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Mar 8, 2011|

N. E. Patriots Matt Light on the NFL Lock out

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Right now from the New England Patriots on the Hill Man Morning Show it's Matt Light -- -- Good morning. Oh great just. As an -- bit by bit. I by the way mr. -- Texted a photo the other day to me of him. You were you hunting lion in Mexico or something. Yes so it detection your picture of writing my ass. The mountains of Bob and Arizona well on the Mexican border and New Mexico. -- -- You know I did not but I tell you amended. You know an exciting aren't pretty go out hunting you never ever guaranteed obviously -- -- to be out but it just the other country was incredible we put all about. 480 miles on our backs of mules. Traveling through the mountains of video Lowell told he has. It sure column they were unbelievable. Did you catch any new American stress trying to sneak across the border. Like -- some don't you go down. And stay on -- ranch where fourth generation ranchers that have been. In that area and they graze their cattle over about 700 square miles. You'll learn a lot. About what our country not doing right not that we needed to know anymore about but. Well just put this way everywhere we travel we didn't see one Border Patrol because -- -- -- they're they're too afraid to go. Anywhere along the border because of the you know all the courts so -- an it guy smuggling and and about away. We were literally in the in the middle of the order no roads that you could see from the very top the mountainous or ya look. And everywhere you -- use salt. In -- starting hands. And truly cans because that's what they eat what they're -- they're forty pounds each of marijuana and everything else across our border. -- A text it says pour mule. Well. Is that big news that you know I love these these are these are advocating meals and -- Canada tied up to -- departs for the curious enough these -- like real mules packed meal yet they pay its. Yet stay there are your agenda and I did it felt bad for my entire government went down hill for download those -- Granted it up. -- before we wanna get your thoughts obviously I'm on the NFL negotiations but just quickly before we we do that where you surprised as surprised as we are. That Stephen Neal called -- a career. You know. I think Steve -- Warner and in the you know obviously. Can go back in the research these dark Basra occurred nobody's done it like it. You know what what he did coming into the you know call out. You know kind of made his mark. On this team it's just been incredible story. Everybody knew about a lot with his injuries and you know I think -- -- to a certain point in your career where he would say you know what. -- -- prices is more important. The type alike that you eat and indeed and you need to make good decisions in these very you know consciences. Of that and how that. You know slaves in his own family and and then there's David daylight so I think he felt for -- obviously it was a right decision and and he's apiece so that the -- like. You know he had. -- did anything rebel army community it became obvious terms. Boy am -- imagining having one career playing in the NFL I mean you know what what he had to do to do what he did as a wrestler that's a whole different career. You know his body went through two careers that's -- phenomenal. Yet -- -- -- -- it was a pleasure every day go to war was coming you have been around in you know kind of guys it is just. Very personal. It while on the bureau. You wanna see what -- and Basil was around him YouTube Stephen PL a map. Adopt an army I was standing there ho there hey listen. Techsters -- start off with this comment on the text line which is that -- hope you like -- the weather. Down where you were because you'll probably have a lot of time off in the fall to enjoy it I I went where do you stand on this as the negotiations continue today. With a federal mediator. In an earlier that. The union rep for the for the path to match away -- who did desist or down. Well I noted all bitten in the words of or your infamous. Boards sound board got their -- it's all been more on this week complicated. You know I think he and I looked at -- stances -- been you know there's there's so many things so many issues are going to -- It's obviously never going to be. Situation where I can make a comment and everybody can agree with that order -- even comment to my old players what may ask me. Things are gone and and it's going to be. Something that's set installer mean there's not it's or move in the negotiations. Problem. For the longest time didn't go anywhere and then. You know as a deadline approached I think we all kind of figured that it would start to move a little bit that we get this extension I think things are -- that I ought to say really because. You sound like a book will -- say well he'll talk about and not what happens if we do about getting a -- out. Will play that. Are -- issues you know. No real. The owners obviously. -- built at ground stand on I think we as players -- definitely have brought them not to say that. -- that the system. Doug needed to go back we don't need to get back a billion dollars based on what we know. And I think that's pretty simple I think that what I would look at the radio -- argue that people on TV talk about this issue on the warping but -- I have a problem -- does that. They want save it. You know The Beatles tribute to the players and that's why it's one site doesn't wanna make a move. And the other one -- in the sided double move obviously to do for them that's ludicrous to ma -- You know -- he can't he can't say that wants side. -- -- too good that they don't want change everything when the other side that you'd give back 18% of your pay. -- You're talking about it the revenue. Was nine point three billion dollars last year. You don't see teams declaring bankruptcy on the people moving teams he you don't see guys going out of business I mean the I do think it's hard for people to understand because as the president said. These are millionaires and billionaires and there they're fighting over it but yet. I think in the case of the players. Really you know I I eyesight would you guys in this because you guys the ones that are risking life and limb here for a limited period of time and -- I mean is that your answer essentially when people say -- guys are millionaires are ready what are you fighting over. Forty we can give that that comment -- a little recruits as well I mean it doesn't matter what what that gap is between you know one side or the other if you're talking about. During a deal having have a working relationship. You know between the owners and the players. It shouldn't matter what what did that difference is 401 paycheck to the other. Idea that they should be greater equitable deal for both sides I think they'll look at the -- side of the and you know having done this for a decade now like -- I'll tell you that. There is nothing. Guaranteed. About a player's contract and analysts and I understand it from the on the older side I understand it employer side but it's definitely not. You -- for both parties I mean look like go out there silent deal tomorrow. Four years. And two years and the might deal I didn't injured. They're gonna walk away from me and say thanks thanks a lot but what were -- off. Regardless of what the situation like injured I have no guarantees I've gotten no nothing depend on. Other than you know all the money and have -- become. So. That's that's that's a little bit of an issue -- yet understand if that happened in the regular workplace people Beagle crazy but it'll. It'll go great when you're talking about guys that make money. And -- in the perception. About -- -- -- -- you know well how were all loaded that we know you played for one -- -- a -- -- -- reality -- You have ample literally can't -- guys are -- being that makes consider Obama. The rest of the guys are making a couple 100000. You know 300 out of order doubt and that's -- are so. You know again. No one should ever look at it one way they could be guy's ridiculously. You know -- its -- a stupid -- note that dispute should get on the players side or whatever. I've made it a bit of a lot that goes into it and it will respect all of their position. And I think some respects all borrowers but there are a lot of the old school waters. Sit back and say hey you know what I what I Wetzel camaraderie. And that the evidence that the it was -- that the discussion. Well there's a lot of money on the -- only nine of those nine of those guys are billionaires is is you know they wanna they wanna billion bucks back from you guys say you know IE -- god I am really it's such a great game I I really hope that it all works out but back I understand there's like in the fights a year you're not even gonna guess about whether lower and. You can't at this point I mean you know I think a lot of issues. You know we we haven't gotten a little closer. On some of these things that we had a huge gap -- earlier and you know that that's that's hole forming talk gutless I'm hopeful that -- I would do what needed jobs we've got guys right now that. There are scrambling to get coverage through cobra on their insurance plan that got. Kids on the way. In other wives are worried about you know how the -- played out not so much uncertainty for guys because in my position that. You know a little while he did have a project but it your free agent -- have. You know not being released sentence though in your spammers are longer we're going to be year out worked out so. You know put that in the bit you know I hope that obviously something we get it done soon because. -- other fans deserve it and that in the game is it's such a great point and that would be a lot riding on this so. You know again it's it's that there are a lot of things we got about a bit in the day but it got without doing what their record look. The league. One out and from 20092000. And there were up 7% that that's pretty good. You know about that that's a deal that they do have a lost money in a long time nor do I see that happening any problems and so. You know it's it's good good good -- should be good later reachable you know department. The problem is that you nine and it I guess it's it's going to be difficult the got a text to hear who says do you realize map that the average that 300000 dollars is equivalent to nine years. Of the average medium incomes happily ever again amen Mattie said it Matty said people this is what people can't comprehend. If if they'd just take take this the NFL money out of the equation. That -- Goes to work. Does he not wanna be treated fairly and does he not get up and go to work and doing a good job and expect to be paid for that good job and there's -- end of his bosses company. Grows and grows and grows and he the ending -- and he does it. They and he doesn't he's gonna eat you know it I mean you have to take the -- out of the equation it's about being you know being treated fairly. And you know these these guys earn their living there don't they don't you know walked into the ballpark -- -- you know what. Feel like -- Dexter. -- I think -- side LB -- I -- worry about that -- -- the because look. I I didn't I didn't wake up 88 the same alma. Public or take this you know life then it's got -- get some -- I mean look our outlook pardon. While not in the position I'm -- number grateful thanks for. Hopefully I can do a lot with what I've been given you know -- much is given much required of their Galapagos and that. And I think that. You know look we're all war bluster to have an opportunity to live number one in this country number two to be game for important York. And and and I would never well. How would never -- debate with people that have a problem how much we've made more I would say is. Is that. We do were called forward. And and hopefully we do the right thing the market that's not that -- argument that people don't wanna go over that. In -- bit I mean they're just look at some that are probably where we're trying to promote solution to a real situation. That though that we think these results related so that's sort of -- Game Matty what issue what one issue it has there'd been no budging and I know. The rookie salary cap there's been movement on that. What. Where has -- been zero movement. I mean. I think that where at the other day word it's gonna be the biggest battle is in the overall salary cap and what that number should be and you know obviously they wanted to cut. But you know about a billion dollars all of the overall. And so that number obviously would have been drastically reduced. From -- that day now. Again. It's harder it's hard to substantiate that. When you sign a record deal then you know these teams are becoming more more profitable. It's very difficult player perspective I understand that so. That's what the big fight's going to be that's where we don't have -- implementation committee. You know the best decision but what we can double -- -- off vote is the fact that. The league's revenues grown immensely over you know short period of time. And you know there -- up 7% so. I think that the horrors still swallow that's well our biggest probably. While they showed you the books then that can be solved pretty easily. We've. Got a -- Atlanta it -- If -- everything gets worked -- you think you'll be back here next year. You know lately and I also. Look you know it's -- fortunate not to place some -- for ten years. And and injured you're gonna look for another contract like the Russians somewhere. That pitchers have familiarity that you know the people look. In -- a big fan of of disorganization of what they've done it. But but it is the business and I'm I'm -- are so that back then. I understand that's so they've got the citizens being intimate -- under decisions that I make him. You know what you ought to cover government outlook be back in are you guys from overseas and and and enjoy the other pitchers mention for. For a few more years but it's not you know you don't -- would move forward. And take that. Go swallowed as well also -- nobody. I'm hopeful. And have an issue protecting a guy who has who wears a pony tail and and. And and Brazil -- -- don't know about. About. An easy uploading -- a picture everybody seemed to be complaining about I like it I think it looks pretty good. Yet. -- sport apart to a long time ago remotely similar problem and I'm glad that I don't wanna bring up the fact that -- while ago but. You know very. I'm very happy to see you Hillman foundation. Other Greg -- foundation. Do all things that you guys are great event. Over so well in place yet what that could be either and there's little that you know men that that's a heck of a deal for the listeners out there that. That haven't seen the first ever have been a part of it one you can. Pick and choose the people within your community. That need help commute immediately and make an impact -- their lives based on. You know a situation that tragedy whatever is. That impact them that that's cool I think you guys are up on the right track -- reporters at a book on the either witness let's graduate. Thank you for coming out and and it's it's great to listeners of donated so much we've been able to do so much in. And you write those stories are really moving and so it's and it's awesome side we can do without you helping out -- thank you. All right well. Boy that didn't support it let's go let's point rubber -- -- -- awarding -- -- drive. I'm I'm all organ music for one reason you played -- cult of personality. But worked real album that I have forgot. You know -- -- -- favorable view brought. That is by or that that the bears much Fred. -- market Matty -- violates the living color comes out perfect I missed a light will have to go work this thing out please we want football in September. Really dramatic.