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WWE Superstar John Cena

Nov 14, 2011|

WWE Superstar John Cena

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- him I lose. Everything seems like it's doing just fine. Well I saw the rock is back now. What does it take you think cash wise to get the rock that. I I kit -- which I don't know numbers I'm pretty good and I'm pretty good numbers -- I don't know that I can't cut and I I don't know I think it's you know obviously with a six success outside the deleted beauty and he seems to fund his passion outside there -- marina at it. Probably took a few nice conversation we sits there on the bond like board and Vince is like god please one you know. Come back and he's going and now feel 1000002000003. -- dethrone them. I said it is a onetime thing here as a package do oh well he's back tonight. At the TD garden -- the three -- -- he's my partner at Madison Square Garden is -- -- this Sunday Milosevic -- -- pretty cool -- -- and of course we are going to percent to would be to disaster on April 1. Point twelve -- -- me in my. Point five million -- I'm Ali mentioned -- stuff they get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know we're who were you know tonight's almost sold house in the great and those who buy groceries sold out in ninety minutes so and -- and you broke broke until tomorrow it's over the world so we can. Last time you were here -- -- -- -- everything on yesterday's deliberate Bonderman is doing great that narrative let's get a note -- minimum -- -- -- three weeks we've got just about the United Kingdom so I've -- off the -- -- relented yesterday afternoon some still trying to. Did everything straight with -- I eventually I will see my wife and eventually we will talk -- what you'll talk about it I'm definitely -- have you would you have your young signed to a moved going to wrestle if it stayed -- it is absolutely. If -- went back to a the ninety's there were it was more attitude item with boos when it won't affect -- and make it easier do you work. They -- 3300. -- third while there someone there. -- -- if you want a doctor Johnson a 6179311. A half is -- in the number six on 79311. Amp or. You can text your questions. 97107. This is James guest James. I I don't let's. There aren't quite so hard to think it is you know I'm gonna work in my life are a great -- they believe they're very percent. I think you have to -- time mark. A lot of pain -- But some cute thing all in order to -- harder to our series and then on. Hope I gonna affect certainly any other mean you got to coexist night and then you have to you know -- -- -- April 1 -- how's that affecting. That's how I think the question you should be asked himself -- WW fans will be a coexist well played old one with each -- is an Aston Pennsylvania and I think that's the question call it almost seems that you know what what's gonna happen before it happens I -- And enough. I'm zooming up the ultimate objective assumption. Does that -- other does that answer your very serious question game. That there aren't like what they're Laporte thank you think Jack Ryder will be the -- of WB. Now. I love Zach is a good friend of mine but if some of that minutes ago people say the decidedly not. Text -- appreciate you supporting the troops. Thank you very much you've been doing new view since we've been starting the tribute to the troops campaign and -- 2004. Or 2005. The -- Iraq conflict has come -- just congested itself into one centralized location. We were familiar with going to Iraq because we visit as many -- operating base to Begin. We were in Afghanistan once and we've actually tried to petition to go back there but you'll let Escobar -- -- little bit too tumultuous over there and to the past a couple of years of into -- domestic and we're we're gearing up for. Our annual tribute to the troops special sometime in December sometime in December that's. Awesome awesome you know is awesome on. I think you're familiar with our next caller frequent guest on this program on the big gigantic -- -- movies -- I'm not size -- -- -- this is just -- question today is created -- -- -- everybody -- Three questions that he prepared to work all weekend okay I so Hewitt let's bring him on the -- Michael Barone Michael. -- lady got jobs he would -- going to -- -- pretty good evening. But it hit it that we questioned him Mikey got you but it was -- -- double lot. -- -- -- -- -- I want you to do them separately so I asked them -- as as a single entity what is question number one person. Did. The judge at that millions on the line. This McMahon had almost all you -- have a vote luckily organize organize Asian. -- which at least he made a -- -- to empower rattling. Was is that a question I think it is if you could specify again the question more specifically. Yet nobody that it was you know what got a quiet. But you -- which I don't impact that it could that save his job back to triple -- How is CN may switch -- as -- -- there was lot of speculation on whether or leave WW he would go elsewhere -- and that is certainly not the case I would never leave them to be but it was almost in the position -- was forced out almost forced out -- -- are questions was -- for Daniel I was really. Nobody's Devin tell if I put it you he would consider it looked about what -- double alternate outlet to organize -- but he cannot Beckett. All be added to WW got out of the US that it will. Yes new rules now focused question please Christina. I can't help but to -- candidate -- it would upcoming movie. Bred to on the Nickelodeon channel. The question. -- -- updated yet about it at the bit about your -- -- -- -- empire the -- Celtic -- -- -- that. All right so -- that so there was a question do you wanna ask him about the film. -- well you don't have to get it all on YouTube -- -- all caught on tape -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with the donor -- they just incredibly and so job so they've made it great don't rate. Okay there. All right it was definitely without the third those scanners and was number two number two locomotives that aren't so the movie out threads what does it right. Fred do it it did the original a good as the original movie called Fred based on -- you know YouTube personality this kid actually. Mean held following from self and -- got a movie made and they wanted me play is that I guess the -- the kid who's not really it's a pleasure Leo yeah it's it's -- and it's a good exit off this kid's movie but it's like totally done tongue in cheek it's pretty cool and they had to back for the sequel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm really threads that Aniston. Yes fast -- -- you did the Halloween special will there be another -- -- is -- gonna be another Fred movie I know I think he's actually believe and I think it is -- TV -- A Fred's getting in on TV job honestly the other team I'm -- offer myself I was but it is obvious common knowledge that was done all right camp third question Christine -- About a question I gonna have baby -- actor attacked bill would. What do you Puget challenges put their new movie. How will you be doing you know if if they come around you but I'm I'm really good place now with with them W had a moment. You can invite to camp man dropped about a block -- all flat and yep no jealousy or out. The Pope back out at the beginning of your Korea. Eight wrecked Oprah put out a little bookmark so me I needed a block pop up to -- it got that is. Put forward in booklet to become wondered topple ball for the WB. Maybe I should pitch that we remake slap shot instead of hockey it's a Canadian football yesterday for violent anyway and anything can put -- -- -- -- and can on your bike decked him and travels -- -- bye -- yes. Would you be able to make it in privacy and the period. We got -- if we got to tickets yet but I got bad news I hope. Do you have homework to -- yeah. It's a yikes all right I don't want I don't know I don't. It won't get all the voters really want big -- what they've looked at today. We can't see out. It is straight. -- Can't sit there that millions of that works and so -- levels radio contact assists used to be seen if Antonio and the Hollywood star wearing Laker colors. You know -- -- -- -- -- we have affiliations and -- across America and we have a really good strong affiliation staples center of the placement of summer slam every year and we got kicked out of Denver was supposed to do an event in the Pepsi Center. While the nuggets made the playoffs against the lakers and they kicked us out let Chris posted do raw. They kicked us out we had no place to play staples opened its doors and invited myself Shane McMahon a couple of other dignitaries who Laker game yeah Davis courtside seats yes at a Laker Jersey are of course say they helped us out huge -- they give -- a place to play. When nobody else would so absolutely there is a Laker colors. All the idea now -- too many draftees and ask a question about -- you when he first broke in yup did hoax or or buddhists ever hit on me. Story not easy to do is a journalist rumors going around about -- wife said that the two of them had a an affair. Polian called an area. Mean when you thought. I -- excited as I have been your teammates those smoke. That's what the hoax device and I -- I did not irony hello -- C. The -- Jason. -- -- is. Will get John next guest John. Hey John Elliott today. Oh I don't get you let me get a quick question you being from Boston and so it is would you what did you take on the lake Kriewaldt quick pullout he has no. That. The this student -- -- Wrestling. School yet. I think he still was a great guy was always nice to me and what I really respect his my dad actually is heavily involved in like the small promotions here in New England. He was always top -- my dad. And I thought it was great that. You know he kept the school going as long as he did that's -- triple H came from. A lot of the guys you know in this area -- it always seems like there's nothing to -- -- -- to school I was good and I believe I was the one I do from this area who didn't know about killer -- schools try to -- and some in California we -- not if -- and no I didn't -- lives in my whole -- wanted to be in -- my whole -- didn't know about the school left to go to Southern California -- -- -- -- came back in front of -- of chemical. I didn't feel like you would just broke -- handicap that it was not a man you are used to be turns you on your knees it was a Great Britain you was is phenomenal I start to. You're. Chris hello Chris you're out John -- who will be with the -- tonight TD garden there are still some tickets left for tonight -- -- -- plug by the way -- international problem real. That's what we're here for yes -- I don't expect her particularly -- -- oppressed I call you I -- two part question regarding. Are taught brought up by on the same page as you'll just say it's a -- series moment. And leading up to wrestle mania what do -- -- to bring -- -- -- that it you can also in the ship following been not that he got. Okay Davis verses moment -- gobbledygook her when they have the giant -- in the it was supposed to some huge thing in The Hague and it was a Turkey -- camera -- spoke Turkey's ambassador. I mean -- I was -- only -- can understand Turkey's past Brad that this. As a as a child a man I felt so alive you know I don't know no changes yet he's alive yeah absolutely absolutely and much amid all of him this year people also is asking him later. There really. Desk again let me ask again later and it's not impossible but I'm sin it's that's the inlet OK -- Barry Johnson yes. -- I just want to thank you forward that you don't special needs kids and I'll have my son's special needs and he's what are your biggest fans. There's -- -- you know every single all he's done blog post is the measures to. All of argument and you're brought. Thank you very good. Would like to know if the rock will be fighting tonight or just cutting a promo we have three hour show and I know under the rock will be scattered throughout he. He does limit is you get thirty anymore I mean -- Romanov the latter rate itself they weren't era that you comes to love and I'm fight Democrat at least in the Miami at least one of society in a -- myself some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I see -- in the charity events yeah he was not happy he was unhappy that he had to hit to put the Boston -- guy over. Bob was not. Not that really guy you do -- you're gonna moments when right now exactly -- -- have -- sack they cost him -- -- -- -- about but. He's a major dietary program -- -- what's the what's the -- that passed -- not just in our way to -- -- 282 and it's it's a new program they basically teach you how do you change your habits that's in Jesuits it's about letting you change I change -- -- -- leg injury teen you know that's who it's who worry area where I played it so far summit trying to get a happy medium to some forty. Some years old triumph and have to -- -- between 225 to thirty where where we're right now it's not you know what I I I can't say. Okay I've lost a substantial amount relates well -- -- since I guess since last time Eminem -- announcements. I agree more understandable but maybe the big reveals tomorrow I tried to blow this thing or not so -- I were his -- so that could make up a diet for me it looks like he's not -- initiate you're doing substantial amount wait I can't I can't compete with anybody give yourself like on -- -- a month. No I I -- a -- lot I mean we were literally on the road all the ads are informative -- I eat whatever you do -- -- -- the G mail no but once you allow me out cop car accident. Policy excuse just handed to me yes. Here's. -- -- are -- wants -- -- Mick Foley on hands. I can I can neither confirm nor deny -- confirm or deny and so that's I mean that's the Dodgers this is now -- -- you tickets available guests at the TD garden Mick Foley may or may not beat them hello Jason. They're brought. Not that much I had a question Britney. Wouldn't you can't in the April. It was actually a joke on my little brother -- really -- no nobody falls the humble beginnings in my career when I was forgotten about and -- and everyone else wanna be fired. And I was on these useless matches on bill watch Saturday program called velocity and so I had -- that I would just. Take personal inside jokes and put them on television. And we -- all the house one day and in some stupid song came on my brother -- youngest brother Sean started dance and he -- -- a -- dancers moving its head around here in Latin and became like the joke on him and listen I'm getting them on TV. And of course is the you'll do it came around IRA you'll be able to do it sold. -- has to do joke on him -- you know put it on TV a lot of I always get multiple requests. I'm from our local sports. Franchises when you guys are coming to -- like for instance tonight a lot of people wanna go. Who is the oddest wrestling fans celebrity wise the UN encountered during your career -- here. Look Macaulay Culkin was a bit of a surprise. You run into McCauley call he's every event we do over losers of Shia block I and runs through no little villages just logically that you never he's the Michael Jack what you don't -- so yes. You know I'm never you really don't like Michael Clarke Duncan will not miss a show really Shaq is huge wrestling fans like you never. You never really know -- Any politicians like you ever run and then like. Like is Obama like a secret wrestling both Obama is actually don't use of force he's actually done -- and stuff for us. Well I got to go to the opening of an emblem funny yeah but my GB president. Trusting George Bush actually -- senior or junior George Bush junior was really -- he was proud of the work we do the troops yeah so he knew what did TJ strong well. Just -- a few days and I thought Wahoo mcdaniels. Went to Africa Africa and Obama's a lot of the -- has gotten but we're still hopes that corporate. With that that. Yeah let's say -- got to do anymore aren't rock rap records. You know what it's that's that's crazy says that I feel really in the studio my -- tomorrow I really not not myself but the -- a point where I don't know what can -- get away with that like him. Pretty much branded PG with the -- our program is going in Armenia yeah hip -- is -- not PG Garrett so I'm a limited amount we do go to our kids to -- rapper kid and it's just inherently biased by you and now the third and Warrick hit the -- that it's not me so if you're able to get this stuff that we didn't. -- text there on the -- line 97 on -- seven have you seen China's latest work on film. I have not believe that this that's not PG that is. Probably about PG. I don't so that's one of those -- you know. That's true don't you would want doubt that one of those movies probably -- minus 11 night in China. And earlier you get asked me a good it looks like Manhattan and you can't I still have to call you wanna. Thank that we stop brings CNET now we'll play I don't. I think a -- -- -- Except that's not what's up powerful -- speak up what's up. Mr. just below it. Oh if that's -- but the word is the word is C you know that's that's the -- Hey what he has what are the odds of -- credentials -- slim and -- -- I don't know name it might be just the fact that we would go to the -- -- the wrong -- a -- slim just left the building we just lastly -- -- -- that's a concern call on such of the what did you want to where you take its review of the box office via Ticketmaster dot com and this today at the TD garden yet tickets start at twenty boxes and if you wanted to go to Ticketmaster dot com he could charge by phone 807453. Since -- the rock will be there. And you've got -- I'll be ordered all all the rock stars all the smack -- says it is super should also known brands will be there the rock will be there. There's speculation on when this strange guests will be there my dad always usually shows and yes things -- -- -- an -- -- -- fabulous job fabulous gas fabulous jobs there and that's what do you what's one thing we become on the dues are one place -- do he'd like to -- moment multnomah go back to West Newbury and I enjoy. It just just -- time in my family yes that's the one thing that truly enjoy about this place and get forgotten that have a lot of the old girlfriends recounts and they always wanted to literally shell puts it out there you know I I don't like to grow grow on -- -- to kill just murder a mall I bought the -- the price of social graph and that's it yeah hi how does the last time he came. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes is that it does -- does it doesn't do fine. All right one last. Question before seen asked them out hello Brian. Hey -- what's going on that yeah. They have like such a huge can -- be myself so -- didn't you let me ask you this question. Before he went useful if you registered to Debbie -- you -- -- and had one -- to -- one guy in NATO would that they. I wouldn't want to anyway there. We'll also look for anybody now yeah now and I did not -- No I just I think we have the best and brightest over harboring him and I would want for the moment. -- Anybody that. Adds up followed Jason. Yeah -- yeah. Stay. Many hourly and I come down to the -- -- has all the time in Boston. And they always put its way to go up in the balcony. Well isn't where you buy your seats I think they you know they haven't really want. Now while I can well and in years ago I completely -- -- I just just got. I thought I know if father I talk to him every day every time I go and he always says that it bull crap that we get to craft. Lot of them -- my dad from the my dad and I love my dad to death by -- of the nicest guys but also the biggest politician I ever ever invented. And the fact is the fact that he's complaining also -- free tickets to heal -- this thunder lightning coming up the old man until you're done everything it does you dad gets a lot out. A lot of you guys -- us -- job -- -- -- update to its last question. David. They might -- keep your biggest fan of the world UBS and they can go to -- But they have now got a at a critical question for John is -- -- a lot of characters in superstars the F they go from -- to pacing back and forth heavier. I don't really didn't turn him in a -- that's a deal and what you would do it. Okay for the working men out there are a lot of guys go from being a good guide someone who likes to a bad guys Somers hated. I am currently I guess that the people like -- -- -- But if you go to TD garden the night the fans -- there may say otherwise I'm a more yeah I've got Buddha -- some times it's ridiculous but I looked every time I love going back and it's one of those deals where I'm neither good nor bad I've established myself as who I am and in certain buildings they want -- strong from the rafters and then in certain buildings it's like. Before the July that's it's it's amazing and I'm neither good nor bad I'm I'm kinda just me later you -- -- tonight with a rock back I'm sure that you know him in there in person for the first time I don't know how long. And -- there every week they're gonna hate me they're like yeah yeah as their eyes and see that there there. -- -- look he's he's a nice guy we just we have professional disagreements I don't I don't like the way he's done business so that that kind of irks me but. On a personal level when the nicest -- government and and he's like that everybody's like that to the dude. Whose team is the food -- bills the court for the audio -- -- nice young org about the ways Amber's team he left you know again I don't wanna leave an adult mind. But in my my main gripe and this is -- I'm always -- say and the guy says he loves WW he loves business you know I've I've made a good living in WW have done very well myself I don't have enough shall at all. Yeah but comet every. Dim event all the desire love the business but I do I watch every match and help the young guys you know it's is just one of those -- grateful no that's not it that's not it I just think he's really happy -- a movie star he is a wonderful career as a movie star. So to build -- premiere movies. We don't told -- but don't while you're a mean I got you to watch YouTube clips in Syria and you know that he's never come back to -- WB would visit the famous one -- like UFC event and they -- -- it's our non dominant never come back into you know when he had to rebrand himself as Dwayne Johnson he went through all that like the rock is dead and all that BS land. As you know what I'm at WW superstar take me for 1 AM if I don't like the fact that that I beat people up for a living you think that's you know not to highbrow enough for you. But I I don't I don't -- in my circle. In the sense that I like your attitude veterans and I don't know I -- I really Simmons ingest yes right and they said that they they're not gonna tour again and I got all. You know house who's gonna cracked my favorite band yeah. And then they do they do a reunion tour every year they go on tour de -- like whenever there. On by and he will be I'll be back and I will be back tonight and an exciting -- in Iraq is yet and that that knowledge is is pretty open amongst hypocritical double -- community Solana. Yelled and they know that we have a disagreements and think that the whole deal tonight -- will we be able to -- in the ring together Libby pardon is on Sunday and of course some would possess the rest of pigment in knots. Out of the -- I'm certainly you do that it first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't go -- oh yeah man if you. Look at it was like -- back and yes yes look at look at the other way.