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Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis

Oct 3, 2011|

Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis joins the Hill-Man Morning Show very Monday at 8:30 durning the season. Today Kevin answers all the question about what was going on in the Red Sox's Club House

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He -- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always. And on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Our final -- quit -- this season brought to you by Iran Bouchard is Otto stories you'll not be under sold and by subway. And Kevin it has been an eventful. Five days or so here and and I know that the last month of the season was disappointing. Team -- in and after you individually lies with the with the injuries cell calls a good morning and on askew just talk to us a little bit about the last for five days here. Well the morning we start off. Yeah I know what it's been it's victories here a month and the great arcade. Don't shock. They are I don't think it's really hit. A lot of ways it is. That's under the it's here -- It's -- you resigning. Target -- at the -- You know it's it's been awhile -- you know the one thing is it's it I think for a lot of players they wanted it and lock the doors and for buyers and instead realize. Territory with -- You know the great thing is is I'll walk you walk into a different environment and alleged that there's been trained so. You know it's it's going to be a weird -- a couple months but you know I think hopefully this evil you'll get a piece together and then. It'll be prepared that you don't what is it. Did you have any inkling at all last month the season or order for this season that Terry Francona was. Feeling that He was unable to two get through to some guys on this team. Well I I think every year you are as good as although there's different players there's there's respect commanders. I would be young -- to be better than its its -- only difference. And you know our I don't know I mean I think sometimes. It was hard as hell didn't turn out to attend. And you know then never had the most unbelievable -- -- -- know -- wouldn't like it was not you know like players -- is it possible. And earlier this month as its numbers so. You know I think the biggest thing or loses it in all of this is that fact that. I think that is upsetting is the show much finger pointing as this person and that person does not. But -- fail to realize that what all the fault. I think. I want you to understand that. Every single person on that He would never want them -- coaches general where there's a part of that whoever. Well fall we always -- the -- that -- -- what -- McCain believes his team. There was no loss. And you know there -- -- that person that person try to figure out the answers -- you know bill gates' keynote you're. You might well we'll go around I think we ought to be accountable. We we all work well. That does some of the publish stuff bother you and I know you you don't generally pay much attention to a -- eat you know people are writing hey. This guy it was cancer in the clubhouse. You know Jack in the mall and wrote something about you you know I mean does does that kind of thing get to you. I think that they helped get him on always respected and all it. Now every tactic on the -- I'll switch this year was maybe three times. -- That would really hurt me. There really -- me for two things one. She got -- out three times a year so she really doesn't know what's going on back up now. Our -- you know and but quite a while I read that article and it said that I'd brought -- -- utopia elsewhere at the language that Spain is getting overplayed more than a -- my life. And she came to me if she was writing a story on -- Sushi -- -- what happened last year what transpired. Then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right she was asking you about it and then slowly puts it is if you're bringing it up let's clear up you -- do you and Jacoby have an issue as teammates or are do you get along. All are no actually to go guys you know who would who witnessed it when this game was over. And I. I went out to -- artist -- you said that was one of the most remarkable people I've ever seen a player. And I respect that you -- what -- you Arnaud NN world but that was that was my outlook the most impressive -- I'd ever say. And you know. That they -- at I think the thing is this it's it's played out like. Everyone keeps talking about that in and it won't -- quote. And that's the problem. And it might mark block is that and I and I will believe that my dying day. That there is that there that there should be implemented which has always been implemented. What are hurt either go to our legal team. And I'm mark Richard are what affair and it's a matter of opinion. Of people who don't believe it for people that you know its opinion and it not that big of a deal. And every but it you know really going out portion and you know quite frankly I would -- a question about that this year bit. Are you know why I mean it didn't matter. It'll -- its. You know that you -- it -- about your locker what is going on -- -- -- that the -- story you know. Are you guys you -- arguing here are this year's team is this year's team where there where their finger quarters where they're guys that. There were calling guys out when it was there an issue of that going on in your locker room. Now on the -- I mean I think we're I think we're talking about bird for three loss this season. Why it was good. What it looked at it going all that Jackie that well thank you -- that detriment because I was millions and people's affairs. But they have apple what she was gonna walk around them set this straight. -- in the locker room and something would happen because one of our colleagues. Each song writing stories there -- accurate about players. Everything I was frustrated about and I keep getting frustrated about. Is why aren't there more stories now written by sports reporters that they'll. Talk about sports. Talk about people -- so I sit on what's going on. And then when they're not accurate on this story. One that's not certain person at the right now the foot -- the public. It's not perfect and because inaccurate -- -- if they'd only be said -- -- in an apartment we have no accountability anymore. You know -- that -- blasts not quicker than it blasts around everywhere. And next thing you know the stories out there and you know the athletes. Can't you know after the question because you know what either way. You know you're better off not -- Yeah you know you're never gonna you're never gonna win either way is what you're saying right. Yes and that's the probable lot of guys act is they don't wanna say to mark. Well they don't want us there with undermined. Because -- there are some our borders. You know and and that's the problem right now is they're and the fact is that what's -- very accurate. We don't see any had been off for years -- at all like they're lighted by order wipe -- the bottom quarter of a newspaper. But you know I think outlook topic and not with a -- I was frustrated because the -- -- inaccurate story about what my teammates yeah. And there were a department we offer the -- carruthers -- -- -- -- -- players mediocre players immediately fire and it doesn't it defeat outweigh. And I think it's interesting to get -- and -- Kevin Youkilis is our guest I wanna thank you for coming on because He and I were talking over the weekend and He wanted to He wanted to come on and a lot of guys wouldn't Monica Mon and but He wanna clear everything up and I think one of the things that it's in that it that's really important is that people are now looking at pissing on wow. These guys couldn't stand each other and and Ian and there you are talking about how you were standing up for another guy in and that was here. When you look back now on this season you feel like that that was more the norm than it was the exception. Oh totally I think there's. Political Islam I think sometimes. You're you know that you'll want to point fingers and I want the -- finger pointing is gonna go beyond right now it's going to be. It could be huge for me and deservedly so I mean it's gonna happen I mean what they've let it happen. Does that sound like there's been so proud about the baseball. They want answers there you go up but -- is knowing that support. And reconsider our make up as much storage is want to say that this is that you know there's burst into the air and you know and I know this story out there that source -- -- You know I hope all the players. That one -- what they want they have not this year. They've put my name on it you don't pick coward dolby or got apparently the source said. Put your name on it and say what you gotta say if you wanna say it. Are you tell him but He thought about the deer in the clubhouse thing. I'll talk about everything -- bit deeper Rego Park reporters. Be a man. You know put your name on it yeah. You know don't don't go to the media sort of trying to -- -- you know. Either player or all whoever. Put Internet on it be accountable. What Don we now the the -- in the clubhouse thing -- who was that an issue I mean do you feel like that that was something that that Terry Francona let go on that He should now. You know that's something that's an out and He thought -- here in. You wanna talk about her you know that can help bring you let let that happen it can happen. You know a lot of that but -- required were so busy planning no we don't know what's going on. You know the other there -- there things that you have no idea what caught on your so that the plan. That you'll know if it happens and that's the -- painkillers. If I were feel like I'm always like the last person to find -- Oh yeah did you go you as the Soviet Union knows there. Won't do. Yeah like so like this summit paying -- -- like it was like two months down the road. And I'm like cute I. I just heard that fit that we know like where you've been on -- I don't know you know. Admit that I put -- -- -- let me ask you -- do you have do is -- cooler in your locker room has -- There. I mean that's another thing -- I mean that that. You know not. -- You know in the media what we have all we don't have. You know I don't know I'm -- allowed to sit there and littered. Yeah I'll give it a case that let limit -- to me phrase it this way would you care. If someone that they didn't have to play for five decades had a beer or someone that wasn't playing. Had a had a -- had a beer. I don't think it's the right thing to -- personally. You know I I don't. They get better you know -- the proper way to go out there but. I also don't think that's right where there's games. So I actually can. Is targeted at that great writer losing gains are all practical. But yet I don't I don't think that's correct and bill. What and I just wanna go over these things Kevin because I think that that everybody spent the weekend speculating and so it's nice to be able to clear some of it out. With regard to players being out of shape do you think that you know whether it's individuals -- of the pitching staff for what have you do you think -- That Terry Francona somehow or there or that conditioning staff didn't do their job this season. Now are -- You're fighting it there's you know the greatest we're all private papers. But I. And deeper and -- whatever and you know I think people -- You know people are saying you know I can't speak for myself. I don't have what started as -- in the world it's been well stated well known Kirk alms. I think people are expecting baseball players to look like football -- And I'm gonna say right now that -- happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Question. Yeah and the pitchers need to have a little more weight and they're gonna play that pitchers are skinny ripped out we're gonna have a lot of physical issues. You know that there's things are. That are fun I love -- love -- want all right got that that you associate public. Well what what is the how they -- -- -- you know depicting his page -- Pavel you know there. You know what they're doing is they're going downhill every time and -- couple ways it's gonna give you more velocity a lot of times. Not say that speaker of the problems. Com. Football. You know or I mean I think that -- over -- Overplayed and you look at our -- and it does it happen and I think that's. Kind of -- Because you know our strength coaches really -- a great guy and He walks what is spot and it's very passionate about this team and they help. When you get when you hear things. And and I'll be specific here I guess I'll say you people here. A gone for instance complaining about nineteen games that's one example do you think that. There is a a misunderstanding between fans and athletes with the way. Comments are are translated or do you think that you know there are some who play this game who are entitled. Well I I think overall and talking and are currently I think younger generation. There's a lot more title. There and I think that's going to be something that's gonna -- for years. I think we I'm my own record prices -- -- out. Approach and He -- -- too you know these kids grandma article that is very entitled and it it's I think it's of the generational thing. And it's it's different than it and LB -- that you saw when you put our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can. I think you'll -- they're -- job done that's the thing is that they think I I'd love to be playing baseball for. X amount of money does -- -- jobs jobs jobs -- I gotta -- it and you can and I think the whole younger generous estimate them an amateur I maturation process said that that you went through I went through everybody. You you go through it and people deal with the different. It's it's it's just the way it is. I actually where the big banks who is eager you paid relative I think the current events art. -- look you couldn't relative. -- Are paid extremely well you know I never thought that -- money -- -- today than their share. There -- -- a lot of hard work a typical and now doesn't you know and you know it's not easy road but I think you know conflict what we see is we take human element out of these people. You -- desperately we are at all you know twelve without recording -- dollar certainly -- -- we we would take what you've held the fact that people. You'll have to compromise if you remember that might actually -- -- they might have your relationship problems they might have. You know. -- my head injuries or illnesses or. Psychologically they're helping athletes are humans. You know you think you're gonna happen you know if we were robots yet we can go out there -- persecuted gains and higher level -- order. 400 and several of our area want but doesn't happen. Now there's human element and yet but part of it but not without its size up about that you're you're not feeling good that day that you got her forehand and you know you're not feeling -- that they edit stuff. You might call -- an excuse you gotta go out and play. And you know I don't think -- and -- -- -- and what are the bodies here I think you could give an example about. How how a season where all the crazy -- barker yes -- -- -- and after the fact. You know on players. It was counties do. On the other got bigger the player Phil and you know a lot of this up is because that's what it paid a lot more office in new York and all the other places. But you know New York senator there's certainly active and we can't use excuse sit quietly when it was. So. They're no excuses he's got to go to C got to know it says the bottom partners to battle it. It got away at and if you don't you have to -- the park you're gonna get your your question. You know it's gonna talk with a -- couple is. -- have you spoken with Terry Francona. Are no okay. You believe He gave up -- you guys. No I would never say give up all of and off I think you know. I and the toward you -- you can see you know and it's. It was wearing on that -- several top. And I think -- -- on every single person involved. Not just you know I mean coaches players it is. It was -- You know. There are a lot of stuff up you know and market that there's a lot -- put out there -- be like a prisoner did there was so much going on and and so march. They got out of control. -- -- put -- -- -- apple with a baseball and -- put me on -- back Watson it was you know I was working my butt off to turn it back in. They can shop and you know I've never I've never -- You know -- injections like this year. You know I was trying to -- that but you know what they're not better than it was it was not suspect a lot in. Doesn't it feel helpless you know that you can't help. And on and to update your situation your having surgery. You a -- surgery tomorrow. So the best thing is is it the -- four weeks. If -- -- and greatest fanatical about political over the longer but. -- -- -- -- estate -- Only so. Pretty well about. I actually got to -- And I spoke -- about the -- And as indicated by -- -- -- -- on my -- brought her home so our president. Here's my last question Kevin Youkilis how hard will be for somebody if it will be hard at all the command. And and take over where Terry Francona left off and manage this team with the with the all of these hours any of these issues. Well I think any magic is that coming over the count that we have will be extremely excited. I think there's an account here and guys that are willing to work harder and we got a lot of regard that glove play. And that is what got Bill -- gonna go our way. But now we're about all the other stuff there are practically got a little well sidetracked sometimes. Worrying you know I didn't. I could step opposite of that you know I was so I was definitely worried about things that are you know put up -- vomiting originating. In addition to an election where a lot of things you know I think I'll put myself through this season -- You know I did -- wall to -- To get much sleep at all. It was bodies so. You know I put I put myself. -- I think. You know next here going in mobile will be ready then and will bring more scientists. Boston. Hey you do you think tomorrow hill they -- that He is He qualified to I had to do Terry Francona is job. I'd definitely get you know tomorrow there can be manager in the major leagues. What -- -- -- coaches you know from this project that I don't know. I think I -- But you know what I think their job opened tomorrow it'll be a great guy to have. You're great guy and that's not really the player real well yeah a lot of our and then in -- around. But He also very serious and you know an age old man dressed like that United States. He's great -- it -- managerial. But not much and how much how to. -- -- -- and yet you mean a a. Now I'm real equality. -- It is Harper's. And it I guess my last question would be just done some some of these newer guys like you can take offers something are those guys able to now after a year. Adjust to what Boston is like India think that had any effect on on them this season. Yeah I think He can get our cup car I think CTO at halftime. I think the biggest thing they're -- -- lawyers. Being moved out of the popular. So quick and feel like yeah it'll -- or. Com to get back up there. I think He He was just trying to do so marks. And he's pictured are worker I don't think people understand. You know he's -- works extremely offer is always always there put no all work there. And I think this is about that fact that you neglect He was not performing at a higher level. Because it felt like you -- as being down. And He would let down a lot of people. And I hope either become a bad connection here because in my mind and the end if you want a lot of it He was hit ball and getting a -- And I know that doesn't make up and it would have made him -- 320 Barca. But He deftly with that ball hard and support here. And I hadn't -- about -- of these copper away they don't want a techy people up that back here and other obliquely here. I didn't read right through ten years when my whole career you know I sucked I'm done I'm moving on I'm gonna be happy well listen I appreciate coming -- this weekend and doctor. And and being honest about it then and eventually it'll. -- it by February of that it'll probably all be forgotten and I nobody will ever bring it up again right. You know or and I really wish that would happen but you know they don't happen but. You know I'd sit -- -- -- spent a lot of great pleasure right now to get out so well and abroad -- Thursday and you know enjoy enjoy those scenes of the Celtics have a content. You'll baseball come around and don't worry the theater because again and then and -- go to all the fans out there -- went for them next here because they're deserved it. And those angles. There are so much around we see here they are all football answer that that's you -- good luck with surgery you'll doctor Easton. Our guys are great --