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Daniel Sunjata : Rescue Me

Apr 10, 2009|

Daniel Sunjata : Rescue Me

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I think Daniels and John is on via phone. They don't. Know what what's going on. -- -- I can't believe that they'll be and I have not been summoned to do a show you and I would you see that is please -- -- that where -- in trouble. We've got all these big trouble very first episode was great -- -- first rescue me episodes great. I appreciate it if we backed -- a long time -- so we're gonna get more episodes this year cracked. A lot more episodes and you know we've it is it is hurt us to be up here for for so long as well believe me we were all you know. Chomping at the bit to get back to work in it was the writers' strike looking needed. Yeah well tell us a little bit about what without giving stuff away. Certainly Michael J. Fox is is a great addition. Oh yeah and and let me tell you that I mean this guy he delivers. In my opinion such a powerhouse performance when he on the show it doesn't get an Emmy nomination if there's just -- justice -- know he's. He's -- he -- he's Jenna. My -- because everyone is afraid what just the first episode Manny gives you weren't known disease -- And by the way that's not a statement. Like you know the you know because the guy is dealing with parkinson's I mean regardless if you -- -- -- if you if you what -- -- should deal with it like it's just a great performance by a fantastic -- period. What other out plot lines and you kind of -- for us. Bum well world market is gonna be doing -- nine elevenths conspiracies which has been pretty widely publicized yeah actions from cut. Coast to coast. NASA NASA let's discuss that -- because I believe you are a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Yeah well I mean. Interest in actually mean that that term conspiracy players to its its its. It's tough for me to swallow because it's one that immediately -- dismissal from a lot of people because it kind of folks you know the image of tin foil hat wearing freaks ruling party on -- all. It's and so certainly don't fall under that camp. If found actually interestingly enough that most of actually all of the celebrity's from Mary -- -- to -- Donald Charlie Sheen to Willie Nelson who have come out says anything about. Having doubts about what happened on 9/11 have been vehemently attacked immediately. By you know so by the by the press to a to a large degree and also you know by the public as well. Have been purposes. I'm sorry. Guys. And so are you series and yet. Have you yet -- the -- I'd say peculiar title for the opinion assured. I just wonder if that opinion is is really informed if you actually taken the time to look at the evidence over futuristic but it just. It just -- it feels ludicrous to even their four you'd that your initial reaction I don't know I don't wanna maker rush to judgment. Now well let me and let me not make a rush to judgment on you -- I have I watched the the Internet. Documentaries. As what was that that we -- loose change loose change. Nothing changed my mind there what what is the evidence when you talk about evidence that has that has you thinking that the government did this. Well I mean my perspective look at -- -- as well that's you know you know number of other documentaries both those that -- that support the official period conspiracy and those questioned it and proposed alternate theories conspiracy. And you know we only have ten minutes here so would be very difficult for me to -- if you -- you know. The little black you know blow by blow up all the things left behind but I've found problems with what I will say of sir. It sounds like a -- out of me give you some evidence. It's really an article is it's not a cop out. For instance. Just looking for instance of the collapse of built except. The fact that expelled six point eight seconds but it felt symmetrical which receive the the the -- well versed in the rest of the building fall into itself and lance and in the compact pile of rubble without doing any damage to surrounding structures. And when you examine what they nests but you look at the best reports the -- report and -- commission report and see what they're. They're explanations for the collapse buildings that are the they're they're not intellectually satisfying in the -- -- sustained. Might damage on one part wanna ask one part of the building a quarter the building to collapse of the north tower. And you expect the building could have fallen favoring the injury sustained and it was fire that caused the collapse of the building you would also expectancy. Slow creeping deprivations throughout you know throughout the building as opposed to a global top down collapse happens in an instant and -- over. Six instance later. That they found partially evaporated steel columns in the wreckage of -- seven when no clean they'll accept and again now focusing on one thing he could look at any number of things the fact that. Our country in the 181 responders reported sights and sounds of explosions ripping through all three buildings throughout the course of the day. The fact that. The collateral projections of multi -- Pieces of debris in the ball he is in all directions. I mean there's there's there's so many things she could look at -- blocked investigations. There's circumstantial evidence and forensic evidence that I think supports a theory series that that contradict what we were told that there. And wouldn't it have to be a massive conspiracy involving hundreds of people to pull this off and and is that your key easier belief that. That none of those people involved in this would have said anything about it or they all had Iran and islanders on the fairway like. Well I mean you know that's that that that's actually agree occupation and it's it's it's a question popped in my mind as well but you know the Manhattan Project was kept secret for very long time you know my main. Contention has -- stopped looked at 9/11 from various angles for a number of years. And it was in it is in preparation for my research and in the role played -- -- there are rescue in the matter what angle it looked did not have a problem. It invariably devolved into the in my mind contradictions. That required to suspend my common sense as well several laws of physics and it was very troubling to me. And Kenseth started talking about it. And rebels say that my opinions were like that -- -- like hey while you're absolutely right but there are people -- could you'd feel that way. And there are people upset and didn't feel that way it went a lot about the way that they included the storyline to show is that EC all that. It's not prepackaged for the audience and in the sense that -- necessarily supposed to feel one way or the other. I guess it's my personal hope that it's provocative to people and get people to start grumbling -- on research and asking questions as postage swallowing what we response that by the but got. Maintenance. -- them I hope -- -- bring this up with Michael Lombardi when he -- that's the only thing I want -- And tournaments and I just like I'm not I believe what he's saying they don't but I think that the -- as a reason to solve my -- favor by bringing up a different way. By bringing history to go back look at the Roman empire look at the England England. The English and the people who -- conspired. To burn CDs down when everybody says I can't believe the government would actually do this -- people it's happened throughout history and you guys -- Mr. Obama look at that initially Cutler's right -- buyers a great example for instance. Just seems it really seems. -- offensive to me Susie yes that our government would do that -- it is have a lot of faith in in the people whether it's. The current this turner administration they don't agree -- is there others that I don't think they would do something -- -- 2000 of their own citizens and I guess that's what really bothers me. The united. But I guess in a way you write about it being a provocative. Plot like -- of the show off. I via a moment to take all so Khan India I know that you can do them instantly real quick just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pay you what's going on gentlemen revisit berries and and -- So it's only that there was no and there is no plain records found at the side of the Pentagon explosion as such there. Is that accurate. You know is a question it peace what was the question and there was no plane wreckage that that the there was little appreciable wreckage around the Pentagon you would expect to sound too cute and engines you would expect you'd expect the -- entrance wound to have been a lot bigger than sixteen feet in diameter. They're all kinds of integrity and consistency is what happened and yes big 11 last question uppermost it was small that have been picked up one. One last questions their their Q what do you do. Good morning everybody we're just upfront honest government that -- -- artists and it's I think it's remarkable what day. It still -- seven which most of these celebrity consider people out and focus on it. How can anybody know what a small building. In the area of make your buildings to about two -- well to it or it was -- how. Music anything you want a -- Peter is circumstantial evidence -- you know. Because that aren't because -- yeah well that -- that is the point did you would be what he stated that. I would you know all of these questions I'll simply say it. What are and say are actually the nine elevenths was an inside job because they feel that's proven to myself the membership of the doubt but what I'm also sending is that. None of the official investigations were true investigations. He started out with a conclusion and entertained evidence that supported the conclusion that this started out. And what we need is a real investigation what we have a real investigation an independent investigation with the power of subpoena. I would be very happy I would gladly eat crow on this on this issue I don't want it to be true. I'll get any particular. Surely a feel like I'm on the inside track -- -- things other people don't know war. I'm trying to get -- you know more and mr. more visible bicycling something that upsets people that's really not my intention as a matter of fact. The sooner than that had been that the sense that this kind of attention can be directed away from me. And towards the experts in the scientist whose opinions. -- was research my opinions stand on. The better I would actually I think you should be that are being in a conductor David -- Griffin professor Stephen Jones or you know doctor stopped parliament. -- -- mark caller sort these people who come from relevant fields of expertise and more qualified to speak. -- very specifically about the you know about the issues -- hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's the instant job who a lot of people think it's. Off his rocker.