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Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek 10-19-11

Oct 19, 2011|

Red Sox captain Jason Varitek joined us to address the end of the Red Sox season, including the issues in within the clubhouse.

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably China. He LB if you could that give up your microphone for the captain of the Boston Red Sox. Jason Varitek and justice that I don't know windup but that's not my illness and the Bruins game I knocked on top balls like OPEC intact those attacked everybody is accusing they're -- they think this is gonna be all. Soft balls and you mean you know the government asked hard questions that -- aggregates. -- regularly so wells that are. I got a real. I get a really ask the tough questions now -- I hope you and and angster thanks for compromise. Images of himself -- headphones in my power are great panacea thank you it is. So I'll I'll start right off with the the drinking in the dugout channel seven we're just discussing these. Unnamed sources. Who say that that that Beckett Lackey -- Wouldn't leave during the sixth inning and go get themselves appear and in a -- Solo Cup are you aware of that at all absolutely not. Okay and and for that has happened. And you you go through resources you know like they're saying an unnamed source in this it's. Up costs personnel this of these people are life. Like two to go that far where they don't have sources before they don't have. There are people stepping out saying okay it's mean I'm saying it. You know these things happen. And they don't they don't have that -- and you go you go even deeper to rip from the core of what these teams are built around that's our clubhouse people. Like they do everything for us from our laundry to hit notes didn't get our stuff ready to run in you know. Making sure everybody's comfortable and and they go that far in my opinion to. Once again you tamper of that relationship. Those guys should have to worry about come and anchors who's who said what who who who who who made this up who. Who's the unnamed source once again it's an unnamed source. And to go that far like these these kids are in the running kids off on someone my age and these are life. Yeah. So He did you wouldn't you never side in the absolutely not you never science and and as the captain out assume that probably. You would say. That's too much if you if you side that you would say the drink drinking in the Dahlia this is over that over the top. I mean you. I think that the you know you have levels of of different things I mean you know we got a quick -- coolers -- vodka and beer. I mean you can go go that far with this sin and have a level of stupidity. Where. Guys -- professional. And and I believe this group still handled themselves that way despite that going on and I think the worst thing that has gone on. Is that this team has always handled things internally and now we've had problems fifteen years I've been there yet. But nobody knows about them. Whether because fighting guys. You know have a problem with a coach guys have prominent trainer have a problem with each other guys haven't fine. You know guys playing cards people Anchorage to tell everything but there's always you have 25 guys around each other. Offered for 68 months and not have trouble. Now some and you get the feel -- hurt somebody's not -- not electoral somebody's not. And those things have happened but the problem is we handle them internally for so long we want. Majority of time that you know I've been here we had that opportunity going to play out we took her maternal house and we don't we don't perform well. And these things are now. Brought about by an unnamed source shame on them yeah if it's a player. If it's. You know a trainer a coach management ownership ceremonial. If you can't come out and be apart of think it's do you think you know I'm just saying that easily get the player I mean if you are happy I mean no now. But yet you don't really know at this point but it that's what's shameful in this whole thing besides the way we play. Yeah we played like absolute. Bad baseball without. Same in any other way yes we might password via the -- -- -- And you count and you sent to me and I count yourself in that absolutely I mean I'd be air it would be ridiculous for me not to -- like. You look at things and things are broke down through a short period in September. Remember having today. Are out there and so last game against Texas and you know watching a coast. You know after the fifth inning I'm in I'm in the bullpen. When I'm not playing it. Here's some -- there's for the most part and I'm -- -- much talked who works this and throws us in -- is a separate things like a year. You're leniently and catchers here. Interest. Well okay whatever let you know watts in its human known Napoli these things He probably got shipped it today. Next day we play reported twelve innings in Toronto and when and as well I think -- back and only you mean joke around. And and I look at things and elect backing -- to evaluate yourself whether I hit it through well. Do different things and you've you've got I go to that. With regards to. After that had some rough starts. You know week we gave up a quite a few runs early or. In the -- the other and that. Don't be adjusting to see what my ERA in my catches airway was. After that twelve inning game for for three you know three or four games harmony -- caught -- that mean effort got in Ding Ding -- and care about calling a game -- and I'm now stupid. Null but that's kind of what it. In my opinion is is perception of what's gone on as we didn't perform well. And we have to take that responsibility -- players. Outside of everything has gone on. I think fans. Media. Would like to find a reason they would like to know what the reason it and so I think you look at the quote greatest team in baseball you look at a 160. Million dollar payroll you look at fifteen all stars. And you say there has got to be some reason. Why that team is -- able to perform -- that lead. In September and get themselves into the playoffs again and they wanna know what the reason and that's why I guess the drinking. Is symptomatic of it's some of these guys don't care. Do you feel like. Beckett Lackey Lester yourself poppy -- Cared absolutely. I'm in you know those three with our. Three cattle horses in our rotation and kind of taken a big brunt of what's gone on right now along with that I -- not just them everybody. And not I mean I area I can go individually down each one's. A Lackey Lackey. Takes on -- set -- all year He takes on a roll with that pitching staff to -- replaced by what his numbers are on amount. It does this work. He's there He supports his teammates they all support their team they blow one little thing up as and they're not supportive. Don't agree with. So so so -- sold here is that the media detaining. Beckett Lackey in -- -- poppy was thrown in there. As guys to pull the -- and quit on Tito Francona is it did did do you think those guys did anybody in the Red Sox quit. I don't think you might quit I think there's a lot of contributed factors that relate to baseball. That relate to. Why do we stink early. We didn't hit when we pitched well enough to to win. We -- it we didn't hit and why did we went in the middle. We knocked the cover off the ball. Or we pitched well enough to allow ourselves early and knocked the cover off the ball that's how we want we didn't win with stellar defense stellar pitching. Now and -- we we won with offense and just in in getting about their pitching and pitching gone through. A lot of help we lost Lester we lost you know accurate last Lackey for you know after the first two starts. You don't -- Dice-K you lose -- Those were where some of -- things that we were trying to. It extensions so what that goes on throughout those three winning months our bullpen carries on a big bird. We don't -- and an arms you don't have extended -- you don't have those things going and they did a great job. We still had asked commended the same thing the last month of the year. Between double -- Extra inning games we have a lot of those they played we played catch up this is the reality we played catch up with -- pitching staff. From the -- season on -- from after this first month or so on. And now. Is that I'm a part of that. Is is is my point is like I'm an extension -- a part of that pitching staff. And whether they do well heard her or her or don't do well. -- -- ago. Those are real things happen so people get -- Daniel -- because He you know a few holed up alone in September. Is that because Daniels I should go look at. -- see what He does with Brit air tonight like in his case He led the league. In appearances. All going up to September. You know pitching part of the seventh and in the -- inning and then all of a sudden He has one or two that it goes in it doesn't go his direction and. To a dollar -- one other thing -- -- -- Josh Beckett put on twenty pounds in September I don't I don't know what I've been getting a lot of a lot of that saying that that Joshua death. It was out of shape and I -- just you know. Did He put on to an -- Hanoi is you know his wife's pregnancy is -- -- it was an alias. But on that always happens the guy gains -- well look let me just ask you real guy conditioning of these -- expected. Lackey way not 2007 was the conditioning the same as it was this here. I think she conditioning has gotten more and more over time that I've been here affect its more and more controlled it's more and more. A priority. Since since we've had this this does -- -- training staff and urged restraint kind those things like. It's it's pretty Redmond guys woman aboard guy has stability exercise for rotator cup this guy has. Now relievers have strength with with the weights and end. -- -- And -- mean images the images kind of funny is that those guys are sitting there in the clubhouse drinking beer eaten fried chicken fat and on -- able to pitch when you guys millenium so that the him. I don't I don't think that's the reality of what's what's gone on like these guys go through. A program. To set up every fifth day. And now they're not gonna go in and defend themselves right now and say we -- our program. And that's another sad part of what's gone on first mongers I've played there's people that don't. Train during the season and baseball. Not a necessity. My first years there's been people started going to spring training in -- before that you had. You know He had some things are being in Atlanta any of Terry -- incomes and their like they -- and -- point pounds off from entering to happen. That happened around eight to USB you're right you've got a plane back ammonia into. I'm let's LB mentioned Terry Francona I just wanna ask you about. -- and He said that He lost this team couldn't reach them anymore do you agree -- The fact that He lost them. I don't think that you lose somebody because. I'm one that -- believes that responsibility things come within and come from the players and doesn't matter. Who's. Who's telling us what are what not to do but there's a level respect you have to have always. That. You know there's a there's a chairman he's got a boss we've got a boss he's our boss or other coaches are our artwork for him there has boss and -- there there. Chain of command. And -- Tito. You know. Because we didn't have the results. Now. It probably buttons and things that we try to do is a team. -- a we at a meeting He call each. We lose we go through like six players enters office of what direction He wants to go in you know home to -- that we had to. -- He would He call that He call that meaning was in September when -- out was we actually won we won the night before it was just you know. Refresh guys get Gator right -- -- focused and same direction and make sure you know we keep our. Are single not our same goals but our same objectives that that we've -- after that we slit. Now do we side because I know -- people were focused we have a players meeting. You -- -- players meeting -- would you call that actually David called David Ortiz let you know when was that. I'm within another week for OK and Zune players speaking -- in and handle things with each other like people get involved. Like this just -- oasis because of freedom is -- these are your peers. Now in everybody's involved everybody's focused in the same direction or some excitement regardless. That is in the telltale sign of where the effort and things are. And now candidates and it's a viable thing of a mix of some people who never had a chance to get into the post season with some people have had a lot of experience. And and two way those two is. Make sure by stays on the same page. And trusted to do that we always. -- that's what I don't like those big guys you look left that left those meetings it was. And we to take care of ourselves boom down I've nothing in the first that night or something and and it's like okay we're playing catch up again. When you're playing catch up with not necessary healthy lineup but not necessary -- -- pitched -- to our way to survive Jason Merritt. In the studio with us of this -- on the task of of -- call 6179311. -- -- six -- 7931 on an African texted. 297107. And I think you know people have said because 'cause that they hadn't heard from you they have said okay. Where is the captain of this team on this and do you feel like. From a leadership perspective you did you you've -- you executed your role as captain. I'll never speak about me so that's part of taking a backseat we spend the end of our season you set your locker. Game ends because -- only had two times a season hasn't ended on -- with the Wu with a loss. What you do. And they come over you do at the media you do with the questions what happened same thing as same thing I -- and believe there. That day I'm saying now. And and then things it's things snowball. That in this this direction and everything is gone. -- -- this team I haven't agreed with because you sit there and you live it every day and people care like. All I take Carl like people have this perception Karl doesn't care. -- cares more. Than anywhere else cares too. Much. And com. Last lecture while let me ask about. What about Kroll said -- -- the cap and any and the issues there between YouTube there's never been -- issues from the -- -- -- in I was actually in the club -- I was. Working out and discount the pool. Now it's like I call finally got you on my team. I now not to worry about Meyer created and disk in my neck He really over the plate you know never Stromile. Now and you know there in many files off my foot breaks my foot the producers -- -- -- I can actually left. And He laughs oh I will be an issue for him that John Henry's and He He didn't really want to sign and lesbian issue. Commanders that third is I don't know if that's what was said but it. Com knows that is that a direct quote is that it it is an area -- idiots and to an email and He. And I'll summarize his -- that He would He would. Email communicated with the staff and and was not necessarily for giving him that money. I can go personally of having to deal with stuff like that in whom I sign aftermath freeagent here. Irwin when mail management and things came over. I didn't fit their mold as a player. Bonuses. 89. Years ago now I didn't fit their mold statistically as a player. And that changed through time because of what I do. Intangibles and different things but statistically as a player. And infect them and you overcame it yourself and he'll know I had not overcame -- but there's different qualities that remain. Like you know crowd and have his best year. What Carl had. Face probably more than He had in his entire career which. Next year -- next year in the next tree is going to be even matter if this is rob they Rob Brown -- Jason Varitek. They were up there let's go -- and it it listen. First -- really appreciate all your years of service for the Sox and now you're player's player and you're the guy that I point to Marshal might sound a completely. Thank you now what I've been taken from this is that. Back in early September what I -- was a competitive considerable drop off in the Sox hitting which then allowed for some of the ills of the pitching. -- now surface and as a this proposal so everyone on talk radio and everyone else wants to basically spin this -- the collapse of the century whose eat chicken industry can be here. I start -- just the team that wasn't performing in late August and September as the war in May June and July. The hitting wise which then. Combined with so it's just going down. Locked up for. Seven and twenty record and just trying to get your take on. How you feel these people in talk radio or just trying to hit it on somebody or something. As opposed to a group that just didn't perform the last four weeks as they head of the previous twelve weeks. Question. I mean I think the ratings are part of it. But it. I'm more a believer in the defense -- then and the pitching and you know. Is that the hitting is gonna drop off a little bit when you play Tampa. 679 times they had they had probably the best pitching and and in baseball. And wasn't as they're pitching it's like. They're way they're pitching match that -- in September have now five left reasonable and it doesn't necessarily matchup well with. The -- our offense was constructed. And where we're -- the long house you don't have those extra people to pull from. And you know throughout the entire season you can start to beat up. -- and beat up a staff. In a 34 game series where you have the extra arms and you have a plethora in a good quality group lecture arms in allows allows. The offense not to be as much and that's where I thought I felt like on the other hand are pitching played so much catch up. De -- got people called out there thrown 34 innings like we're we're playing catch up from the week before it from the extra inning game from the double header. And -- that all combine together at the wrong time. Was there ever a time during the season that you as the captain. Had to go to. Josh Beckett John Lackey at any -- had to go to any players. And say I feel like. You guys you your -- not in this as much as it should be. I think throughout a season. And yes there's time not not people's heads is just you know this -- might be dealing with something -- amount. All these work on aside this guy is dealing with stuff offensively but He still was something. And you know spent a lot -- you know external atomic Darnell. Now because we're in same -- and -- play quite as much you filter you see what a human being is going through the you have. Emotions and things and that's what I mean we handle and always have handled things. Internally. And those happen and it's not just me. It's it's David it's it's it's it's PD it's it's Lackey with the other pitchers and you know you have to have that. That that communication behind closed doors and where we play came failure. On this. David -- David you're our Jason Varitek. The fine thank you predict microbes. Are. The course -- it is concerning John Lackey went stitching. And one the players are usually don't make a play forever He feels like they should. That the out of something and streets. And soldiers into -- like that. And it went she comes -- gets some and take summer -- being elitist to know you've seen on TV give them some weapons stocks did anybody ever go to him and saying hey. You know you're gonna knock that stuff brought systems this seems like these don't just respect of the players and and -- when He acts like that that's how it comes across to the stands. It does come across that it comes across that way but you play against him mussina. You play with them you see it as. You know those are emotional things that go on -- did the first part of a play doesn't go his way. Yet there's nowhere that human beings spend banned from and what He does. The fact that he's there every day. He does supporters teammates nobody questions Lackey in in -- people every once in awhile if those things happened. We know. Guys talk about your talk about it directly with with Lackey. And police -- we always do and put out I would say and has part of his emotion when He pitches is that. He didn't it didn't effect is just part of him because of the human being who He -- to the rest of that team. If He wasn't a good teammate. And those things people probably get offended and that's exactly what what what's gone on here is that Elvis and things crash and people start point and direction fingers outward. Instead and work. But black is so respected amongst his teammates. Whether he's performed well or not. Then they wouldn't they would not they would not question what that is they know what that is that's emotion -- Obama in the you know -- I thought He had it. So can He come back here and -- next here. By means he's pretty much supposed to and should think going to be able. I mean is is is is He recoverable. Absolutely. And I may be totally speaking. Out of where I normally -- comfortable speaking. But the man pitched. Probably all year. For us took the ball every day. Whether you're healthy or not was either. He had to deal with a lot. Physically -- everybody everybody is making a big deal of when He had to do off the field that's not a part of it so He domain that they're part of his life but it's not part of him as a human being we took the ball. When He didn't have to. But user. He wasn't a 100% okay I'm on that information that we don't know and I think people don't know that about why didn't that didn't anticipate this. -- detected the I mean it's like what pisses me of my charity -- because I just don't. I don't understand -- Red Sox Nation Red Sox Nation gets to where they are right now driven by the media that wants to blow this team up. They they if they think is that they're portraying you guys as a bunch of drunk losers -- -- -- locker room that that is out of control over here the captain. Nobody respects to you don't nobody respects you and and and you know how does that make you feel. I mean you know it comes yourself. -- -- you know do my teammates respect mean does that the other where -- where that would get past my teammate. Like US -- teammates I'm not defending myself I go to my job I do my thing. I can I can walk away I can look at myself in the mirror every day and -- and be happy with what it. Not answer the way I may have hit that night but it will be be happy with the professionalism. And and in a teammate -- those things and I that I am but. Tasks that you people He asks that ask your teammates. I'm getting at Texas a softball I can't believe he's. I've done nothing I feel like I'm gonna. Let. Him go in the book. And an axis of prerecorded interview and I so it's not an amnesty the 3800. The 802 touchdowns and as well built into the low they'll prove that night we -- we take a break -- Let me -- 11 -- Question then went but it -- and a year I appreciate you sticking around parliament on. Did this team respect Terry Francona. Did his team respect Terry Francona yes I would say yes you have a level everybody has their own respect -- manager yes a level of respected did they respect him as a bonds. Or do you feel that they respected him as somebody that they would go to war with. I mean you can't I I honestly can't speak that. For anyone. But yes -- me -- is your boss He injured and that's just what I I believe in is that. You're gonna have coaches you know like you're gonna have management don't like you players who don't like. But. I'm still gonna player out of respect this is my elder. This is the way out -- brought up whale was raised no matter why I'm gonna Obama respect them entry that rhetoric that same respect. And whether guys. Are gonna go. In a foxhole with somebody. At this point it doesn't it it doesn't. Matter. Because. You have to function He stole our boss. And I admire what happens that He makes the lineup we've got imply He makes the lineup we go play and with him. -- whether or not guys would go and a fox or have that much respect. You have to do we don't you don't get to -- that many wins and those things going on. Now how we -- how we what we performed elsewhere. With art our our pitching our defense. The way. You know He even real person like the way the running game. Now I -- a huge responsibility in the and and I didn't throw the blogger. And has that he'll follow. That I didn't throw the ball well -- beautiful. That's my funds on you that's my -- the way we go buttered defense and in some of those things that are that goes -- That's a team issue. -- so now. I just RR I can argue try to clarify that. What I disagreed with was that this team was not didn't like -- other. And I believe this team like each -- whether He. Losses team. Or didn't lose a team and He felt that way as the way He felt. And whether He does or doesn't. And feels like He loses steam and those things it. In my opinion that. It always comes back. Tell us the place it's O'Neal 88 in big numbers who examined eighty totally blame for -- it's on you it is on our staff. -- because when it comes down to it. Whether his chain of command. He's he's our manager. You know we have directions we have to we have to perform when can we didn't perform -- -- posit that note and hang out for a little bit Jason Varitek lesson WA AF.