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Maxim: Dancing With the Stars

Mar 25, 2010|

Maxim: Dancing With the Stars

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably China. All right LB I know you worked up over a Mac team coming on the shelf broke as dancing with the stars and they've. Dancing With The Stars -- your favorite program and I think there right -- -- max them. I think you know action is what everybody is saying they defended it by about local mayhem. And mom with collier and actually maxim is that Nellis that is it okay for a big. -- former hockey -- like Lyndon buyers to really enjoy Dancing With The Stars there should be be questioning him maxim. But you know what I think chart where they'll put -- kind of question mantra rests on The Who have villa. You don't like rats -- chuckle and a who's been the worst gateway in your opinion out of -- how many seasons has the show been on. -- -- wow who has been in the worse. I'm like totally uncoordinated. Unable to do anything celebrity. Oh my -- I think it's of course -- situation. Can you name and and Penn Jillette. And he'll tell you can handle that -- happy Easter. Does look like a coordinated man. You don't argue where you where you impressive -- Alright guys yeah I know we'll talk about this couple days ago I'm actually Larry. Remain good friends with the war and then bunch of people don't know him and I remember sitting. Because I was this year and when the ladies went first command went secondly unlike their I was sitting in the audience watching. You know what's in -- and you're expectations. Look at the big guy come and then and then gumbo like you have there's no way -- -- music such -- doing this stereo -- I was I was shocked. And really fast. Maximum. Forgive me for not knowing but who is your partner. My bonus season as their lenders. Obvious. The -- She is a lovely I've actually seen -- right now that you say that I've seen the Promos with the U2 and it appears she's I think she's rather flirtatious studio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah go to your very eyes. Has -- been a major hook up on the show it to argue about the quality of the hasn't left and right. What it's like him or you know there. So no you know obviously. This stay productive you know what I told us that look you know under different circumstances. That probably be great friends. Or whatever the hell we would be you know but under these conditions they'll come a moment when you think he needs. Yeah in the mobile satellite. Not -- that -- you know like I wanted to have on -- saying it's inevitable. You know on the person she's 24/7. And then -- all this pressure and everything else the last thing you're gonna wanna hear more importantly. -- represent everything show is that how hard it is and everything else and there are -- sure you know they go through its its its if I mean it seems like a cliche a little -- and she did -- but you know say but. Let them send you don't translate what I was sort in the show us. There are rehearsal facility and heard and Ochoa were rehearsing. And and and -- figured out. You know I'm I'm glad you were freaking out because the barn -- is so hard drives where Kamal urged. -- -- She's it's that girls and smoke show Cheryl Burke is that her name. She's on out there all but she really is actually the other one Julian and -- -- -- penalties on these on the show anymore. Do there and I think. Thing is also doing and doing movies and recording albums should you know Rick. You must've -- one of those girls. And -- it athletic bits. Has there been any -- -- any. Backstage. Incidents where it's clear that someone who is a celebrity gets on the show does not like someone else like for example you know lot of people criticize debate Gosling Dario and I feel like they're anybody that's just clearly not a fan of someone else. Yeah I mean you know -- consent and it is would have had. Content that people go through the show. You know -- then someone expenses of remained permanent structure more or less so large in the coalition and -- as mentioned. You know little victories here and there. Yeah well honestly this season Melissa Leo more. I don't I don't promote. You know I don't say cliche things I'm telling you everybody's very friendly and very cool look I just wanna be and then this is best friend and I don't know what it is about. I was. That -- drivers Justin asked because we are from the same place I'm I'm also my family lives and ladysmith British Columbia in Vancouver Island. How is am doing. She's doing great. She is being lost some Damian ward would hurt her partner this season is that is my friend from -- -- -- burn the floor that we did together and I tried helping them getting on the show and -- there have -- that you did they look quake. They -- maybe could be. Models togethers so so they're very easy to look at what you know she -- -- so much by the event -- know how I don't know what should not do they change is gonna stand there and it I can't hear about like -- and so. I'm back. And you know -- saying you know water. Trouble was. But you know obviously -- goons -- sit and wait what oh yeah. Course now have you seen. Before you knew -- was gonna be on the -- -- and any of those NASA the photos were taken without her knowledge. On the Internet. No you know I didn't we're not into that but you know I knew that she is -- -- exactly. You know what -- is and I think obviously nobody really hit. Those photos when she was up rather than use than the story broke. Triple -- that. You know the networks that are being put out that is of -- -- queries so everybody's pretty much. But listen to do an amazing -- that space. I have no idea my mom would probably devastated -- would crawl into a hole somewhere but. The deal than they used to show you know. Yeah. It's cool and how about that these days do -- was the a bachelors there a guy -- to netherlands' -- They're good guys is what I'm sorry the bachelor the bachelor -- yeah. OJ yeah now is -- perfect it is wherever. He's okay yeah yeah yeah yeah is that it. No it certainly it's it's crazy it's a lot of people. I know I'll tell -- right now. Ochocinco is is this is a good do it. -- no way I Mattingly is that the credit you know way they've got an -- -- closely because because Tony Dolan is a veteran so I have to do you know. And should situation is -- very. Because. Been in contact with so Jacob I mean I've breeders sent to reward certain yet I don't know. 020 okay this seems like such a great guy man I really we tease them a lot of -- -- -- -- that he does. In general when you see him do immunity he seems likely. That he'll do well. Almost certain that -- you know I don't know order I don't know like I guess because of I did superstars the -- but this -- program backed. During last summer so -- that CO -- couple weeks and then now from now on his Ochoa and I'm probably the only guy hoping to both of those do we yeah and it is -- That's why -- I think there hasn't. So you -- -- on the show ten years. You basically offset. Money wise are. A bit so a date you practice. And and -- put it this condition. Is now my bread and butter doesn't get -- build something that I do that you promote what I love which is then send. I've been fortunate and I guess smart enough to started them studios back almost seventy and now I have forced studios. Four locations around New Yorkers do leather. The suffer production company has done real well. I don't you. Well as it sounds exciting and LL -- you is literally shaking actually 'cause we're because you're talking to these really -- -- thank you for being on the show but he. But -- real quick you know what Erin calls Michigan a nickname but. She says you've -- Belichick of ballroom. Very be valid Jack a ballroom.