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Dennis Hoff

Mar 18, 2008|

The Bunny ranch owner talks with the Hill-man morning show today.

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Dennis Hoff who owns the bunny ranch is that good enough to be the calls going Dennis. Good morning good -- Bosnia okay -- Well you know I've surrounded by hot chicks -- disputed ID rather have sit near the -- regular big Cuban cigar. In a good report grossly the party waited there. You go to and never mind you that is doctor when you ladies. It is supported have to vote you know I've decided within the -- With this Ashley Dupree. That you know were -- a quarter million to come to the body raised. Because I want all the radio guys to party would serve Reid had to get even with Eliot. For this episode. That's the good guys now Eliot Spitzer either the governor of New York who reside he'd be left yesterday he. Had this hooker and she was making 4500. Bucks it would ever heard her experiencing is is a lot he. Yeah you thought I I I pick a pick this guy's been the -- freak. -- -- because. You know which would cost that much you must be doing some release -- first thought he is Elliott took the bill globe logo. Right right right so we want to go without the glove that means that you did do ladies charge a little more for that. Largo also targeted to a division is that such health risk there with the stroke -- what their best years you know she comes from a fairway the the the brother is it there was selling heroin is the school grow -- Yeah -- Now a year offering her 250 grand to come work for you. Have you heard anything will she take it and you're not. Yet I bet. But now now that we've brought also decided to give nick the goat lifetime passes to come. Party was finally. He was is that your idea broader is that on the back yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah birdie. Ripped through she's so I think -- league and -- also offered her a million dollars deposed in Penn house. Very audibly irritated lyric is she's like good friends. But one of our girls as it's too bad expedite your -- Brooke Taylor she's doing the hospital layout -- doesn't -- the billions you can good money but it's out of millions so. I -- talked to -- about this. Don't just look at the government in the quarter overnight. That when you look at we're gonna Larry and I are gonna take this girl. From guilt and shame too clever thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- you guys all or you guys. -- in Europe for the big game. There this yeah -- get to work you know I called you guys -- that would go out I hope that's the best keynote Beckett ordered into. I'll be limited to protecting -- their -- -- -- -- And now it's doubtful easily getting makes that. Lot of it when we went the biggest with -- Ernie Boch who happens to be -- a -- you remember Ernie Ernie Ernie got. That's double hookers and not and that was. He paid a fee and -- it's just that -- stocks that has got nothing out of the deal liberal left after you obviously about negotiation Dennis. Yes we are getting a peek at who we gonna step out here -- that about a year. And let let me help him with this week -- week that. I don't keep yeah I'm not I'm not into that kind of stuff anymore I'm married -- I am not -- on your -- I'll be here and you'll Oliver. Upload these units are being. Now another spell it -- is -- is -- sexuality that give me any at all. San Jose and these guys that's not it's not a -- -- operative when we do when we do ultimate meant to on this well we should give away we should give a trip to money -- -- absolutely you saw the care of that whole statement. If you don't look at you guys. He if you sit there will be out here when we -- some new there's lot of new movie you could even though both have their. Back there have been -- it's spreading -- -- the ballots are well bosh yeah. You don't singlehandedly could raise the quality effects. Now asks a question about this actually -- as our listeners callers nationally to -- How much if you paid her 250 grand. How much did you make up that these things and in which would you get it. Enough new interest in the money and yes trickle down nearly -- Yes what I can what I wanna do it's about -- to -- -- -- I'm I'm they have a governor's special on the birthday April. It's Benedict at VW the real April -- with a all the governor nobody here. -- you all the governors that about there are many politicians who like about tech. My -- Leo Arnold by the people disputes that bill. Album on regular guys that is just coming campaign do you think guys would want abuse well just because she's been in the news. Are just so you know what I would just sort of -- -- laughed about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- the first volume go to you -- look very deserve to be router because of what he did that the review would this he's bad against security put. -- -- That's certainly you know basically made a big issue appeal these radio companies in the eight million dollars worth the settlements. I mean this Spitzer resigned that she could finish her full term by Germany over the it's. Our that they could that be great to meet its historic it is the worst I mean I give it just one time what do these guys would be a mania and its stand that does take the heat. By itself to change should be stated that -- so that whites support white. Really think that he that was I think she -- like one -- Because the -- -- one to resign. Yeah I've had arrangement -- excel I think I think he allowed -- -- to have sex with hookers or at least at this one -- in exchange she did a -- -- with him maybe. Well like catechism beds in this city. It was the most Dennis who's the most expensive -- place. Well they -- all can't be it at different times it depends of the clients. -- like. Brooke Taylor gets so a lot of a lot of long stage guys -- got to commend you for days at a time lot of couples. Air force navy because she's so well known. It's he's extreme sports and received the extreme sports body. Perfect big you when you say Brooke like younger guys will come in the east how long they stay -- like a week. Also I think most of the it's good three or four days whether it is time you -- which is very talented very beautiful grown to look at but he respect comparable picture Brooke Taylor. What's so what's the tab at the end like three or four days of Brooke. All you can pick suspended as clueless as three or 4000 that there are much instead of 50000 a day -- have -- -- see what you wanna do it. Look at a liquor you Drake and how many of her girlfriends who want -- Period after -- camera path that. Like I I I take it and you know I I think we've heard more than the other -- did. Tim I have more than the rest of -- the -- -- would do but I think I usually -- to do two or three threesome the week with her. You are you hard drives and where -- you -- to do -- it's. You learn and it's all right so. The -- to Eliot Spitzer hooker from Dennis -- -- 250000. Dollars and one of odds are you think she'll take it or not they. -- you have 5050 chance to -- but she's a working girl let's let's give her out of those illegal activities. Could have her do it. The -- HBO show. The the thing is -- well yes -- in which is great by the way hum. And -- with what was your reading about I was reading about Diane -- What -- whatsoever but didn't. Almost a year we worked on a TV show and it's gonna air Friday night on forty to forty. In which it's a two hour show about the bunny ranch. And we also showed the other side of the illegal whether -- was an assessment came from and so it's gonna be exciting show notes it's at two hours Friday night which she broke. I heard did HBO was mad -- about. Well the HBO's big lake like -- -- You know what should do what should be monogamous in but I bet that without risk -- it got. -- not -- math he'll take whatever you can get. Did you know I I left HBO but it does is Sawyer -- -- governing how we -- would be big. Yeah hi -- died dig into the failure. Besides that you have very classy classy -- would be she's very attractive girl. Yeah these key isn't it sample. Yeah can we get him out here. We're gonna do I -- you you could you read it by the powers to be here's what I wanna do I wanna do. A promotion. We quote promotion would do. One -- the girl's call live at the next stabilize Scalia and -- in the next status -- called in to send their dead the body -- for Father's Day. It's a they were pretty well and Britain stood up you -- Paula have you done. Dean day and night and day of the appliance money management others I think that's pretty. Putin that would give give the dead what he really wants supporters to get the brooks Brothers -- it. Now this slippers can this -- our own. Don't broaden who's your daddy day. I think it should grolier. That's a good idea people will do that possible level do it we'll call you later and I hope that. I hope that she takes is the only good -- Well okay that's in look at you go to the -- in -- the first call because. I'd I'd put the -- Yugoslav grab the country should lie without dignity but with this -- Dennis thank you guys -- guys will call you later about the bothered that things on the. Let's do it no need you know you're getting closer you're very close with her side effect but it. We have asked about whether is Dennis -- And he owns the money inch.