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Igging You Out 1-26-12

Jan 26, 2012|

Igging You Out 1-26-12

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. OK if it's probably -- And now the Hill Man Morning Show Bruce -- It's. They -- you well. About you out. Which yesterday's -- Toward -- you know without. That yeah yeah. Which Burton law -- -- refused investments. After meaningless because fortunately. I'm. Right but I spoke with you eighties. With the -- which it's. As the lottery incidents that. We've takes -- -- now. From Powell is Melissa. And their two yours -- -- in their twenties this is egging you Melissa. You manifest who a couple of questions about the news of concern. Could you tell me named Melissa Melissa recently Tim Gunn revealed that he. He hasn't had sex in about 228 years what is the longest period of time you've gone with -- sick she rule. Intercourse. A couple of weeks and during that period. All were desperate were you for a little. Sexual. Action. Now. We think about health bureau with that problem in you and I had in the back room. -- little. Is. Making them. Here's I don't. No absolutely not -- -- for me. -- really creepy and lately is now. The way things really LA the. According. To a new study. Small breasts. Are making comeback. But -- some guys progress do you think it is -- tomorrow. Today. I noticed that you have decent size bosom. X works is the news. I'm not answer that. You mind if I give me quick. It picked it and I just as you've won him -- Me. It was the first -- the aren't really about argued about. The -- it's. Packed on -- agree on. Human being in and he is even creeping me I am truly -- -- This segment makes my week please keep. -- -- I have a deck on its early Friday there's there's there's I know there's an idea catches. Idealism. By. I don't know it's a text wants to know if there you'll law would like our listeners going to be called the court as witnesses on this -- probably and I haven't. And a lot of evidence -- who's next who's next. Amy Amy is next and Amy same mall like mall and -- burner and there's different establishment this this is the young girl. -- room. -- Dead bunnies on the -- Excuse me ma'am it to -- a couple questions regarding the news. Could you tell me name. Amy the candidate Tim -- revealed that he hasn't had sex in 29 years. What is the longest you've gone with sexual. Rule. Interaction. Again. I have to say about six month what is the most desperate. Thing you would do what. When you are in need of a little. Beings. I am not gonna -- to that question. I can't imagine. Any pretty girl like you would -- six months without any kind. Contact with -- Hingis. Can you a couple of really. Leading. Prius and get away from -- And then have to ask it'll be that they're gonna keep on doing that stuff is little weird. There is a growing trend with celebrity's. Getting tattoos. Of their cadence. In certain places do you have any tattoos in than usual places. Comfortable answering that question. And do you have any -- accuse us. Hidden under your panties. No. I do have a tattoo on my lower back. Africa. At do you mind if I take a peek at that shrimp. Can't and don't touch me. Relax. I just. Violated right now. Do you mind if I ask you wanna know more questions. Sorry. I'm just asking one of your employees a couple of question insane and I. I notice here eating eighteen months. You really are the likely. That's YouTube questions. Easily now and what that's all right. Baxter says. This is the big mr. Moffett a creepy yes I literally get out it's just the bull it's the holy trinity we get can actually play the end -- I got to -- of that -- and I -- near that area macro lists no skiing down. The I learned that is extremely you create your own yeah I'm gonna do. Now. Everybody I think now failure by itself would be good news. And -- tell them you're from radio station at the inning. And -- yeah. News. -- -- And be outdoors to the college. -- -- Don't worry the last sorry it up for everything. -- -- Sorry sorry. To keep -- I. I get I get -- -- Portsmouth. Is that that -- -- but they love it I get some people really uncomfortable ordeal like there'll be able messaging -- yesterday saying that they love the way that he says sexual identity is hilarious. That's this individual does not like you. And I quote. And yeah but get ready when it no real hope we'll left. -- back and tie and I'll get you outline that you wanted to pick up to figure it out this is not fit and it is. Why does it and now. Because you know every -- -- about. Secular left but to be the pick of the -- ways I -- well one day. They're gonna give you but what happened -- keep jobs ought to apply. That you'll -- -- Hollywood talent. And it it can't. I must stop DA is due out hope you didn't -- -- You do it is the -- it's meant you had a Vietnamese immigrants work. -- the -- iron out -- leg. It's the Mac and I. Grabbed urged. Obviously it has been accused. You know via. If I 617931. OAS -- the numbers you like to be on the show -- excellence 93 lines line manned. Everybody go take a shower after when when we come back. We will find out whether it is bad. If your daughter sucked on a live mouse and her daycare facility. And there's a based on the popularity of yesterday's Bob Dylan bit there is there a a new -- team and knowledge. Patriots answer that I'm not I'm FTC's to have AMP to infinity for a certain player does a select a certain player -- the -- And I think that's what she was. -- get to that all of that coming up on today's Hill Man Morning Show.