of the year out I guess I wouldn't know -- now you can call and tell me right now most. -- -- 5:35. PM. Anybody out of there. I got myself I don't box satellite saw why aren't -- keep in the back of the truck Israeli -- that little bit. And to lose in -- how bad I need it -- you got that you need help. You really do I think you have an assault -- -- -- -- if you call people. And doctor says the only person offended by that. Our closet creeps the only people as he did it yes Anderson in our cost -- -- Attacks. Is hello Jim. So you do wanna broke all of our web site developers Vista X little bit but when you were doing our genetic experiment. There was no talking you out of -- you were doing it it did. A I. Everything is your decision you know -- bank I mean. 708. Ian. Who believe the president of adequate. Into. Laughter -- -- I thought. Let's see I missed the bit played again middle oblivion after I think David Blair again after nine to ask for people who are not -- of people are up but during the 7 o'clock hour -- we should do that. -- -- -- After a it did it with their own home I. Protect quick tip my I don't -- -- it but it would it would it would give people. -- anymore it's amazing to me 49 years old she's got everything going and our share and nitrous she's doing with its its that's a senator to the hospitals. Period did you think she hadn't been -- good article there it. When he gets a -- that was going south. And yet the things Kevin you know these just Olympus I think they thought that would be less embarrassing -- thing. See Greg -- segments I plan my day people need -- who not be so sensitive and worry about it. As a woman and I think EU -- areas. Number I'm so if it's a lot of that guy as a stick up his he has a parade Tim -- -- getting Fella getting -- that is great please keep please don't. Don't stop doing it alone Mike. Hey Greg I just want to ask you. We I would -- Philippine got a little one on the other and the little. Question well since doing since are doing hypotheticals I love when people do the hypothetical how would I know that she did it personal. Well yeah yeah. -- -- explain the scenario to me she -- she -- which you come home from -- -- something. In early I would 120 its feet and in their twenties or thirties or forties as an adult you'd come on what what she said. What should but it I don't I would be surprised -- some of these bills went home and you know they they would probably should not about it I mean I I'll admit I did a lot I'm listening and and I'm not expect the. -- that but he mean when he say shook him up what today yeah I came into that -- and asked them the league blasted out I wanted to. High. Every time he's going to an elementary school this these are grown and you know like 20/20 53040. He's not threatening in the least. He's he's holding a microphone is -- in all my. Things. I mean please. Only I'm gonna -- -- if you're gonna -- hypotheticals. That was my daughter Julia. Please give me the full scenario so I can I can. I can understand what I'm excited she came all like in a ball of if she was still living would -- in her twenties and I hadn't kicked her out yet. And she came home and went into the fetal position in the corner and was buying her eyes out I would say yes what's the problem. And then she said -- guy creepy little five foot two pervert came in with -- direction interviewed me today. Then I would say I I think we need to call the guy out then ask him wide net is that says you should probably. You should probably make the pitcher is named events that's probably that was my thought I'd say oh my god it was great I heard on the issue. I mean. -- another if we understood the 45 in futility is for the most action their clothes stashed in the any human and I want to. It's called segments called digging you out now we do have to replay because a lot of people don't get there itself. Lol how about if we replay -- -- fifty religious people I'll give you a time Youkilis and -- fifties when will replay today's egging you segment hello Matt. Hey welcome nobody cares what that they have strippers they really do you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could you get. To package it totaled N double where the computer -- hope -- And you know I mean again and I hit the repeat myself but he's got everything I mean yes she lost -- that your. Apparently an art kids anger at that that was because she's on the prescription -- that's why he's that's what that marriage and wine and the girl on the hunt them from us. And and the really -- just wanna mail. You define a lot of bars. -- -- I want not only doesn't -- city figure out kind of like Steve Corel in the office. Perot was any offers you know that we are shocked. So shocking you know but it always it was audio act act act leaderboard you talk a -- hypocrite after your daughter on the same -- lap. -- at Texas that let me ask you a new question how would you feel if -- was your -- that's the question everybody -- I think anything on the -- -- it's how would you know both her daughter solid day of. You go now to bury -- to. Ellis and -- -- -- you just -- -- so you are all against they have added the option package be absolute ball well that you've been. Back to us. Certainly we -- finally -- -- -- one more rollover accidents islamists and your dad and on ever if -- your grandpa. How about your grandpa you're gonna go in the -- pilots and and that Texas has replay -- any thirtieth you -- -- and one here now I may go up may delete their I'll make it 830 will replay it at 830. 7:10. AM. British conservative run. We decided that we protect us. -- we move. On important. Syria but it doesn't morbid not to do there unfortunately it was an apple didn't put it there. And now I thank you very much perfect. This morning. Burying hill mail call 6177795463. Easy to believe your voice mail today Hill Man Morning Show yeah. -- yet. It will cut up into the rebel -- being -- they are going oh yeah because Goodell ordered deported. Endless in every morning at 750 to hear your message you knob.