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Dolphin Sex Story

Sep 22, 2011|

Dolphin Sex Story

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it probably China. Let's get to the disturbing dolphins sexual relations story today well at -- disturbing case you don't understand it her. This book is written by Malcolm Brenner and He DT -- He is nine -- sexual and love relationship with ruby who is say captive female often. Dolphins the book is called what goddess -- didn't it when he's not at the wedding got it. Did have you with -- and -- believe we have some video of -- discussing his relationship with off. All right men had a long term sexual relationship with the dolphins. -- And here He discusses. That relationship. The dolphins started. The whole sexual contact them. I didn't go there and and you know start messing around with -- -- and trying to get your sorry. She would be using me to saddest part of sexual needs. -- it's 30 my god. It's well that is that's a topic that is. Certainly this is just complete the that completely disturbing and so the guy gets in the wiring and making those that swim the dolphins that that SeaWorld that gets in nanny status to. Feel that she's aren't -- -- -- you know you're just. Against my leg she asked for it. Yeah I just how is she expects that market wire three and was moving if she wanted to she twelve. Here's Saddam. Out everything that they would -- do together. She began doing things like. Breaking her teeth very lately along my arms and legs which produced. And in this probably erotic sensation movement and I think other people might find it frightening but I just found it a very wrong. It's threatened. At that it -- and watch it again and again if you're sitting at -- that your dad -- here in Minnesota Watson pharmaceutical partners and no -- line is 97107. Texas and then learning college that dolphins are the only other mammal that He enjoys sex true story is it that -- -- human. Was it dolphins style attacks the ultimate. Boehner number eight for flipper as Dexter says. That's so weird and He out while He says there's -- and this is a this is absolutely amazing that demand said this. The real problem is like in any relationship you need to have an exit strategy seeking get out of the relationship and you -- that can. Apparently if you listen to this audio at -- got a little too attached to my eyes again. I warn anybody who's involved in a relationship like this with a golf. You have to plan exit strategy now some female inhabitant of an extremely clean currently Leo at Rudman I. -- -- It that's the way dolphins just nowadays if say impossible I can turn nonviolent produced bacteria thrive in that report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- guys don't aspect but the thought they expect and and blow. Probably feeling the dolls and opera some -- Little lower gas prices -- -- Greg thank god they've gone from has not come forward didn't and admitted to I had 62 people because every quite convincing that we used to have this Argentinian dolphin. That is cleaning house and let me -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We just didn't click. That it smelled fishy -- off accidentally -- not the stable in Texas Texas. More. Morse now alas teeth is that's now probably have us now what do you call journal yeah. Now there's there's an utter geek and a -- news -- then. You followed John. More than -- -- I don't I don't fortune that the door route -- and duke -- got a comedian comedian -- you can movie operate. You don't -- go to -- they wanted to -- it -- -- -- -- that would do it does look a little like an update -- And our heart problems I hope. Let's let's look at dolphin body at -- and the rest unbelievable. Morgan Freeman and yes Martin Freeman. I think this is an excellent opportunity for me promote my new film opening Friday. A dolphin tail. I would like to clear up any. This information. That suggest this movie is about me having sex with a golf. There is no erotic aquatic activities. And also like to further expound that I do not speak for are things in my orphans and you know world pleasure to a canine unit that nor have I ever lift the sand -- to victory over can't. Put my -- imprisonment. Daniel you know you want. The -- and act like you would not like to see the -- Freeman recognized. I. Think about. Typing out texts elect enough they use the missionary position and -- it. This text as exit strategy how about you get out of the pool isn't that the at the exit strategy in about a -- molesting priests. -- -- get out of the water and that's why and how it's gotta be polite Dan. Eight gift in the sky after all all ball and there's murdered at the cuts. And and -- And say hello -- Air other jobs yeah. By any chance was -- but does offer. I don't believe -- -- trust them that are but He did have the full on relationship. Let's start I guess the thing is like run against is that value -- Shiites and comer but they just kept. I was gonna -- If faculty your penis to create a -- -- -- the slow look around to make sure nobody is watching who can just send a you know it's gonna whip myself where I get this though growth flap in my Speedo. -- -- Let me ask this series when they are the smartest. Other humans is Mars -- right. Could they not have an -- and it like you haven't tend to have a sexual relationship with a with a human and that the. I nor could I don't know if I'm sorry I don't here's -- it's. You. Answer now is not I wanna know I just I have I don't have any seeing him -- I. Mike Tyson wants in on -- -- a booster got out. -- did you -- that they don't think any good that got up all the way amendment number Opel and then there. Mary. The with the yeah yeah and you have to go whatever it is often include. It's heating it can happen in the water and international daily oral I'm kind of proceedings to a all week on believe the dolphins have their -- I mean does it. And eggs and near you or they get about -- yeah -- -- And other golfer and -- we -- the fate as we please can we just in the exit strategy I just love the exit strategy line against the best one little thing. I don't want anybody who's involved in a relationship like this -- off. You have to plan cases. I'd like to warn anyone and in other words a minute that's a -- and a 100000. -- thing right now. Everyone was NN NN every sexual relationship with a dolphin listen up. I -- -- -- Barton is six chat room and we're gonna get that don't help you make a fortune self help tape a I'd do the other dolphins called competing committee human dignity and yes -- picked. I'll have the dollar golf. Tumbled early. That's a lot actually committed humanity let me. Disgusting is that -- flip flip Syria and sex and humid and again. What's wrong with the rest of us dolphins but make incorrect assumptions and -- there in the cool. The wreckage all -- come alive. How long until the lives push Superman ultimate marriage I got an excellent questions that has. What do you think about -- and dolphin marriage would you be would that be okay with you -- quite often. -- Hello hello Dave and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've. Now the guy the guys backed off the -- it says he's only yeah having sex with tuning camps. So that's on the job at it alone -- -- guy you know is it gonna get out of every bit bit will -- people who read this aquarium I mean. Like an upside Gallup -- special whatever. People want him biopic did a lot of collapse widowed -- up a. -- -- that is below. Physics policy. I somebody says our -- answers they said the dolphins vagina is the closest to the human. Excuse the dolphins models. Elena spoke with the dolphins did not -- wanton prizes get on top -- and once you go aquatic marine mammal you never go backward this -- the ethics here. I'm really -- your knees are -- this guy's name Malcolm Brenner. And He had a sexual relationship with a dolphin in the 1970s he's written a book. Well who didn't grow the company went on I -- that -- rated five out of five but five people -- it doesn't happen and that it will not help Obama. Hello John. Hey -- -- L -- want to act was. I guess there's still no meaning to -- -- -- -- had been an -- Since I think feature. And He had a purchases of the gag gift package because on Amazon one click and that's to keep customers who bought this item also bought chicken of the -- -- Whitewater tonight attitude of I've found in -- -- -- Britney. -- -- -- I hear is that Texas says invite this dolphin. Mantown counter release party and it will probably CB asbestos like just like -- This is not a boating accident. It's freaky and god what are now and it now if -- you see this -- and you work with this gag yeah. When He strolls by the Italian -- stigma created male and I smell LB stunt. And then you know how they discovered those Jackie Onassis days. And Caroline Kennedy's. Entered her daughters were they were upset when they heard order order with their grandmother says. They've now found another one I don't know if it's Jackie in this on -- that's another 10 I am a member of. Shockingly great I think it is another -- Kennedy besides -- LA yes I think it's I believe it's Edward MO it's the Senator Kennedy this time the late senator Ted a single business this is the first time you're hearing us just released. From the Kennedy archives. You are -- social law to cook all. Account where you walk from media are gonna created here. And go back to you blonde. Can a shocked and pleased me most of the dolphin dolphin story. Or sexual contact.