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Former Boston Bruin Bob Sweeney

Jun 16, 2011|

Former Boston Bruin Bob Sweeney checks in from Vancouver and talks about The Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins

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-- -- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Tomorrow I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. I must say thank you the the best night in my life was made -- possible. By Bob -- Sweeney who -- on the ice last night and he is up amazingly I just talked all about. Three hours ago what do you mean -- -- is he still still out there is a digital immigrants moved out and I don't know man I am I up. After what -- night last night's OpenId eight I don't know where to start that when we were also at the gathered caddie Casey you me that the the family they'd be connects to is -- know what to do and it's an awesome day for you to be a Boston Bruins. That was incredible. As an -- and it works. Was a great it was a great settings obviously I mean I think to connect trans populist going to be different outcome but I. I truly believe leads the terms took their will to win away which was the ultimate thing. You know they'd -- they out hit them. And they outplayed them may have worn down almost seven games and the result was browns won the Stanley Cup which is an amazing. Amazing. It really it really is and I'm so happy for you and and LB didn't. And the alumni because you guys care about it is as much as those guys Dylan and it was just a great feeling last night. There was lots and to be out there -- not comment on the -- -- in the locker room that was an amazing feeling now must have been able. So. Al you doubly it's you know nobody. -- -- peer to -- -- better in the locker room in the champagne definitely better. Yeah. Letter to your community and executed them at. This is so but I've been talking about the raffle but if you go to Bruins -- raffles dot org get the chance to be on a duck -- for the parade. Correct. He that's the troops it's going to be great prize that. We have sure every shot and that legacy dream come true I mean obviously it's 1039 years has just grown that won the Stanley Cup but. We have an opportunity -- -- you -- guests to be part of that special unbelievable. Celebration. That you and I guess we'll have the opportunity to ride in the -- Stanley Cup parade. This sort of -- to -- full bottle -- and you know that the chance to get in. So but you made it home safe last night after locker room through the rioting in the burning vehicle site taken our. There was -- there was amazing actually the use. It was amazing that this city block basically shut down I mean it and it there was still incredible. Was fortunate to. Hang around the locker room for a few hours that tourism and head to. -- well look at you former teammate Bobby -- any Berkeley. June celebrate with the media and are simply people so that's. Good news. No LP GE LB really don't know world like come on. You're not well yeah. As a buyer I he had he had indeed been he had to be here of being. Apple's I don't want to get a lot of -- I and I thought I thought it felt -- -- out of dark clothes food is only alienated Bob this is LB and a -- Vienna -- -- stupid. Love. -- -- I don't know I don't know all the final plan to me if he shows up and in the and that relish gallium and it sure. I'm sure that it does some plates or somewhere. I did my part to rallies to -- -- two socket debt that's what I wanna do owner BMI to -- duck boat with a night. -- ultimately it regardless and then and then everybody on the -- realize -- that who's that after the -- Elevate it is -- -- it was good it was twelve. If there was twelve duck boat. A case -- on the thirteenth he would gladly being on you know and I know you would definitely be there. Yeah. Hey how -- is you're. Have you heard anything about today's it pretty realizes that tomorrow or Saturday if you had to guess. And Norman and I haven't been to bed I I really don't know. And these are all documents on that I'm I'm I'm a Mormon. Well LB I mean a loss on the blog for everybody. The world clock for every grown stand it not only in Massachusetts but New England in the country and all over the world. I mean LBU it was a credible those incredible atmosphere. Was incredible Kabila -- tranche two. To witness the Bruins went in the Stanley Cup and an all sat next to each other like. This gonna happen it's gonna come through the Brazilian artist. You don't maybe maybe next next next year maybe next Jackie and I didn't take long ago. Well -- -- drop shadow -- a come to fruition but. Up to block -- you can report about it you know religion Christian marriage rights -- maybe. Guys -- just ahead of the game -- -- -- -- -- on TV made been made my year that I didn't see it are eating out a wee hours ago. I hate those guys are. Now being utterly -- it was maybe what. -- do this time loses but anyway. A lot from this work is awesome I mean it really want I mean just those. Just should be here and be part a small part of that celebration was incredible I mean it was just. It was zone and may still be what does this -- it is getting it's it is deadly. You know what I'd I'd make sure that I -- I don't Shirley so he could really. Enjoy the celebration. I again I made eye contact with -- brother Lou we -- so dramatic lift to the top it would. There was incredible that's. My my lungs when he should look with a dry cleaner and all the things on the you know on camera -- -- You activist campaign right yeah yeah you UV CQ all up and sprayed everywhere in our living. Big black or gotten out -- celebration. Yeah definitely got so it's -- deficit heritage of this ago. What I did I hit I -- enough. You know your cards right here there's -- Yeah it's fighting back seat vaccines super hugging their great lessons of congress -- parents -- your odds of being a good time. I don't I don't don't tell me -- on a drastic -- we nobody you know. What OP OV you know you would love one and I actually did. I got a commemorative. Budweiser can that the Stanley Cup champions with the Bruins lol wrong. Like they did sign are you good and I are what it might go and actually did I. -- -- I was watching the game and homey did that with a sharp -- it yeah -- an entire I don't know yeah. Yeah a quieter interludes. You know -- is 000 because I had I had. I had I had -- from angry Arabs -- call me at the Medicare pretending. To be like authority. There. Yeah as -- It's off. Every yeah. It shouldn't -- -- BitTorrent your dinner don't order I'll tell me. Don't. -- your -- this guy albums. Didn't automatically update that you're going to Disney World -- that. -- Well so. IE I -- say thank you sell live -- would try to greatest moment -- other than my -- -- was greatest moment in my life so I appreciate you get me out there last night night I loved watching the game with you -- and it's awesome awesome awesome to be for instead itself. -- at the parade I body. Still at -- you know what go Bruins and if you want a chance to be on this parade go to -- raffles dot org. And oh man MLB and everybody's stats haven't are you guys. It was incredible and thank you for all your support throughout the season -- -- great ride and we don't want more right to go. So. Get ready -- -- get ready. And joy. And then you on your flight soon. I think we've we've got a pop vocal or a okay by the Iowa he landed -- this don't -- Bob stoops.