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Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter 10-4-11

Oct 4, 2011|

Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter 10-4-11

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-- -- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Tomorrow I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. I -- yeah strip. Coming up next the debate stage yeah. Strong. And I know my boarding Joseph president -- I don't work I don't think hey yeah are you smart earned. Did He jumped. Here's today's prize it's a couple passes to see real steel. At the Tempur-Pedic IMAX theater at Jordan's Furniture opens on Friday. Decided yet looks like a rock them -- a robot. Greeks and transformers. That look like something guy would I would watch it. That element like let's meet today's stage ship there what is her -- -- today's Ichi Gucci. -- downloads now. -- had done yet and Al. Here's Gucci today's patient there. Hi my name's -- -- average man and allows someone of the top shelf bitches here now. It be re worth -- while so you should come on down why you'd -- some unfinished fiscal disable extra money because I make the big money here. Should you do Gucci ploy Jon. John why according to a sex study what percentage of women having gauged in group sex. And 20%. Let's see if you're smarter than today's page you -- what percent of women had engaged in group. Six. I don't know -- Intifada capacity for holes in practice to come up and so you would never join -- group six no way you know I'm treating. What is -- is all girls -- I believe got me and for reason minutes from me enough for him in the Kathy McConnell. -- owners in the -- -- noble and no. Reason these days she's got -- like. Is that got -- -- very. -- -- -- -- -- For the good girls boys did. Jim on this date in 1957 the USSR. Launched the first artificial earth satellite what was the name of it. -- Yes let's if you're smarter than today's day -- that what was the name of this suddenly feeling listless. And on this question I don't know the minds of settling. -- They dropped one Jim you are smarter than I -- it there it was a sputnik one win and by the way they answered the previous question because I'm not a good game post game show lost 14%. Of all women. Danielle operatives are optimistic that she's really -- and unfortunately and get this on audio camera when we were done she like ketchup all over -- because it passive because -- -- and I asked if I can -- them -- as she -- its like him she licked out. If you don't like. About coli Brad. What's going -- -- 61%. Of -- -- the Internet for porn and half of them stand how much time a week doing it. It. How many hours a week do men spent surfing -- -- point. Let out the days. Two hours. Two hours -- where you. If you're smarter than today's Dave shipped half of them spend. How much time doing that we all day everyday 24 hours a day seven easily. That they have not been but they do you have a watch -- born and kind of steal the -- always always should be apartments. The you might have to produce great groups -- that camera. An acquaintance that. And I every section watched one pick up some moves. Now core solo ray belt cancer Paula I wanna Santa bill. -- -- the answer is one hour on how much point eight how much time has been serving a one hour and a -- now that it's in increments of the united 62 time. It seems -- Andy Rooney has called it quits what TV show was in BA regular contributor. For the past 33 years. -- I don't know what. Are you kidding me. -- you're smarter than -- -- him what TV show was in the regular contributor of for the past 33 years. Sponge Bob I don't know. What if he's racing and I -- she asked of course you owners who have few of course that's sixty minutes greatest -- -- now you know sixty minutes hello John. It John now I have what what happens when a person experiences. A sex life. -- -- -- -- Army and I have no idea. And I did. This is obviously is not. -- and today's patient there what happens when a person experiences. Sex. To watch. He just -- is ruled by Gucci. And he's a red and. Went out. Like a line up at its market that China if it -- if he's got to write them. Via female pinkish spots development of the breath and then spread to the torso face and soles of the feet. And possibly over the entire -- that this is something you've never been a text while -- the emails the Adam. The upper abdomen eyes where of these sects -- begins and and -- spreads across the chest neck -- -- -- and sometimes the shoulders and the forearm. I was struck. The incidence. Feel. Ever get a sex flash -- no. You know annoyed -- missing brother that is that is argues smarter. There May Day shift there aren't today's Hill Man Morning Show.