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Actor Eric Roberts

May 29, 2009|

Actor Eric Roberts

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WA AF Hill Man Morning Show podcast. Goal. Silver. Okay it probably China. Eric Roberts is somehow I'm Eric Roberts and wonder if Eric Roberts knows. Former child star. Paul Peterson -- good morning. I was former choked her while Peterson and it in there later and good morning guys how Obama can. We love having you on this -- by the way. -- I and I play this. Mickey -- cut for you I'm sure you've heard it he was there -- you were here. Question what your work cut might that be right now I need and what happened fifteen years ago everybody take a listen to Mickey Rourke. Eric Roberts I must say one thing about Eric Roberts -- Roberts is probably the best actor I've worked with and I don't I don't know why in the last fifteen years ain't nobody given -- chance to show it again because whatever he did 1520 years ago should be forgiven and I wish there. I'm god damn serious about that Eric Roberts is that and man. And he deserves like he deserves a second chance and I wish there'd be one god -- filmmaker newsroom that would let him live because the man he is something else thank you -- Had to -- to be arrested by the end of today. Only. Limits what amazing. Yelled yeah actually had you're headed your hands and you said X outlaw our. What is I was so I was so caught off guard I was I was embarrassed I mean I was I was very moved by because it was -- this -- those parts of guard. I didn't come to be stroked so I guess Mary embarrass. But it's not a lot of mullah among the stroking kind of a guy you know -- was let it was so sweet and so from the heart. And of course -- -- -- I have always loved each other so and so it was like shut up brother Matt don't bears may have it was so sweet let that. Because that there to get best actor and he he gives the accolades a year ago. Please help that's what -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You need need need to help other people light up like like polite -- stepson Keaton Simons. He's just incredible talent and he's all wanna talk about remembrances in the front -- -- expendable and yes I do but little by Keaton first. He's got it -- read your album on. He district it's called can you hear me and it just can -- Easier steps. It might that's exactly I've been slices it. The expendable -- -- in and Sylvester Stallone and others are you shooting that now. We're shooting it in New Orleans and we shut half of it in Rio and -- the other -- is here and by the way. New Orleans needs to level anybody who -- -- and we come here and hang out should. It -- here like this storm happened eight months ago not not enough for years ago. And -- love it needs companies visitors. Down what it looks it looks great battered and bruised -- -- -- When you when you talk to people down there Eric what the thing I know that a lot of money has been raised is it just that there is. There's not enough to fix it and than it's not getting to the right people like you know as -- people well give me. And the the the the original problem with the Levy is all the money you know for the Levy -- B two B -- built you know -- that was in Iraq. And it happened and then and then and then bush. I mean there is no money where we're in Q2 trillion dollar debt. And now. I'm not really interested in in blaming George Bush for an act of god am -- map an automatic I thought and asking went on it sounded like you I'm just asking you. If if we've a lot of people have given a lot of money. To Katrina funds and -- -- is it just that the devastation was so much that they can't seem to rebuild it. It was so devastating yeah you're -- you're walk around he is here now on a nice entry. It looks like it happened six months ago. Yeah that's fair. Has. And and as I've followed is that did -- since you brought up former president and his eyes the the current president -- on the stimulus money and all that stuff is not done much. To solve the problem. Well we have to give him time it's only been it's only been uniform months since this. That detection money Winamp and so we have it it took it took it took it took six years to bring this economy down when things months. To bring back. On this thing and it -- all the billions that we've handed. General Motors and others that we could take some of them money give it to the people of New Orleans and it. AB great idea but I don't know what I'm talking about but yeah not that. There is that violates somebody who has a dying to talk to you Eric Roberts phony yes -- Hey Eric. Hello Greg bark in -- hey Iowa -- I love you and not a movie runaway train early nobody's ever even seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've played black yeah it was it was Hiroshi runaway train. A -- -- I have never seen it. Greg you're in for a treat it's a really -- rent or go rent -- -- so much fun. Pope of Greenwich village's when whenever we Value Line w.'s one mile. I mean I just you know and and I in you know yeah that one -- up -- -- It macular gain in view that acting just it when it came to casting to a perfect for those rules this. Thank you guys chose such it's such a fun movie to make and a the big give as we go ahead for -- part to. So we're just we're we're losing steps we'll see what -- Yeah. -- it was it was it was a -- at the box office but over the years. With -- with -- rentals it's it became a big yet. I actually saw I actually side in the movie theatre and and I know many people did and I'm the the I'm mean huge fan of this summer when the Frank Sinatra's -- -- that opening that opening scene is just one of the better the music when it comes to music and film. And that's -- so that's interesting so working for Hillary I went -- when -- Pope of Greenwich Village to come out. Whenever we we get this script that we all agree on and we all like and we all shoot it. And we're the the script that's come first so world were all reading scripts the world. Talking to a bunch young writers from all wanna write it and we'll we'll see what happens. When when when you when you look it make you market and he's kind of talked about this but -- friend. -- and he wasn't able to work for awhile and then something like the wrestler comes up in and you know it that people there and what's his last name iron asking took a chance at him. It is is that something they -- is common in Hollywood where you you somebody is a great actor and just other factors interfere continued and they don't work for awhile but they still are. An incredible -- Well I think Hollywood is the is the American dream and that it offers you everything for a four or nothing but. Participation. And and down and and and and brings something to the party. And when -- when -- when -- -- bring something to the party it let it what you do it time and again and because you. Personally make make on the mistakes doesn't mean that your. The Travelle Wharton take intense and as an actor and Mickey has has. Has really matured over the past 58 years and I had to -- 58 years before that. But but you know that happens to all of us are we know we know we all -- -- a different rates at different times and I mean. On on the on the on the on the maturity scale while only about seventeen months. Okay yeah. So I I don't I don't judge anybody. And and I love me you're by the let him -- as a man and a friend actor. Eric Roberts I guess the definitely wants to make sure you guys take -- listen to music. His stepson. -- and time it sets -- he does go well iTunes or. -- YouTube and and download unstoppable it's a life changer and of that change like at least change your relationship. In the expendable comes out when. Expendable actual -- -- next summer. Do do do you guys -- result in the expendable. I definitely am it's crazy. They've involved Lungren stone cold Steve Austin. Yeah according -- Oh by the way he's -- he's my new best friend Steve also. I had like these experiences -- -- they going to be authorizing them. You know what will save state they they haven't said anything. That that was so much so -- -- before Americans say my name I call my lawyer and I -- down as he yeah and little -- And it's it's it's gonna talk about -- have -- on the show he says quite right back because they have five minutes okay. They want you on the show one thing I think what would you do troops. -- -- the temperature has been that great Georgia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- -- factors into its and that I love them all -- on animal tests. It's perfect. Didn't it yeah. All right Eric Willis in nights speak -- view and that I power abruptly I think you have me we love them you know again. -- have a great day -- --