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Actor/Comedian Rob Schneider

Jan 8, 2010|

Actor/Comedian Rob Schneider

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it's probably China. In our next guests and deuce Bigelow yes. Will -- Longest yard. Grandma's boy. And several other films and end Rob Schneider joins us now I -- from -- A -- right there man anymore. Happened and it's coming right it -- up money they're gonna play I had in mind that the the at the plans for the security plan for the ball bomber by the way yes. Not as good idea let's interview the bomber after lamentable that the -- -- -- not a good plan normally daylight yet because it more interesting is played at he had more to talk about. -- -- before anything happened this slate. We have there's more interest thing -- maybe it'll anyway. I certainly don't plan. Are you one of these Hollywood. Lives. No I kind of started kind of ride the fence -- depending what part of that. Yeah. Yeah. Hit it -- -- depending on who's in -- that I mean. I don't know I mean look what the white house with a with when bush was there are so. I'm not a total lefty. What is he did he invite to cast a -- deuce Bigelow and -- a meeting where. They have given some award not -- but -- made a big deal -- the big deal that would have looked okay in the world that was when you're engaged to -- -- the tequila. Somewhat. I'm a dedicated ninety's or blurted out it's I -- remember. I. See Hitler what you and every film and had a bad as a diehard Republican by the -- as you know -- he doesn't talk about it much. My little. Now because you didn't read the parent of the new York times of the ship watching in terms of the though there is no way I'd downloadable what's -- -- but you know he's. These Soledad. You put you in funny people that he. I didn't really don't get Apatow was. This is. You know but I but I. I out of I can't be at all but I think it's you know there's only -- only because he can that you candidate for the I think that's throwing things at the screen on this. In I'd really like funny people Kevin and like those demands our first hour he had -- three -- I don't like it. I don't that I thought the performance of good ideas think Adams. The great actor we just you know you don't get a look that would that you guys can direct -- -- this story's fantastic. This if you don't they only want you to do so much. In this culture unique ability -- Be successful new ways you know like if you if your group big superstar comedy -- of the -- just start become a professional tennis players like so what the public will put up with you know. Well do you think that they don't at what was that movie were Adam Sandler with the shaft. It was kind of a dramatic rules of English. Yeah English he was. He got I didn't you know what I said that director attacking. The taxes they did terms. And in their teams are -- Lot of not brooks came in and get brooks you guys not Mel Brooks and a kind of I don't. Let's not vote by -- but I can't I don't like that that premise of the movie favorites people are bad. What people are good -- our Carville and I'm not that interested -- that before people can be just as greedy immediate selfish as rich people about what makes -- so far. Did you. You -- grown ups here right here in that. It's right now we have fantastic kind of brought -- to play. You get had a crappy weather up anywhere on the planet look like where I'd overshooting his summer comedy are we shooting blade runner. I don't planet in the race oh yeah eight basis some. This summer we don't it's not normally now and I know everybody says that you're -- you know what -- -- I'm telling you right now this is. You know I know your be your beard did I read your big management -- that's global warming. Well ahead of a global -- things -- you guys. No no -- it down -- huge environmental in the army for Avaya I am I sure you know -- I think today. Try to be knowledgeable about stuff I mean yes it's over the planet is getting slightly warmer but it doesn't it doesn't go up gradually make -- -- -- but despite whatever. But no matter what we do that the plant in the next hundred years. We're headed toward the -- they -- 15000 years so we'll -- so much David we could do another planet can recover but let's be honest government that the last essentially we're gonna have. On you know inevitably have a ice age right now and a lot of plays a man -- diseases it was 39 degrees and in Miami yeah they get those are falling out of the -- -- had in mind I don't. You don't because it's but he can't he can't think it is one isolated incident -- What happened -- despite he goes up down up and down with and that's spike but it's a gradual. -- -- obviously America -- irony is is probably the you know that the the biggest. What am -- trying to say there's no appetite known as a country we we recycle we hear about the the. All the recyclable doesn't mean crap I get to the physically push can't -- your newspapers that I mean. What we use so much. We used to much oil which is make in the planet warmer you know don't we start to figure things out China's gonna take over please believe me when China get super capture card -- with over. I'll be on -- everything. Environments UC Davis and freeze them resize my point recycling LB DC the longest yard. -- And that's. -- -- that they let me tell you -- -- that's below the line that -- include -- built for two months back and I imagine 2008. And Rob Schneider is going to be at those Wilbur -- on Saturday and I get -- at delivered to -- dot com or through ticketmaster 1807453000. You can go to the box office also write down in the theatre district rates by you're gonna like I don't think you don't like beautiful around yeah yeah. There really is nice yeah storm broke. Yeah we just yesterday well. It was stone cold Steve Austin did it -- What don't post it -- and had a broken that you think you would know better. -- it doesn't happen bankers to what you you worked with Stallone did you. Couple movies that came back in the ninety's game rescued me for. Why -- -- -- then analyzing it needs a couple of gigs and you're gonna benefit flowers that this that -- you know they break in the company of fifty bucks to get a thousand flowers. Or join judge dread was that. I love it in my about what -- spent on the but -- demolition gas listen man does -- -- -- look at mobile adrenaline. So then people -- She might get an optimist here she should get the Oscar for that he did not prepared to afford it but they're pretty top secret. His priests -- marry you dating Hollywood celebrities like the audio of the. -- the -- -- and its congressional would be I don't Romans 10418 all that and I admit there and then someone I would what do they themselves sectors like debate. And nice and normal girl and they kinda. You're looking for want your beating her you don't have gone but -- -- dating a beautiful girl from Mexico she's fantastic a lot of we're gonna get married I don't know -- little shuttle. Because this is you know I don't know if they were how old is it. This is that in a federal -- number -- that is targeted hello how old she is but I will say they'll have little -- is gonna see. Like eight and ninety minutes now to what they enroll her own world. -- -- was there and how old is -- -- barons like Sony dealer yeah he's like sixty and if somethin' -- -- Aaron. And whenever you know it doesn't matter answered as well and we get bigger problems. The that was -- Obama to worry about I think we got you have Obama is so much talk about every day. I now it does it is the son did. Let me Patrick would like to speak with -- -- that's right mr. Schneider about Patrick gas. Woman village outside of big barely dialogue until it it's Iraq like it. Well. He hasn't in his not. What is your view that a question Patrick yeah I want -- calling -- -- I how to Holler you. You taller than -- songs like -- that. I saw one of the world was so excited to work with me was my acting skills as my -- Next thing he looks extraordinary -- economic mile thanks for exactly there was one shot though. Where he was very concerned they need is one issue right away we'll go to the video monitors -- look over not look the same -- -- -- -- look you gotta go to figures tomorrow. -- gotta do is Siegel of the hot item five. Five and a good day but it cyclist lance really excited to get up -- fight fight and -- Coming -- -- jumpers know actors the no because -- is kind of blow up a little bit on screen -- -- -- big but arson -- surprisingly huge -- Robin like 65. And -- artists like 64 and now he's like about 310. He'd been blown up. But what I have. It was it is differ rulers are now join -- -- -- I think I'm on it says that. It does putting this in the middle of what we. And maybe that. You know these people always pulled out on -- is it's I was very glad you've got John Lovett and -- -- get into John -- I think that background loves this stand up that sound elements that make you laugh seriously ever go to. -- -- honestly if you ever see him at any movie you make you laugh he guessing that waterboarding was most I wanna play in the wedding singer. The latest from going wedding -- peaceful areas. And -- -- he was -- farmers and other. And in person the most annoying person you'll ever meet them. And so because he can't concentrate on anything but listening to anything you're saying you know which is not strangest thing you do -- somebody. Who's the funniest person. That you -- -- in just pure pure funny person. Why Adam Sandler honestly thank you never know how he's gonna find new ways to attack you physically you know it's you know your your physical appearance. Are you there are something about knowing your life -- -- for twenty years he has been constantly making them anyway. He really is crazy genes. Some -- it hasn't really actually really funny. There's just leading exports is really funny it's very funny. He's really funny and then. We're so guys. Can think -- you know -- Chris Rock is really well. Is one of those guys that like. These like. Everyday. Format in the Marines listening -- -- that's like -- get back and stand up. It was started telling jokes probably jokes we felt they were not collapse and make it out somewhat quiet or sit America -- with a joke when. Only when is -- movie coming out just what if -- okay. And it's you Adam was given that you are Kevin. It really is beautiful right now. -- -- percent rootkit like fight to fight through that looked solid beautiful girl believable. Rob Schneider's -- gasses is that peaked yet. Think and I don't know iiroc. Huge red rock -- natural. There is apparel there under programs there does -- great -- really cool appreciated the the department. It replaced bill. Question -- you go to yup what it meant. And how are actually real -- it -- wax figure. It. Eight when we play these amazing. Don't wanna look at guys like BB king and you'll have to they have no reason to die. And I'm saying yeah -- during their eighties or late that is whatever I think he became -- -- would have effectively -- everywhere -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He gets it for five different alarms is indeed -- take. He gets within what he wants he would you want to get enough. Money that he's stealing from the companies it's all good you know why would you want a diet that. -- you know I Kelly brings his own food to the restaurant his own -- through. Though Wolfgang Puck stressed that are arguing that I didn't take it into a federal now can you just stroll into the mansion like or you have to be indicted. What you believe is a big fan of newspaper also I got how to get invited to parties and stuff like that. So nice if it if out front it's view. And a -- sure who gets in first. Well I don't volley that well but I would send me. But now why would -- because we look at similar maybe something's. I'm available and at your personally you probably didn't say it may. Yes my. Sales blog I -- Michael. Too much there -- they don't let it go back to rod demolition man. And depreciation else. Good question wouldn't. That's a good question -- so for the first. Yet the line it up in there and evenly in the first point and you don't use your whole land dispute here in middle finger and good luck. That's one of the jokes are worried they didn't have little paper that said -- -- -- well they got big you know what anybody would oppose that a little and that tennis isn't out yet exist and -- -- as if they're not yet in the rats now. Cool and I don't courts. Right now I don't know whether I was always a sense of I was gonna Ireland Wesley Snipes confused and this raises -- -- ownership. -- novel way Saturday night you're gonna be at the Wilbur theatre in their recipes available so call 107453001. And hundreds 453000. It'll be a fun show man all the best human and and I was. And you know where I stand politically so well we're we're. At work I think we were closer than ever everybody bring a ceramic reusable -- -- -- I think Robin higher closer than he wants to admit because like ya Lenny Clarke is afraid of the committee's Republican on the show I think rob is the same way I think yeah. Deep down inside. He wants to be a Republican but he's afraid of not getting the role of being -- us. I'm not enroll now anyway. I'm. Liz -- the -- yes -- you around and around -- -- -- A different just say I love doing it different states that but that -- with hysterical. And 51 thing is very fast and I don't believe as the -- or Adam Sandler. Hilemon I've been a bunch of movies generally or that that's. And now I thought it was only -- two Spiegel that I in the now wait I forgot algebra out of a home loan to do. That's right I don't. -- don't know when I first started I didn't know you could say noted makin' movies now he's happy interactive with anybody wanted me to be a movie about latest political certain into the -- I consider that my partner without the facts. I know you could say no let it be you know Beverly Hillbillies edit this to really get automatically thinking do I guess I completely wanna put -- movies just to -- kids. And now you're like oh periscope down -- -- love it sounds great yeah. I'm happy to be worked okay ailment I got that I got in line number now what it's coming -- coming up until Saturday to pick it. I will see there. Okay well aren't accuse -- eruption.