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Cam 12-16-10

Dec 16, 2010|

Cam called in to talk Bruins and Walk and Rock

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark are always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now. This Hill Man Morning Show presents this week's presidential address with Boston Bruins president -- -- On WA yeah. That is. The W block -- rock for change is that as an LP out of the road and the president of Bruins on the radio's morning hey camp. They -- or you I'm great how are you. Good before we get going here I wanted to. I want it to mention that -- Bob Sweeney that. The ball with the Bruins foundation yes wanted to would donated a thousand dollars for the walk -- rock -- and. -- gets even better if you didn't tell him yet you're just announcing that now. A it's a bump that up by another this stupid people that closet -- -- guys do so much for the community in and Bruins foundation just does some great works. Commend him commend you guys. But what you do and -- -- the two way toy donations are still going on over there yet there -- You've done so much in the military honor in those guys and and so way to go in and happy holidays slow to try to do -- small part over here so it's awesome it really is an and a tough loss last night -- -- in a row that we had a discussion earlier I'm sure you know this is going but what's your opinion on two disease LB said that. Goals -- his -- last night is is he just getting bad luck. We have that knows smokers or less -- You know as bad luck in -- We have got to capitalize on the power play is apparently service last couple games we have five minute powerfully recently didn't do anything -- have five on three last night couldn't convert. So we've we have to get much better in most areas. But to do not fall for that game last. The people you bothered by the year unsportsmanlike call on on now -- shared that thought that was a little it might drive. Wolf spoke by -- penalty and apparently was an economic Armageddon. -- to be concerned about body contact. They should take it completely out of the game because that was that was a good hit. -- So those disappointed there and obviously Lucic whose who -- upset about it -- was -- and the bench but. I don't know I don't know a 100% -- said -- but. You know I mean the refs got to turn a deaf here at some point don't you think of the guys on the bench that was like he was embarrassing pro 171000 fans and -- I mean you know do the jets him inside info that that's always scary when you -- a -- on a -- it's it's such a a well I mean look at -- it's a big week and everybody said going into it that it's a big week do you feel like those guys weren't we're not. As well pairs that could have been and are not as opposition have been last thing. Yeah it's. Cartridges -- it and I would like to believe the guys are up to play ready to play. -- -- -- teams -- -- -- is no question keep that -- -- and we have an opportunity pick -- a -- points in Montreal in -- division and you know they are -- as well and you know is a big week for -- Good opportunity it is. To its spread ourselves so from the department teams and also have an opportunity due to jump up that there would be in the leader of this division. Line and again now I mean is it always such -- losing. But I don't you know there. The plan Ryan Miller and let's not pretend you know you play when -- -- is one of the best goaltenders and in only needed. Right now be almost like playing -- Tim Thomas and so you know it's it is much is it sucks to lose. You you guys have been a lot of when you've lost some one goal games and and basically power play some in the you can fix and I I think guys are showing up. I mean it was I thought it was great at the end of the game. Last night somebody to go liberty and -- panel -- his mind I don't think its lack of effort or a lack of comparing. But you know you can fix power play and you can fix rally going and I believe that's an upside. We -- and we should be able to -- and it's something that. The power plays extremely important especially for team like ours that. That we don't create a lot of offense based on the way we play. So we have to we have to do well on the power play. It's important piece. Of the game for us. Support active product fort are capitalizing on the power play them you know generally speaking. You know we put herself a cup situation most banks. Can comment saying you know and and and -- relatively airplane in Ryan Miller's one of the best goalies in the in the game but you know this is the team that that's blows in the standings so. It's it's from you know it's extremely frustrating for everyone because these are games that we got to win we gotta get these two points and you know we gonna keep climbing up in the standings and you know when when you feel lake. -- You you waste a couple points we have that we have been believe there's a couple times we headed in the third period. You know vehicles those games don't. I -- -- what -- sticking up for the players mr. -- -- -- -- -- you know around these and -- -- regular players Mark Recchi played in his 16100. Game last night. It's. Pretty impressive that youngster in order to leaders have called the -- raising millions it is amazing you know you'll soon be the -- five the and stereo. On that next up on nymex upon policy's gonna pass bubble Bork he's ninth all time -- and Bob was next at 1612. Who's who's number one. Com -- now colleges. There escorted up there yeah I played forty years I've -- -- -- thank you already at a rookie honors or at its. Minorities still the only remote somewhere what was the deal with say -- last night. Coach's decision okay. Anything. Based on anything seen lately there. -- -- -- That that we will do that we won't ask you about LB -- sharpening his skates because he's like when LB stinks over their factories nature of death but. But I'm Naomi -- there we're we're getting voters they were -- right now and -- I was actually allowed in the locker room for the for the slices of and I couldn't. -- and cam I was wondering on a different note. If you had ever seen during during your playing days management days anything similar. To the what the -- -- jets coach -- jets' strength and conditioning coach did the other day or seen anything similar to that -- coach involves himself in the actual play. On the field of battle. Now -- a I'm not gonna name names but side doctor didn't give himself well in the exactly. That was a -- -- -- that was that housing has verbeek in the dollars. Live with the fight doctor jumped in real -- maker. -- -- It wasn't that the -- Emery wasn't happy that. Governor told they were all time rock you that's your eyes. Well hey listen you know I think you guys struggle a little bit with goals against a -- year at the top of the I think it without the image on itself. Gotta gotta work on that and then just get the job local. It gets is not an issue of schools or is an issue or is it should power plays an issue. Those are those good things that that. You know. I think been litigation still easier score one more goal in the other payment on your back it's not about. You know trying to trying to win was 00. All right well that's against good luck to have hope you have a great Christmas were or opt for a while yourself. Thanks for being on all year we appreciate that thanks to donation lock him out for change had no problem we have a great Christmas yet everyone you need to buy two and do anything special going away earning. Her we're gonna enjoy so a couple of days here today than it was the -- of the gifts what do we what do we have what's the number one gift requested. A number one if computer. Really yeah. The Mac. The Mac yeah. I hope it's under the tree at the -- house media both were sent there has to offer a ask to have it that are here about it but it. I -- nearly EB. -- -- -- -- -- --