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Florida Grandpa, Accused Of Having Sex With Family Dog

Jun 28, 2011|

A Florida grandfather was charged with animal cruelty after his grandson allegedly found him naked and trying to have sex with a dog.

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably -- If I'm not a big night Hill Man Morning Show but I guess. Did you get a par -- Birdie Putt. It's. Danielle this may be one of the most disturbing stories that Kevin what are you laughing -- passes I've just -- -- -- -- listener and I just -- to -- grandson. I know happened where this happened full warrant. Me Lynn. That that the that in any active -- spring yeah. Forty F 54 year old -- -- Hickman now facing felony charges of animal cruelty allegedly his grandson locked in sign him naked on top of the three year old family female Opel good. According to the end of -- left dealing to use the suspect didn't deny it happens he said I just knew I should have done it and dude again. -- -- It he's in the bathroom. And the poor grandson will react imagine walking in. Your grandfather. And a significantly pooch you. I think you know my grandfather his chance to it is enough to -- it completely news news Paris is completely new -- this guy kill them again. Me guess news is that female dog is that's one that there's no there's. Yeah there's no upside here those are used those those when he won. -- -- -- You know that's in -- about your dad. Well men with grandma she was at foxwoods it is -- -- tobacco. You bully you that. Your grand and here's a little grants how old was agreed that kid do we know I don't know it doesn't thing. Doesn't really matter the only way to instantly. He did he could now we probably didn't know he was coming as -- by. I'm talking about the yeah. Please but -- you blackened about to mr. hardy -- by violent talent I didn't Little League -- -- or. And he's on top men -- and -- I mean that's it just horrendous. -- -- Grandpa try to map the family home dock. Along hanging win a grand kids Saturday. Don't know why grandma wants to speed Cano. But the big it's best if we could do away. Little Billy came in from playing. To ask him on I'd go out so. But when he wins into the back room. Brand Hollis -- spreading our dogs. -- little really won't forget now. Grandson may get an horned up. Trying to get some satisfy. By doing doggy style -- an actual problem. Red hot -- the amount available dog. It's -- match you really. Now Grandpa's. And our family dog has got to this DD. He'd forget his medication. Is that why the female dog look. And grandpa tried historic occasion. On the -- we affectionately call box. Now grandson will need years of therapy. Forget the image burned on his brain. Then one day when he sees grand mom. -- discovers that his grandma the great days. -- -- trying to -- the family home dog. Yes I know it does sound quite concerned and I wish I -- It's the most disgusting thing I've ever turn.