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Jun 21, 2010|

Vince Neil Motley Crew

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably China. And witnessed right now is that man. Who has joined us in the past three W celebrity golf tournament going and going way back mister Vince -- bits. What how are you buddy. I'm the man I gotta say I mean we do a good job with our golf tournament but LB and I -- -- we once ventured out -- to -- his golf tournament to believing would it have been a -- was at a Malibu country club. Variety and the it was mayhem that was oh. The best part was as I was full of free -- by Alan I. At that ethnic at a delicate balancing trying to blast in my balls and is still doing that event end well. Vote oh yeah we just had our itself fourteen year just happens to. -- we edited Leo we actually moved it -- -- Adam Malibu country club. Because if they'll actually have they're doing to golf courses. And yeah -- so bad. What we need when you come is it's great because you actually. With all of the vendors is sub out there you you'd never have to buy porn again. Yeah that that did not happen that the US open this weekend they did not know I don't know it would tiger out of this thing congratulations. On year's third solo album first first one in fifteen years what took so long. Well I mean you know -- have is available free time his lawyer open -- a nightclub. Little retirement over -- another club in north and I -- Didn't wanna do a record for a long time and and I just haven't had a time to between Motley Crue and everything else but I took 2010 -- -- due to record. And and I did it. Bunch of covers on this. And what I want and -- favorite. Well -- -- thereof favorites you know I mean every every single one of these songs as a as a memory attached to the -- that's why they're on record and -- either. These are songs that I grew up with -- -- band that. You know our dear to me and it was so that if it's like -- window in my life it would with this album. Immediately you know legacy like like another piece of meat you know by squirrels can't -- of trying to balance. Yes that was that was song about -- Tommy cruising around at his -- that it have a Clark. And look at the checks you know -- drive illicit love drive and you know so that brings you back to that time. And how cool is a separate the scorpions two nights ago and they brought me onstage I say that song with just. Scorpion optimize that's cool that's that was the coolest thing ever. On the big we played some credence the other day because those does that has no idea who creeds and and I'll bet I bet you check. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you you get who'll stop the range and that's one of my favorite -- I. I love that song you know means that some my dad brought you -- turn me on decrees is that credence Johnny Cash guy. And you know I at a at a 54 Chevy pickup truck side pipes and and -- Hawaiian curtains -- -- racks in the back. And an eight track tape player because that's what they have big it was in the cosmos factory you know and -- the logistic kid and and you know that song is just a classic song and and I really wanted to try to do justice and a I love the cycle of single song. -- the but Aerosmith fans here and and then maybe even those guys might be interested to know why you picked nobody's fault. Well okay here here again you know that -- rock's album. That's that album I have that. I what I I would certainly goes surfing like every single day you know they've -- more reason LA and that that album. Me -- my friend John listen to. All the way to the beach all the way back and that was my favorite -- on now on the -- album and so I had to do it. Vince Neill is our guest his new solo album tattoos and tequila available tomorrow you can go to Vince -- got that Barnes & Noble dot com best buy dot com. And major retail outlets and I I had read a while ago that you are working on on that one of these tell all books are you still is still doing that. It's time the other -- done deal we just. Finishing up put in the the -- of getting pictures you know so my mom's on a deadline right now. Well if anybody -- anybody gonna be that's when this comes out. Everybody is going to be. It way to members and they didn't -- that Aetna and actually gave them good information involvement. Well you know I'm like in the very you know I touched on stuff but I really got -- indeed tells them. You know growing up in Compton you know I mean I I witnessed murders and and yourself like battered. And it was like normal to me here's two people shot it was like yeah cool. And you know they've been growing up being getting into Motley crew and Andy you know we gotta remember the -- is ten years old a lot of said -- -- last ten years also. Has what's going on with the dirt movie. Well I mean if that was out of our hands a long time ago I mean. You know -- they movie a movie like Erica a company like -- buys the rights your movie. Archer your books and make a movie out of it I mean it does script was written. David Fincher it was gonna produce arisen directed. And what happens just like anything else. Sherry Lansing was president Fairmont she laughed. And all of a sudden. You know with a new guy comes -- dated only do anything -- it just sits on the shelves. Yeah. We you guys gonna play your selves and know what they were talking about Christopher Walken playing Ozzie I remember correctly. I thought that was a -- idea. Where you guys gonna players there were you get the. We're gonna have -- of unknown people playlist that you don't. I don't know if I did didn't get dance floor -- Who knows of it if he gets made it be great if it doesn't. Shale by the time they get around to making a you know they can use you guys and just use computer effects to make you look younger and then you can place a beautiful movie. Yeah that you know like avatar yeah don't think. Go let -- agree -- Yeah obvious you -- you a fan I'm a big deal to finally -- to terrestrial. They'll distort. It's it's it's I don't -- a Mac. Or go to a bar every. This is like Gene Simmons he's like gays got a multi businesses not it doesn't I'm not as many as -- you have done -- -- you have like a jet service now something. They actually have I four jets. And it is something wanted to today it's called me up on dog dog gets of their. That's pretty cool it's a unifying anyone famously. I don't even know I'd I don't see really -- see who charges appliance. But. Yeah I mean these these are these are unionized big airplanes and the take anywhere that they have. You know leverage in interior and B and and and part -- planes -- outside. There's a couple original tracks on the album and society I think I read that. Mickey Mickey wrote one is that correct. He had yet another bad day as -- as song that that we had actually. Did a demo for from. One of our albums we can't remember which one would be used his new -- to album but. -- a long time ago and it didn't make the album. And I kept the song -- like you know what are you making. It is such a Beatles song I'm gonna keep businesses I've put this supplement laptop. Which is like five laptops ago. So trying to find of the of the laptop of the song on it. It took some doing better founded -- and I'm glad -- -- did the song you know and because it is it is a great song that would just been lost forever. Yeah -- Clinton speaking of acting it's -- going to be doing something in California patient and if you heard about them. No minority. That is has -- done much act. Yeah I mean you'd see him go I I don't know I don't actually had a leash today so I don't know. A crime that feeding as a -- to each other. -- constantly and if. Well we have OVV got to remember you know where everybody has like lives. Yeah and Bryant yeah. A have I mean are you guys like these separate dressing rooms kind of band where you just shell out nobody toxin in the onstage and you guys get along pretty good at this point. What do we we get along great -- army where were or band you know bad but you gotta -- I don't even live in Los Angeles you know -- would they let on to the Las Vegas. It went. At a lot of businesses going on in a lot of things going on and -- don't really kind of keep up to dated days stuff fund you know what each guy is doing. Have you avoided. A gambling addiction living in Vegas. No -- would you wouldn't think they look like any other city but. -- -- -- know it's just give you the best you the best restaurant's best shopping best. That bar is I mean better you know gambling I'm never gonna really gambler on the sports that are better. You know it's gonna tables. It's now mean. Did you have the Celtics going all I. We have funny thing is that it was a seven points. There's seven point. Lakers seven point favorites so I actually. I I I love the lakers I I actually have or Laker rings. And now -- they they -- And but I -- the Celtics because -- money. At that you'd like it was seven point cynical thing is I I I won my bet and the lakers ones that was a good thing. All right well listen it's great to -- the and will make sure we keep talking about tattoos and tequila. Which is -- is the solo effort first one in fifty years and begins tomorrow. Our row and advance well will see this I --